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1月26日周二凌晨3点左右,一枚狙击手的子弹击中了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)位于 Mar-a-Largo 庄园卧室东墙上的一扇全景窗户。这只是他上任以来遭遇的15起暗杀事/件中的又一起,而这些事/件都没有被主流媒体报道。


Monday,February 1,2021


By Judy Byington as published in Before It's News:Global Currency Reset Sparks Trump Assassination Attempt While US Under Martial Law|Politics|Before It's News

A sniper's bullet struck a panoramic casement window on the east wall of Donald Trump's bedroom at his Mar-a-Largo estate on Tuesday morning 26 Jan.around 3:00 am.It was just another of now more than fifteen such assassination attempts on him since taking office–none of which were covered by Mainstream Media.

126日周二凌晨3点左右,一枚狙击手的子弹击中了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)位于 Mar-a-Largo 庄园卧室东墙上的一扇全景窗户。这只是他上任以来遭遇的15起暗杀事/件中的又一起,而这些事/件都没有被主流媒体报道。

Trump immediately struck back.On that same Tues.26 Jan.2021 a green signal was given to start a Global Currency Reset and US dollar return to a gold/asset-backed standard,along with currencies of 209 nations.


Were the two Tues.26 Jan.incidents by coincidence?I think not–at least not more of a coincidence than when Trump instigated the Insurrection Act that resulted in the US presently functioning under Martial Law.That happened the afternoon of 9 Jan.after more attempts on both his and Melania's lives–that weren't covered by the Mainstream Media either.Why?


It all went back to Jan.2020 during a government shutdown when President Trump was said to have reorganized several agencies including the US Treasury,IRS and Federal Reserve.Since the 1800s those agencies had controlled US taxpayer dollars under private bankers and people who weren't even US citizens such as the Rothchilds,Rockefellers and Soros.


Since the 1800s US taxpayers had been funding Washington DC's privately owned US Inc,the Queen's Bank of London,Vatican Bank and their Central Banks across the world.Referred to as the Cabal,they had charged interest to the US government in order to use it's own monies.

19世纪以来,美国纳税人一直在为华盛顿特区私有的美国公司、伦敦女王银行(Queen's Bank of London)、梵蒂冈银行(Vatican Bank)以及它们在世界各地的中央银行提供资金。他们被称为阴谋集团,他们向美国政府收取利息,以便使用美国政府自己的资金。

Trump didn't like that approach to business and put the US under Martial Law to correct the problem–which was a little scary since President Kennedy had been assassinated for the same reason of trying to take down the Federal Reserve.


Now with the US under Martial Law,the US Military had control of all US assets including taxpayer dollars now at a new US Treasury established by Trump on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada,plus two other secret locations in the US.Last year Trump had overseen 14 planeloads of gold bullion and precious treasures secured from tunnels beneath the Vatican and returned to their rightful owners,including the US.


President Trump had also assured that the US functioned under Martial Law so the Military could conduct not only a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar,but insure that the US Republic was restored to original laws of the Constitution as written prior to 1871.http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=115613


On 20 Jan.a Military operation began called the Ten Days of Darkness.It started with the fake inauguration of Joe Biden as President of a defunct US Inc.Just prior to his pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock Entertainment Inauguration,Washington DC,Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of ten foot high barbed wire fences


On that same day President Trump went silent,while the White House was left empty,locked up,blacked out and permanently closed,with no US Flag flying on top.Since his inauguration Biden has been denied access to both the White House and Pentagon.Harris has not moved into the Vice President residency.


There were over 30,000 National Guard troops that remained in Washington DC.after the Inauguration.Ten feet high of barbed wire fencing that surrounded Capitol,White House and Supreme Court Buildings was designed to keep people in,not out.


The US was under Martial Law and the Department of Defense and FEMA were in charge of the US government,not Joe Biden.Biden was now a puppet of the US Military and signing EOs on a stage somewhere outside of Washington DC.

美国实行军事管制,国防部和联邦应急管理局负责管理美国政府,而不是乔·拜登。拜登现在是美国军方的傀儡,在华盛顿特区外的某个舞台上签署了 EOs

Although the Mass Media refused to report it,this Interim Military US Government was running our country and overruled the Biden Administration.We had a(1)legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3,and an(2)illegal,fraudulent foreign paid-for,foreign controlled(on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia)Biden Administration.


Trump didn't get to this point easily.In 2016 at President Trump's State of the Union Address Nancy Pelosi was believed to have attempted to assassinate him.She was said to have had a device in her right hand that by touching it,Trump would have suffered a heart attack a few hours later.The assassination was said to not happen because Trump was informed of the plot and refused to shake her hand.His Security Detail had overheard Senators talking about the plot prior to the Address.That found no place in the press either,nor did assassination attempts on 9 Jan.2021.


Early Saturday morning 9 Jan.there were separate attempts on both Trump and his wife Melania's lives.Hers was with poisoned makeup that sent her assistant to the hospital.With at least twelve plus such attempts since Trump gained office,he had had enough.Trump immediately instigated the Insurrection Act(put into law by George Bush Jr.after 9/11),and then turned his authority over to the US Military.


The US military was now loyal only to the legal US President Donald J Trump,who had dissolved the bankrupt US Incorporation that Biden was inaugurated under,plus announced the new US Republic Federation on 2 Nov,2020–a day before the fraudulent 2020 Election.

美国军方现在只忠于合法的美国总统唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump),他解散了拜登就职时破产的美国公司,并于2020112——2020年选举舞弊的前一天——宣布成立新的美国共和联邦。

Donald Trump was recognized worldwide as not only the legal US President,but was the world leader of the Alliance which was taking down the Cabal headed by the C*e Communist Party(c*p).Trump,Russia President Putin,India PM Modi and Chinese government head Xi were working together to bring down the CCP which had organized the fraudulent 2020 Election.A successful top secret operation would soon be announced that had been coordinated among multiple nation states,including the US,India,Russia and Taiwan with the cooperation of China Chairman Xi.


Trump was also taking care of treasonous Congress members who worked with the c*p to swing the 2020 Election.Just prior to the 20 Jan.US President's Inauguration Day,US Special Operations(SOF)units including 4,000 deputized National Guard soldiers acting as US Marshalls,were serving over 228,000 sealed indictments on global and political elites filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office.They were in the process of arresting an estimated 67%of Congress.


Early Mon.morning 25 Jan.between 3 and 6 am Military vans,buses and police cars,along with a multitude of police and US Military troops,were very busy at a blacked out White House."I just watched everyone in the White House arrested"declared an unnamed person doing one of these videos:https://youtu.be/ywfXNGNvvuU'Mass arrest at the capitol'(bitchute.com)


Trump/Alliance Sting Operation:The Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election


Attorney Sidney Powell has published the actual 2020 electoral data results.Trump was said to have carried all but five states with 410 Electoral Votes to Biden's 128.He won both California and Minnesota.


There was a lot of evidence of such,though even more was secured in a Sat.9 Jan 2021 raid by US Military Special Op Teams on CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia.The raid produced firm evidence that traitors in the CIA,Democrats and other political elites had conspired with foreign entities led by the C*e Communist Party(*c*p),to interfere in the 2020 Election.


The 2020 Presidential Election had actually been set up as a giant Sting Operation by Trump and the Alliance to catch the Cabal Shadow Government.Democrat-led forces were believed working with Communist Regimes in China,Venezuela and other countries to try to take over the US government and Free World in order to bring in a New World Order.


The Soros-paid Communist C*a Party(*c*p)appeared to be in cahoots with the Democrats and Mass Media to swing the election to Biden.In Oct.2020 just prior to the Election,the CCP,with help of our very own CIA,bought the Dominion Voting machine software to the tune of over$34 billion.Financed by the Vatican and with the aid of an Italian satellite,Dominion Voting machines would change Trump votes to Biden in Battleground states of the 2020 Election.

索罗斯支付的*c*p似乎与民主党和大众媒体勾结,试图让拜登赢得大选。202010月,就在大选前夕,中共在我们自己的中央情报局的帮助下,购买了 Dominion 投票机软件,总价值超过340亿美元。在梵蒂冈的资助下,在意大利卫星的帮助下,Dominion 投票机在2020年大选的战场州将特朗普的选票变成了拜登的选票。

In an operation called Project Hammer,Dominion ran an application called Scorecard that could flip the election any way the handlers of it wished.It was an extremely secret signals intelligence program originally developed by CIA/NSA/FBI's contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L.Montgomery for the Obama administration's CIA Director,John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence,James Clapper.https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-11-01-dems-collude-with-cia-operation-scorecard-alters-votes.html

在一个名为 Project Hammer 的操作中,Dominion 运行了一个名为 Scorecard 的应用程序,该应用程序可以按照处理程序希望的任何方式改变选举结果。这是一个极其机密的信号情报程序,最初是由 CIA/NSA/FBI 的承包商、泄密者丹尼斯·l·蒙哥马利为奥巴马政府的中情局局长约翰·布伦南和国家情报局局长詹姆斯·克拉珀开发的。

By the Nov.3 2020 Election Day and through offices in Germany,Spain and their headquarters in Canada,Dominion machines were hooked up to the Internet to swing the vote.

2020113日的选举日,通过德国、西班牙及其加拿大总部的办公室,Dominion 的机器被连接到互联网上,以改变投票结果。

George Soros was head of the Dominion Board of Directors.Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's husband was said to be a major Dominion share holder,as was her former Chief of Staff and Head of the Senate Judiciary Committee Diane Feinstein's husband.Retired Admiral Peter Neffenger of the Biden Transition Team,was president and listed on the board of directors of Smartmatic that counted the US Election votes in Germany.

乔治·索罗斯是自治领董事会的主席。众议院议长南希·佩洛西的丈夫据说是自治领的主要股东,她的前参谋长兼参议院司法委员会主席戴安·范斯坦的丈夫也是。拜登过渡团队的退役海军上将彼得奈芬格(Peter Neffenger)曾担任总统,并被列入 Smartmatic 董事会,该公司计算了德国的美国大选投票。

Scorecard was suspected to have been used by Barak Obama in prior elections.It has been said that during the Trump Administration Obama was running a Tactical Operations Center(TOC)near the White House.There he was commanding"Shadow Government"forces which likely included Black Lives Matter/Antifa terrorist and activist groups.


"We have firsthand evidence that Smartmatic(the CIA-designed software)was designed in a way to change the vote of a voter without being detected"said Trump lawyers Sydney Powell and Rudi Giuliani speaking to Lou Dobbs on Fox News on Sunday 15 Nov."The software was specifically designed to destroy Trump votes and throw others to Biden."https://www.brighteon.com/f302533d-e73e-4660-ac86-3b1471c1f670

"我们有第一手证据表明,中央情报局设计的软件 Smartmatic 是为了在不被发现的情况下改变选民的选票而设计的,"特朗普的律师悉尼·鲍威尔和鲁迪·朱利安尼1115日星期天在福克斯新闻对卢·多布斯说。"这个软件是专门设计来破坏特朗普的选票,并把其他选票扔给拜登的。"

"We have a witness who was at the creation of Smartmatic System used to change the 2020 Election results,"stated Powell as she dropped yet another bombshell while on the Mark Levin Show the next day of Mon.16 Nov.

1116日,鲍威尔在接下来的一天的马克·莱文秀上说:"我们有一个目击者,他参与了 Smartmatic 系统的创建,该系统用于改变2020年的选举结果。"

The Canadian Dominion Company voting machines using Smartmatic software developed by the CIA was used in at least 28 states during the 2020 Election.The machines counted the US 2020 Election votes in Germany,with George Soros as Chairman of the Smartmatic Board:https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-11-17-trump-attorney-sidney-powell-declares-kraken-released.html

2020年大选期间,加拿大自治公司的投票机使用了中央情报局开发的 Smartmatic 软件,在至少28个州使用。这些机器统计了德国2020年美国大选的选票,乔治·索罗斯是 Smartmatic 董事会的主席

On Sun.7 Nov.5 an elite group of National Guardsmen under orders from Trump,did an audit of votes in twelve key states using the government Quantum Computer'infra red'equipment that read which ballots were real,or fake.The real ballots had been imprinted with a watermark–that was run by and confirmed by a justice in the Supreme Court before it's use.The audit of election results in the key states verified that Trump won the election by an over 80%vote.




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