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Source: Natural News |By Mike Adams 


Situation Update,Feb 1–Populist financial uprising may tear down the entire RIGGED system



(Natural News 自然新闻)The silver lining for the events of the last year is that huge numbers of people are awakening to fact that everything is rigged:


    The elections are rigged.


    Wall Street is totally rigged.There is no"free market."


    The courts are rigged and no longer provide anything resembling"equal justice."


    The money supply is rigged with fiat currency and endless money printing.


    The news is rigged with fake news from the globalist-controlled media.


    Speech is rigged by the tech giants that censor truth and promote lies.


Yet now,thanks to public access to the stock market,people are discovering they can stick it to the system by participating in"short squeeze"actions by purchasing certain assets.This is the entire story behind the WallStreetBets/Robinhood/GameStop phenomenon that we've all witnessed over the past week.

然而现在,由于公众可以进入股市,人们发现,他们可以通过购买某些资产,参与"空头挤兑"行动,从而坚守这个体系。这就是我们在过去一周所见证的 WallStreetBets/Robinhood/GameStop 现象背后的全部故事

More importantly,we believe that certain strategic groups are using the same strategy to expose the vulnerabilities of the entire fraudulent system as a prelude to bringing that system down.In other words,certain white hat groups are,we believe,actually working to accelerate the demise of the fraudulent financial system in order to replace it with a more honest money system after the crash.


The entire house of cards of our current system is built entirely out of fakery and fraud.And I don't mean just the stock market,but also the entire U.S.government which depends on endless debt creation for its very existence.The debt printing machine is the Fed,and the Fed is intertwined with the monopolistic banks(like JP Morgan)that stay afloat by manipulating both stocks and precious metals(such as silver).


The silver market has long been suppressed by these banksters and their government financial thugs as a way to hide the true extent of their debt spending and currency fraud.If gold and silver were to be allowed to find their true price,they would skyrocket compared to dollars,exposing the weakness and fraud of the entire dollar-based debt system that has stolen 98%of its value from the American people since 1971.(That's how much the dollar has lost in real purchasing power.)


Now,retail investors are countering the silver market manipulations by purchasing physical silver.Right now,there's hardly an ounce of physical silver to be found anywhere,as most of the supplies were sold out over the weekend.In London,the bullion banks are reportedly short 100 million ounces of silver,and the shortage is spreading like wildfire.


The banks are fighting back hard today,and after silver spot hit$30,the banks organized a counter attack that drove the price back down,but they're being forced to deploy very costly financial weapons to achieve price suppression,and sooner or later,they will run out of ammunition.


Why does all this matter?Because the banksters suppress the market by trading paper contracts that claim to represent silver,but in reality there's no physical silver behind those paper contracts.The entire system is a complete fraud,yet it is used by the globalist banks to suppress the price of real silver through paper contract manipulation.This allows them to continue pushing the propaganda delusion that claims fiat currencies hold value,when in reality they hold nothing.


When retail investors buy physical silver,it puts enormous pressure on the entire silver ecosystem and"squeezes"those who hold the fake paper contracts,in some cases forcing them to come up with the actual physical silver they owe or end up defaulting on the silver delivery implied by their paper contracts.


Many people who are currently buying silver contracts are demanding delivery of that silver,and they're doing this on purpose,as a strategy to force the fraud of the silver paper market out into the open.Other retail investors are merely buying silver as a smart hedge against the coming collapse of the dollar and other fiat currencies,since owning physical metal is one of the key strategies for surviving a global debt collapse.


Silver,like gold,is an atomic element.This means it cannot be destroyed except through nuclear fusion or fission.Once you own physical silver in your possession,you can't lose it by forgetting a password,or having a bank failure or even through a house fire.Silver doesn't burn away,it just melts…but it's still silver.


In my podcast today,I repeat something I've said for years:The best safe havens from the coming financial collapse are land,gold and silver.Other physical stores of wealth include firearms,ammunition,tractors(farm equipment),diesel fuel and storable food.


Why do you think Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of land across America?It's because land is the last-ditch store of wealth when the entire broken financial system comes crashing down.


And that's where all this is headed:The collapse of the debt system followed by the bankruptcy of the US government under[B]iden.Old Joe will be relegated to signing blank executive orders as he remains"president"of a bankrupt shell of a former government that will fall as quickly as the old Soviet Union.States like Texas will quickly declare their own sovereignty and begin rolling out their own state-based money systems and military defense operations.


When this happens,you don't want to be anywhere near a Democrat-controlled city or state,as those will collapse into lawlessness and total chaos.Only red counties have a chance at maintaining the rule of law,thanks to ethical,law-abiding citizens who won't put up with the chaos and violence of the Left.


Plus,many productive citizens and small business owners have already moved out of blue cities and states.The vast majority of the populations left behind in those hellhole cities like Seattle,Portland,Chicago,Detroit and Los Angeles are government handout recipients who contribute nothing to society.That's why those cities will collapse very quickly:There's almost no one left who knows how to do anything!


Full details of all this are found in today's Situation Update podcast for February 1st:



This week,we'll be covering the silver squeeze,the financial markets and the accelerating tyranny and insanity of the[B]iden regime.See each day's new podcast at:



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