2021年6月24日16:28:51最新动态X22报道|第2509集:这不是为了赢得一场战斗,而是为了赢得战争,是时候回到白宫了已关闭评论5685字数 1627阅读5分25秒阅读模式



Ep 2509a–[CB]All Assets Deployed To Protect Their Fiat System,Look Here Not There 

Ep 2509a-[CB]为保护菲亚特系统而部署的所有资产,看这里不看那里

Ep 2509b–This Is Not About Winning A Battle,It's About Winning The War,Time To Return To The WH 

Ep 2509b-这不是关于赢得一场战役,而是关于赢得战争,是时候回到白宫了

The[CB]are in complete control of[JB],he is a puppet.The[CB]uses manipulation to make you think they are working in the best interest of the people,when actually it is always the opposite.The tax plan that[JB]is pushing will actually hurt the middle class in the long run,this is hidden from the people.The[CB]have deployed all assets to push people away from alternative currencies.



The[DS]is panicking,they know the election audit is not going to show the election was the most secure election ever.They know what they did,they cheated and once the election audit result are reported the people will know.Trump and the patriots are not trying to win battles they are trying to win the war.Is it a coincidence that vital information is being produced while Trump is out of the WH.Scavino continually puts out messages about Trump returning to the WH,it's almost time.This is about exposing and destroying the[DS]system.




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