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Issue 688,Sunday December 8,2019


Pelosi Double


Has Pelosi now been executed and replaced by a Double?The original was seen on October 31 presiding over the House vote on impeachment rules,then in an interview with Bloomberg on November 2.Then Pelosi seemingly disappeared from the side of Schiff,though they had been a pair in front of the mics for weeks.Then Pelosi was televised by CBS on a Face the Nation interview on November 15.Analysis of her face and teeth shows this was indeed a Double on CBS.The solid"tell"was her teeth.



With Puppets like Obama,Pelosi and Netanyahu Gone,Khazarian Mafia Resorts to Nuclear Blackmail


November 4,2019



Meanwhile,on the surface,second-tier cabal agents like former U.S.President Barack Obama,U.S.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are being removed.


Khazarian Mafia Puppets and Nuclear Blackmail


November 7,2019



Pelosi:For example,last week videos of Pelosi and Obama appeared to create the appearance they are still alive,but our sources on the ground say that neither of them has been seen in public in recent weeks.


Pelosi was caught in a coup attempt last January 19 when she and Schiff tried to flee to Belgium.And again on October 20 as she and Schiff fled to Jordan for their safety.Just days prior on October 15 she was on live TV for her regularly scheduled presser pointedly tapping her bullet bracelet.Could this be anything but a signal to fellow coup members?Third in line to inherit the White House should President Trump be removed for any reason,she had a lot to gain by a coup.


Arrests and Executions


October 27,2019



As far as Pelosi and Schiff are concerned,the only direct intelligence I got from MI6 as to the reason for their sudden flight to Jordan was"failed coup."We need to see if they are back in Washington and appearing in public.Ideally,we need somebody who is actually there to physically check.


Pelosi makes Surprise Trip to Jordan to Assess Syria Crisis


October 20,2019



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a group of American lawmakers on a surprise visit to Jordan to discuss"the deepening crisis"in Syria amid a shaky U.S.-brokered cease-fire.

众议院议长佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)率领一批美国议员出人意料地访问约旦,讨论在美国斡旋达成的停火协议不可靠的情况下,叙利亚"危机不断加深"的问题。

House Democrats adopt Rules for Public Impeachment Proceedings


October 31,2019



In a rare move for the speaker showing the seriousness of the vote,Nancy Pelosi presided over the chamber as the House adopted the resolution,232-196.



ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2019:As noted by Fulford on November 4,Pelosi has been replaced by a Double.This occurred after she presided over the impeachment rules on October 31,so the Pelosi being interviewed by CBS on November 15 was a Double.Nancy,as usual,quickly identified the tells.Thus Pelosi disappeared from Schiff's side during the impeachment hearings.Pelosi was guilty of treason as was noted by Brazil last January when she and Schiff fled the country to evade arrest,should things go wrong.She was aware of assassination plans more than once,giving the signal again on October 15 by pointing to her bullet bracelet.


Who runs and directs these Doubles?Since the original was executed by the Tribunals being run in the US,the Doubles for Obama and Pelosi are under the direction of the Junta.They are to act like the original,taking policy stances that the original would have made,but as future events unfold they may digress.The Soros group tries to gain the upper hand via inciting riots,and via puppets like AOC trying to destabilize the US economy.Notably,the Obama and Pelosi Doubles have advised the Democratic Party away from these extremes.


If Fulford stated in early November that Pelosi was to be removed,the Dark Judge confirmed alongside the Zetas on November 18.Pelosi's removal was hinted at by President Trump too,in his tweets,as he said"knowing she will soon be gone".The Pelosi interview on Bloomberg on November 2 was likely her swan song,as after that on November 13 the Double emerged.As the Dark Judge tweeted,"hello puppet Pelosi".



The Pelosi Double is an excellent match,enough so that the Double's handlers,the Junta,were confident to put her out for the Pelosi weekly press briefing.Yet the"tells"were there,the teeth did not match,the Double looked younger,and the turkey neck not as ghastly.Once again,the Double's hair was allowed to hide the fact that the temple dip was not present.And it appears the Double also has some capped lower teeth that are too white.But except for those who read ZetaTalk,the public would likely be fooled.


House Speaker Weekly Briefing


November 21,2019



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA)held her weekly briefing,outlining legislative priorities.


President Trump Poisoned


On November 13 President Trump held a news conference with a Turkey representative.Many noted that President Trump did not look well,lacked vigor and was hoarse.Days later it was revealed that President Trump had been taken to the hospital that day,though the White House tried to place this in the context of an early start on his regularly scheduled physical exam next February.Few bought this excuse.The Zetas,as usual,explain.



President Trump makes Unscheduled Stop at Military Hospital to undergo Battery of Tests for possible Deliberate Poisoning of food with"Time Delayed"Chemical Agent


November 18,2019



The visit was a non-routine visit and scheduled last minute.This action was initiated by the sudden onset of symptoms experienced by the President's food tester,who was reported stricken with such severe symptoms that urgent medical tests were conducted on that that person while the President was diverted to Walter Reed for a priority medical examination involving a battery of chemical tests.


Trump's Weekend Hospital Visit draws a Skeptical Reaction


November 18,2019



The president's medical appointment wasn't listed on his[11/16]public schedule,and his last physical was just nine months ago.Press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the 73-year-old president was"anticipating a very busy 2020"and wanted to take advantage of"a free weekend"in Washington to begin portions of his routine checkup.Trump consented to sharing his cholesterol level,now at 165,down from 196.A total below 170 is considered good.Trump's 2018 and 2019 physicals were both announced ahead of time.


Trump's Health under Scrutiny again after Unplanned Visit to Medical Center


November 18,2019



Two people who interacted with Trump late last week said that he seemed to be hoarse and have signs of a cold but that nothing serious seemed amiss.Trump's voice was occasionally subdued and raspy during a news conference Wednesday[11/13]with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.But Trump also spoke for more than an hour Thursday[11/14]at a political rally,the latest in a string of campaign events that the White House has pointed to as signs of his energy and vigor.


The enigmatic Q posted a prayer that day,but said nothing further.In retrospect,the prayer and resolve makes sense,for Patriots to gird their loins and be strong during the battle between good and evil,which is joined by those in the Heavens.Alex Jones,who boasts insider info,confirmed the poisoning.This is unlikely to be confirmed in the media,though the alternative media certainly was abuzz.



White House Source:Trump made Unexpected Hospital Visit to Test for Intentional Poisoning


November 18,2019



The inside source said his food taster was rushed to the facility after becoming extremely ill.Doctors and staff reportedly found the byproduct of a type of toxin that's very hard to detect and has a time-delayed onset of symptoms.Additionally,the toxin is a newer concoction that's not typically tested for since it's not well-known.




Put on the full armor of God,so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers,against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2019:Was there an attempt to poison President Trump on Wednesday,November 13?Yes,but this was aborted by our protection service,so that aside from some residual physical after-effects,he was unharmed.The taster likewise was healed,though allowed to exhibit symptoms so that the assassination attempt was obvious and would be leaked to the media.There are several reason an aborted attempt was allowed,and both President Trump and the taster were aware of the plan,at least on a soul level,and agreed.


The onslaught against President Trump is intense,with a coup planned even before he took office,as is well documented.We have detailed the many reasons for wanting to disrupt his Presidency,from trying to stop a potential announcement about Nibiru to cleaning out the Deep State and disrupting the Cabal that practices Satanic worship and child sacrifice.Those pushing a coup felt allowing Pence or Pelosi to be in charge would hamper the Junta,as those at the top of the US Military could then be replaced.


Because we regularly work with the Junta,as intel,the Junta knows who set this poisoning attempt in motion,and know all the particulars.We,the Service-to-Others Zetas working with the Junta,have intel superior to any,as via telepathy we are aware of all human thoughts.Physical evidence can be eliminated,but human memories linger,even after death as we can likewise read soul knowledge.The Junta can then be directed to where physical evidence still exists,so that the matter can be addressed by the Tribunals.


The coup against President Trump was started well before he was sworn in as President.Starting with the FBI's Strzok and Page talking about an insurance policy.The current brouhaha over a supposed Ukraine bribery or quid-pro-quo has at its base a supposed Whistleblower,Eric Ciaramella,who is ex-CIA and solidly with the Deep State and Clinton Cabal.One can see the agenda from the Whistleblower's attorney,Mark Zaid,who said"coup"repeatedly in 2017.He did not say"impeachment",he said"coup".



'Coup has Started'Whistleblower's Attorney said in 2017 Posts Calling for Impeachment


November 6,2019



Mark Zaid,one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats'ongoing impeachment inquiry,tweeted conspicuously in January 2017 that a"coup has started"and that"impeachment will follow ultimately."Amid a slew of impeachment-related posts,Zaid assured his Twitter followers that"as one falls,two more will take their place,"apparently referring to Trump administration employees who defy the White House.Zaid promised that the"coup"would occur in"many steps.

马克·扎伊德(Mark Zaid)是代表情报界举报人的律师之一,他是民主党正在进行的弹劾调查的中心人物。20171月,他在twitter上发表了一条明显的推文,称"政变已经开始""弹劾最终将随之而来"在一系列与弹劾有关的帖子中,扎伊德向他的Twitter追随者保证,"一个倒台,还会有两个人接替他们的位置",这显然指的是反对白宫的特朗普政府雇员。扎伊德承诺,"政变"将分"许多步骤"发生。

'Whistleblower'Eric Ciaramella Hosted 2016 WH Meeting Ordering Ukraine Officials to Drop Probe into Hunter Bide


November 12,2019



Eric Ciaramella,the so-called whistleblower at the center of the Ukraine debacle,hosted a White House meeting in January 2016 with Ukrainian officials demanding that the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden be fired in exchange for an IMF loan.The revelation is corroborated by White House visitor logs.A meeting took place between Obama officials and Ukrainian investigators to discuss Joe Biden and Burisma Holdings,the energy company whose board his son Hunter presided over.Andrii Telizhenko,then a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington,said that U.S.officials told the Ukrainians to drop the Burisma probe.



7 of 10 Update

7 of 10 Update

If the New Madrid adjustment is on the brink,to be triggered by large quakes at the tip of Mexico,then has this put the sequence of events for the 7 of 10 plate movements predicted by the Zetas in 2010 out of order?The New Madrid was to be toward the end,after S America and Africa had completed their rolls.Percentages of completion on these plate movements had not been provided by the Zetas since 2015,but they now give us an update.



ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2019:The New Madrid adjustment is the last major plate movement to occur within the 7 of 10 predictions,triggering the European tsunami[10]which completes the 7 of 10.We last gave completion percentages in March,2015.We would place the Sunda Plate[2]sinking at 98%,with the tilting of the Philippine Plate[3]at 84%.These will complete quickly as the Indo-Australian Plate[1]continues to tilt and rise,allowing the Pacific to compress.The S American roll[4]is aggressive,now at 78%,with quakes up and down the Andes and the press of the Caribbean Plate to the west obvious on quake maps.


The New Madrid[9]adjustment will be triggered by the push against the tip of Mexico,since Fukushima negated the need for Japan[8]involvement.Prior to the event we have termed the big New Madrid rip,where the fault line unzips toward the Great Lakes and under the Seaway,there will be increasing disasters throughout N America.It will be obvious to US authorities,and to the public,what is pending.At present,we would put the New Madrid adjustment at 36%completed,and this is due to vast changes below ground such as heaving and tearing.The stage has been set.


The African roll[6]likewise has gotten serious,now at 32%,with the Mediterranean at Gibraltar[7]starting to tear.The African roll will progress as the S American roll completes,as this creates a yaw in the South Atlantic[5].We are not allowed to give timelines,but all of these events could complete within months,given the strength of the Earth wobble lately.It is possible for the New Madrid to start to unzip in hard rock while the Africa Roll completes,causing the tip of the Saudi Plate to tear through the oil fields of Iraq–dual disasters at the same time.



New Madrid Brink


What!The New Madrid adjustment is at 36%?Ostensibly we have only had the start of the unzipping at New Orleans,and heaving in the Ozarks.Oh yes,evidence that the Seaway is under stress in the seismographs at the Black Hills.Do the little quakes in the New Madrid region qualify for anything more than a yawn?No,but per the Zetas,the quakes along the border between the hard rock and soft rock in Mississippi are meaningful,and dire.



Digital First:Rare Mississippi Earthquake Wednesday Night


November 22,2019



We are on the southern edge of the New Madrid Seismic Zone.There have been three earthquakes this year in Mississippi:January 8th,Hollandale,Magnitude 3.7;August 9th,Canton,Magnitude 2.8;November 20th,Booneville,Magnitude 2.3.



ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2019:The New Madrid Fault Line starts at the Gulf of Mexico,where the Mississippi River empties into the Gulf and where the Hard Rock Hotel suddenly collapsed on October 12.Thus the start of the New Madrid unzipping began there in New Orleans,and will travel up through the soft sedimentary rock that juts north along the Mississippi River between the Gulf and the town of New Madrid.It is at New Madrid that the fault line encounters hard rock.Quake swarms and heaving in the Ozarks had already been occurring in the New Madrid region,and this included breaking and heaving rock in Kansas to the south of the Ozarks.


Why is Oxford,Mississippi so relevant to the unzipping process?It has been showing up on seismographs regularly being jittery.This is not due to earthquakes,but tearing rock at the border of the soft sedimentary rock and the hard rock that resists tearing.We have stated that the bridges that cross the Mississippi can be expected to fail during the New Madrid adjustment.This has not happened as yet in part because the stress of the diagonal pull is being distributed across the soft rock.In New Orleans and Baton Rogue the soft rock to the West did drop,but this is distributed along the fault line to the north.


What does distributed stress in soft rock mean?We have often described incidents in the stretch zone as being silent,without the quake jolts that indicate hard rock is breaking.Stretch zone rock layers pull apart,causing train tracks to zig-zag and buildings to droop and even crevasses to open.As is well known,the damage caused by quakes is greatest when the epicenter is near the surface.The November 20 Booneville quake in Mississippi was 8 miles deep,in the hard rock,but did not jolt the surface.Thus the Mississippi bridges will not be skewed until the diagonal pull increases.



When N America is dealing with the bowing stress,there are many bursting water mains,sinkholes,and gas line explosions.But among them are unexplained explosions that lie along the New Madrid Fault Line,as the documentation on the Pole Shift ning attests.Paducah,KY on November 22 is directly on the fault line,and Dodge City,KS on October 17 is on the restless Arkansas River.Derailments too,on the spreading Seaway at Niagara,NY on November 16,and on a heaving Kansas at Reserve,KS on November 4.And who can miss the quake swarms along the San Andreas.The stage is indeed set.



After 100,000 Earthquakes,Southern California Is Waiting in Fear for the Big One


November 24,2019



In July 2019,within two days,a M6.4 and a M7.1 earthquakes hit the Surles Valley in Southern California.The resulting swarmageddon,or the series of aftershocks generated by the strong quakes,currently counts more than 100,000 earthquakes.



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