X22报道|第3153集: 经济议程处于死亡螺旋中,2024年是最重要的选举

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[DS] 现在正在接受审判,他们将出现在公众面前,公众将看到真正的罪犯

X22报道|第3153集: 经济议程处于死亡螺旋中,2024年是最重要的选举

Ep. 3153a – The [WEF]/[CB] Economic Agenda Is In A Death Spiral, Patriots On The Ready

[世界经济论坛]/[ CB ]经济议程正处于死亡螺旋中,爱国者们蓄势待发

Ep. 3153b – 2020 Was Rigged, Trump Can Prove It, Change Of Batter, 2024 Is The Most Important Election


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Streamed on: Aug 31, 8:31 pm EDT

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The EU is at war with Russia but they are still purchasing gas from them, reconcile. The people are having a difficult time making ends meet and its getting worse and worse, in the end this will bring the people together. Trump tells the auto workers if Biden continues down this path they will not have jobs. The IRA is going to add taxes and the IRS enforcers are ready to collect.


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Streamed on: Aug 31, 9:02 pm EDT

X22 ReportStreaming on: Aug 31,9:02 pm EDT X22报道于美国东部时间8月31日晚9:02


The [DS] is now on trial, they are going to be in front of the public and the public is going to see the real criminals, many won’t believe and try to fight it. Trump will prove the 2020 election was rigged and the people will demand paper ballots. Trump explains the entire plan and that 2024 is going to be the most important election. This will be the time that the people take back the country.

[DS] 现在正在接受审判,他们将出现在公众面前,公众将看到真正的罪犯,很多人不会相信并试图抗争。特朗普将证明 2020 年的选举是被操纵的,人民将要求纸质选票。特朗普解释了整个计划,2024 年将是最重要的选举。这将是人民夺回国家的时刻。


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