X22报道|第3032集: 世界已经开始经济转型,深层政府正在准备下一步行动

2023年3月30日11:13:10最新动态X22报道|第3032集: 世界已经开始经济转型,深层政府正在准备下一步行动已关闭评论4944字数 1607阅读5分21秒阅读模式


X22报道|第3032集: 世界已经开始经济转型,深层政府正在准备下一步行动

Ep. 3032a – The World Has Begun The Economic Shift, Prepped & Warmed

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Streamed on: Mar 29, 6:45 pm EDT直播时间: 美国东部时间3月29日下午6:45

The people around the world are fighting back, the Italian gov have backed a bill to ban lab produced meat. The people of France are fighting back. Pensions are in trouble in this country. Nations around the world are decentralizing. States are decentralizing taking on other currencies. Trump sends economic message.


Ep. 3032b – [DS] Prepares Their Next Move, Crimes Against Children Unite All Humanity, Game Over

[ DS ]准备下一步行动,针对儿童的犯罪团结全人类,游戏结束
X22 ReportX22报告
Streamed on: Mar 29, 7:08 pm EDT直播时间: 美国东部时间3月29日下午7:08

The [DS] is now prepping to try to take back control of the information war. They are now pushing a bill which will fail. They are also coordinating with the big social media platforms for their next move. The pandemic kicked it off, then the [DS] brought in the drag shows with the trans people to groom the children. The border crisis is now being exposed and how it is used for child tracking and sex enslavement. Crimes against humanity, go after the children the people will unite. The precipice is approaching once it does it is game over.



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