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Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda
Don’t Fall in the Frequency of Fear

Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda


Vibrational frequencies via 5G, connect man’s consciousness with the Negative Extraterrestrial Agenda. It is the Anunnaki-Archon groups on planet Saturn that manipulate Consciousness energies to spread and preserve Satanic belief messages.

通过5G 的振动频率,将人类的意识与负面的外星议程联系起来。正是土星上的 Anunnaki-Archon 团体操纵意识能量来传播和保存撒旦信仰的信息。

After the Luciferian Templars were created to covertly replace the original Christ Essence Templars and Maji Grail lines on Earth, they proclaimed their genetic elitism and divine right to rule. They systematically murdered anyone in the population who did not conform to their agenda.


瑞士八角圣殿骑士团|最后的警钟A key timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the Negative Alien Agenda and their Luciferian Templars made their first attempt to create a super-race of genetically pure elites for rule on planet Earth.


This process evolved until Freemasonry, Templars, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, and other secret societies had been created, which continue to this day. These secret societies were originally formed by the Luciferian Templars, and were ultimately designed to hide the ancient sacred knowledge of humanity’s true origins from the common people. In order to lead them into the stream of lies, ignorance and organised religion, especially the Church of Rome and Islam.


For best understanding of this important piece of information, it is highly recommended to study these links.


The Black Jesuit Pope is the Venerable Father Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal, who replaced his predecessor Adolfo Nicolás, and since 2016 has been the Superior General of the Society of Jesus Diabolic Plan for a New World Order, of the Roman Empire.

黑色耶稣会教皇是尊敬的阿图罗 · 马塞利诺 · 索萨 · 阿巴斯卡尔神父,他取代了他的前任阿道夫 · 尼古拉斯。自2016年以来,他一直是罗马帝国建立世界新秩序的总会长计划。

He controls the secret societies that in turn control the CIA and through the JTTF 瑞士八角圣殿骑士团|最后的警钟– The Joint Terrorism Task Force – the FBI and US Intel agencies that organise drug trafficking, reported uranium weapons shipments, illegal white phosphorus weapons, organ harvesting, paedophilia rings, car theft rings, illegal use of diplomatic containers, etc. and last but not least also human sacrifice and human trafficking.

他控制着秘密组织,而这些组织又通过联合反恐特遣队控制着中情局 - 联合反恐特遣部队-联邦调查局和美国英特尔机构负责组织非法毒品贸易、报告铀武器运输、非法磷的同素异形体#白磷武器、器官摘除、恋童癖团伙、汽车盗窃团伙、非法使用外交集装箱等,最后但并非最不重要的还包括人祭和人口贩卖。

The secret societies are puppets of the Black Pope, while the Black Pope is a puppet of the CIA. The Clinton Foundation serves the CIA and its agenda, and is supported by the US Congress. The Department of Defence has been conned and drained by the CIA, and has its spies in Congress.


On the other hand, the CIA is the puppet of the Swiss Octogon Knights Templar. Among other things, they hide their money in Bitcoin, created by Alice at CERN’s LHC laboratories in Geneva.


The Jesuit-controlled Vatican, is the sole owner of all western corporate countries and, via their birth certificate, with surname in capital letters, of every individual on planet Earth: Satan rules, via the Freemasons, owns the Vatican, while the Pope is its slave.

耶稣会控制的梵蒂冈,是所有西方企业国家的唯一所有者,通过他们的出生证明,用大写字母表示姓氏,地球上的每个人: 撒旦统治,通过共济会,拥有梵蒂冈,而教皇是它的奴隶。

瑞士八角圣殿骑士团|最后的警钟Be assured they now have lost their Agenda, as everything they try fails. Neither wars, nor diseases, nor financial crisis, nor lack of food, everything will be nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Dark Forces to survive and stay in power. But they definitely have lost control, don’t anymore be afraid!


Fear is the greatest enemy of the people, below Vital Frosi explains why and how fear can be overcome.

恐惧是人类最大的敌人,下面 Vital Frosi 将解释为什么以及如何克服恐惧。



Beloved ones!


The final liberation of humanity has not yet taken place, for one reason only: Collective fear has a sufficiently high frequency to hold them captive. Along with the energy of guilt, fear is part of the power plant that exercises domination and keeps the Deep State occult powers running.

人类的最终解放还没有到来,原因只有一个: 集体的恐惧有足够高的频率来控制他们。恐惧与负罪感的能量一起,是支配和维持深层国家神秘力量运行的动力装置的一部分。

The Shadow Agenda is based on and sustained by the energy collectively emitted by humanity. It has been mentioned in previous texts here that at the beginning of the Archontic Anunnaki invasion over 450 thousand years ago, these entities of No Light cared little for this terrestrial humanity. They only 瑞士八角圣殿骑士团|最后的警钟wanted to build their refuge here because they were fleeing the Galactic Wars of Orion.

影子议程是基于人类集体释放的能量并由之维持的。这里已经在以前的文本中提到,在超过45万年前阿努纳奇大陆入侵开始时,这些无光的实体对这个地球人类关心甚少。只有他们 想在这里建造他们的避难所因为他们是为了逃离银河战争的猎户座。

However, the Divine Plan has determined the end of Darkness in this Universe, and for that to happen, it is necessary for the souls still enjoying Darkness to have a solution as far as their frequency of consciousness is concerned. For many millennia, they have been released here on this Planet Earth so that through peaceful coexistence with a pure-hearted humanity, they could return to the path of Light.


For more than 300 thousand years, the Creator patiently waited for their return. Many of these dark creatures gradually felt their hard hearts soften. Among them were Reptilians, Dracos, Satanists and the like, who chose the path back to the home of Father Creator of the Worlds.


However, a vast majority of these races did not accept the recapitulation. They preferred to follow their Plan of Rebellion.


Knowing that they had only two paths, surrender or be captured, they created a Dark Agenda to secure themselves here. So, in these last 26,000 years, they developed many endeavours based on maintaining their dominance here on Earth.


Perhaps the most important of these were the genetic experiments between the invading races and the human race on Earth. Through hybrid, they obtained a power they did not have before, because as alien races they were not allowed to incarnate on Earth.


Their hybrid representatives were able to incarnate though, because they turned into humans like everyone else, only with reptilian DNA, the main characteristic of which is the insatiable desire for power.

他们的混血代表能够投生,因为他们变成人类,像其他人一样,只有爬行动物的 DNA,其主要特征是对权力的贪得无厌的欲望。

They also underwent an alteration in their emotional bodies, so they do not feel compassionate emotions, love and respect for others. Their only goal is the result, regardless of the means used.


These incarnated hybrids have gradually occupied most positions where it is possible to exercise power over everything and everyone. During these 26 thousand years, they have come to where they are today according to their Agenda.


The Creator has always maintained control over His creation. However much love and compassion he has for his children, it was necessary to draw boundaries for these rebels.


Two thousand years ago, an emissary of the Creator, whom we know as God, came incarnate with humanity to tell them that their time of domination was up.


Although that same humanity turned against this emissary, called Jesus, his message was engraved and left in many human consciences. Like seeds, they quickly propagated and spread in all directions on the Planet.


The Darkness knew the consequences and did not take long to create multiple religious doctrines among the incarnated, using their hybrid representatives for implementation. This made it possible that even in the hypothesis that a human being did not align with one religion and adopted another, still remained under the care of the hybrids.


As we said earlier, little by little, all segments of human society were controlled from top to bottom by the same dominant group. The more they felt that the siege was approaching them, as the Creator’s authority did not cease, the more they accelerated their Agenda.


Through inflicted suffering, they discovered that fear was the most crippling of actions on humans. Fear causes people to accept anything offered to them as soon as they are told it will save them.


A more powerful weapon of domination than fear has not existed and still does not exist today. The religions themselves have instilled fear in their followers through their dogmas. An unnecessary fear, because we should never need to fear the One who created us based on love and Light!


瑞士八角圣殿骑士团|最后的警钟Everything that frightens us is based on the creation of Darkness, the very situations that hurt humanity, including tragedies, hunger and disgrace. And as if this were not enough, those of No Light have threatened to wipe out humanity if the positive Galactic Forces intervene on their behalf. They quarantined Earth and created a magnetic belt around it, which also prevented the arrival of necessary help.


Wars between people, power struggles, creation of hundreds of gimmicks aimed at causing fear and pain, a slavish financial system, ways to control the climate and through hunger. Many more nefarious actions were developed by these Dark Powers.


But the Creator never abandons His creation. He has given a STOP to this rebellious group. Nothing and no one has more power than the one who creates the Worlds. And a deadline has been set. Return to the path of Light or surrender.


There is no third option. Many have accepted the return to the Father’s House. They will be offered opportunities to recapitulate in Worlds still of trials and reconciliation, but this is a major event, as a ladder is climbed, starting from the first rung.


The Removal of Darkness began a few years ago, starting with the elimination of additional physical entities, at the top of the Command Pyramid. It descended to the base and now has begun among the incarnated hybrids.


It is estimated that everything will be finished within this 50-year window, which runs from 1975 to 2025. Even if one cannot really see all this movement, we must have faith in this Divine Plan.


The Command of ‘No Light’ has accelerated their Agenda as they feel time is fast running out. Without the support of the already eliminated non-physical entities (Octogon Templars) which previously gave them support and guidance, the agenda that was implemented envisaged certain actions until 2050.


This date was pushed ahead to 2030, in an attempt to stay in power. Even that was not enough, so they advanced the agenda even further, to 2019. That no longer made sense either, as we can see now, with the situation becoming increasingly chaotic.


In fact, they don’t even have an Agenda now, because everything they try, they fail. Neither wars, nor diseases, nor financial crisis, nor lack of food, as you know, everything will be nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Dark People to survive. So don’t be afraid!


When we feel fear, we lower the frequency of the collective, and this gives survival to that of the No Light endured. Help humanity free itself from this evil yoke!


瑞士八角圣殿骑士团|最后的警钟Do not enter into fear! Nothing will happen, at least not if the Creator does not allow it. And He has already determined humanity’s freedom on Earth.


No power is greater than that of the One who created. We are divine beings and all we have to do is trust the Plan!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

我是 Vital Frosi 我的使命是启迪!




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