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迈克•昆西高我|进展与准备The stranglehold that the Illuminati have had on you is slowly but surely being broken,and so much is waiting to be revealed that will propel you into the New Age.


Progress is slow yet all of the time preparations are being made to release information that will prepare you for the changes that are to come.


There is so much that needs to be done to lift up the quality of your lives so that your future experiences leave you feeling happy and satisfied.For a long time subtle changes have been taking place to lay down the bedrock of your future,so that you can enjoy life without the intrusion of the various plots hatched by the dark Ones.


Nearly all wars of recent times have been brought about by the dark Ones to keep you in a state of fear and uncertainty.However,the Forces of Light have also been busy and are well on the way to successfully removing the enemies who have wished to annihilate you.


Their mind set is such that they are even prepared to die for their cause,it reveals how dangerous they are to humanity.However,do not allow their presence and activities to alarm you as they thrive on your energies of fear.Like all souls that lack the Light they are not at ease in the presence of it.


Many other civilisations are keenly interested to see how you come out of the present period of so much unrest and turmoil,because they are aware of the sacrifices being made to overcome the problems that exist.It is quite involved and at best you learn very few truths about what is happening without your knowledge.


It is best it happens that way as you already have enough to worry about.The more you can put distance between yourselves and the dark Ones,the better you will serve the Light.You must stay calm and keep focussing upon all that is pure and of a high vibration.By doing so,you are keeping your feet firmly on the path to Ascension.


In your many,many incarnations,you have lived in all major countries and have a wealth of experience that you can now put to good use.It means that subconsciously you have a knowing about other lifestyles and religious beliefs that helps you understand and accept them.


All religious paths lead to God or whatever figurehead some worship.It is a learning process and when you are ready to"Move On"you will be encouraged or directed to the next stage in your development.For some it means another life when you can follow your intuition as a guide to what you need to further your evolution.


In all matters you get guidance yet the final outcome is down to you and your freewill choice.However,it is sometimes necessary to override it if you are faced with a"One Off"choice that affects your future life plan.


Much is already decided before you reincarnate and you are born with an inner urge to follow a certain path.In other words nothing that has an important place in your life happens by chance.However,you do have your say when decisions are made affecting your life experiences,but in seeing your life plan you are more than likely to accept it.


We have often made the point that some souls have their life plan charted for them when they do not have the ability to do so themselves.In general terms you would be surprised how closely your evolution is followed and how much help is given you.


What you may call coincidences when something of importance in your life has depended on a"chance"happening is almost certainly a special arrangement for you.It is often for example where you have avoided a serious accident that was probably life threatening and would have caused changes in your life plan.(1)


In your religious writings you will sometimes find a reference to people of the distant past who lived for hundreds of years.It seems unbelievable in view of the short period that you live at present,yet it is true and not all that far into the future you will experience much longer lives again.


It comes with the increases in the vibrations and it means that you will obviously have a body that can last a very long period of time because it continually renews itself.By comparison to merely a few thousand years ago you are now gradually extending your period of life.Obviously the standard of health then had an immense bearing on it but in general people lived shorter lives.


The bonus of living in the higher dimensions is permanent good health and a power of thought that can conjure up virtually anything you need.So living in the higher dimensions gives you unlimited freedom to go where you wish and to have all of your needs provided instantly.


It bears little if any resemblance to what you are used to on Earth.In fact the Earth is an open prison where you meet all types of people who are in the main still in their early stages of evolution.It takes them a long time to wake up to their true self,and it is difficult for them to raise their vibrations which is what you have to do if ever you want to evolve and eventually rise up.


As Man ascends so the next civilisation is reaching a point where humans were a long time ago,and ready to experience severe testing similar to the Human experience.At whatever level you are in the emphasis is on evolution and you will strive for it,because you are motivated from within.(2)


It is an urge that keeps you going on a quest looking for the answers to evolution and what you need to do to progress.Help is always on hand particularly from the Angelic Realm.Evolution is the answer to everything(3)and your life plans are accordingly arranged so that you can get onto the right path.


Great things lie ahead and we ask you to have patience as all will come out right in the end.It would be a rare occasion if a soul failed to reach a level that would lead to Ascension.So never give up as there is every help given to ensure you can ascend.


I leave you with love and blessings,and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.


Mike Quinsey.




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