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重置一切What happens when a multi-generational global war of subversion and infiltration reaches its endgame?That is not an easy question to answer,since by its construction we don't have access to recent and relevant historical precedent.While nothing can stop what is coming,nobody may be prepared for it either.I make the case here that what is fast approaching is a Total Reset of Everything.


The picture that is forming for many of us is the liberation of the whole of humanity from hundreds of years of slavery—mental,financial,cultural,technological,and spiritual.That the slavery of the mind is first in the list is figural:the ultimate form of slavery is one where the slaves believe themselves to be free.This form of trickery had been pioneered in Britain with the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666,which effectively stripped inhabitants of their innate Common Law rights,following deliberate societal sabotage.


At the heart of this modern emancipation movement lies the American People,who briefly escaped from the tyrannical European banking aristocracy.In 1871 the British Crown,working in secret alliance with the Vatican,annexed the United States and returned it to full colony status.This was triggered by the need for debt financing following the Civil War,and was achieved by the construction of a parallel doppelgänger state.


A new corporate government and constitution was established as"Washington DC",an unaccountable and unlawful extra-territorial city state.Behind this fraud of the highest order was pure treason by Congress.It involved the misapplication of maritime law to the land,and later securitisation of humans via taxation.Thus slavery did not end with the Civil War;it was surreptitiously extended to all,yet marketed as liberation from plantation chains.


"Make America Great Again"is really about reversing this 1871 debt-driven incorporation,and restoring sovereignty to the American People.Once the whole world understands their relative debt and tax slave status,it is inevitable that they too will demand equal freedom and prosperity.Donald Trump's first term was a bait to draw this illegal and illegitimate form of bankster government into a trap.


The C*e Communist Party runs a modern-day totalitarian slave-owning society on behalf of the Globalist central bankers(who have their own internal factions and power struggles).The M*t form of tyranny induced extreme poverty,whereas this one is economically productive,since unproductive slaves are pointless.It is a testing ground for prototype total surveillance and control technologies like social scoring.C*a seeks to usurp the USA as the global hegemon,through acquisition of resources including minerals,technology,workers,and eventually land.


The Second Amendment,as protection for free speech and hence dissidence,makes Americans the hardest people in the world to conquer."Deplorable"Americans are the last bastion of true human freedom.The"rights"and"freedoms"everyone else"enjoys"are really state-conferred privileges that can be removed,as vaccine passports and widespread censorship now demonstrate.The only way to resist a police state is for the police to be outgunned by the people.


The 2020 election was a C*P-led attempt by multiple actors working together to end the Trump-led revolt against Globalism,steal away those firearms(or generate a civil war trying),and impose this neofeudalism on the American People in full force.It was a turning point in history,in many ways even more significant than that of the 2016 election where"they never thought she would lose"and got caught with no Plan B.


This attempted"nationjacking"was achieved using multiple methods,but two stand out.The first is using a C*P bioweapon,with the media overhyping the resulting pandemic,as cover to issue endless fake mail-in paper ballots.The second is the hacking of elections via"droned"electronic voting machines.There are whole books on such"colour revolutions"and election fraud,and it is not my job to repeat their knowledge.The end result would have been the collapse of the West and any freedoms we enjoy.


The good news is that the military sting operation,using Donald Trump as its lure,has succeeded.The attempted re-conquest of America and its People has failed.The Stafford Act appears to have been invoked,and the military and FEMA are now in full control.The Second American Republic has been re-established,and the bankrupt Washington DC corporate state wound up and shut down.


We can now see the Q public awakening and media bypass operation in its proper context,which is the military Law of War manual.This is directly referenced in the Q drops,but it took three years for"anons"to work it out."Washington DC"was never a State,and hence now forms a hostile power(run by the CCP and others)yet occupied by the US military."The Bidan Show"is ongoing to draw out all the bad actors and sleepers who falsely believe Joe Biden"won"and got away with the election fraud crime.


They all get to meet their doom as a consequence.


This failure to recapture America spells the collapse of the covert rule of the Venetian(aka Phoenician and Babylonian)mafia banking system,their Egyptian-inspired slavery system,and whatever it was in turn feeding.(That is above my pay grade,but to the"elite"humans are a mix of bushmeat,lab rats,and slave workers.The word"pedovore"is one I wish I didn't understand.)For clarity,there is definitely no Jewish-led conspiracy!However,Israel is a major player,and USS Liberty false flag is about to go full circle.Nonetheless,the end result for all people is shalom.


The nature of a war of subversion and infiltration,as opposed to subjugation via invasion,is like a cancer that infects and parasitises every organ of civil society.As JFK famously said,"It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit,highly efficient machine that combines military,diplomatic,intelligence,economic,scientific and political operations."The events of the last year have demonstrated that academia,law enforcement,the courts,the media,and medicine are all deeply corrupted.


We face turbulent waters ahead,as the political reset and restoration of the American Republic have their domino effect in all of these domains.The cancer of corruption has to be removed without killing its host.The first visible step is the conversion of Washington DC back to plain Washington,and the end of the"Federal"branded corporate government as we have known it.If you watch carefully,you can see that we are"flooding the swamp"right now,as all the subterranean infrastructure of Washington is purged of evil.


We have had a very close shave with totalitarianism,and in the meantime find ourselves in an ongoing dirty"fourth generation"global war,which is de facto WW3.This is"unrestricted",meaning that there is no formal divide between military and civilian combat operations.There are also no physical or moral boundaries to its conduct.It includes both biological and information weaponry,with these specifically working in alliance to push the Covid fear propaganda.Again,this explains the need for the Q military intelligence operation to raise a digital militia armed with laptops to fight back.The secret and silent war is real,and it is over when it is perceived by all.


As our collective enemy the C*P is just an agent of a bigger and far more wicked agenda.I have learned much of our history is fraudulent and"hacked".I have discovered what I was taught in school or by TV documentaries is often a perversion of reality.Our timelines have been wrecked,whole nations disappeared(like Tartaria),territory histories deleted(say Antarctica or Greenland),and civilisations ignored(such as the Vedics in India).The"world as we commonly know it"excludes vast infrastructure in and between deep underground military bases(DUMBs)and on the sea bed,and an equally huge Secret Space Program off-world.

作为我们的共同敌人,C*P只是一个更大、更邪恶计划的代理人。我已经知道我们的历史是欺诈和"黑客"。我发现我在学校或电视纪录片中学到的东西往往是对现实的曲解。我们的时间线被破坏了,整个国家消失了(比如 tartartaria),领土历史被删除了(比如南极洲或格陵兰岛),文明被忽视了(比如印度的 veedics)"众所周知的世界"排除了深层地下军事基地(dumb)和海床之间的巨大基础设施,以及同样巨大的外太空秘密计划。

The average human wallows in extreme ignorance of the esoteric;the worst case is to be"educated"and overconfident,as you are in the exoteric"knowledge elite".What is most interesting to me is that the signs of profound change are in the wide open,and the data there for all to see.Take the onrushing financial and economic reset.We have seen$16 trillion of assets poured into XRP crypto technology,and ISO 20022 rolled out to bypass central banking.Gold"reacquisition"and silver repricing anticipate new"rainbow"non-fiat currencies backed by precious metals.

普通人极度无视深奥的知识;最糟糕的情况是"受过教育"和过于自信,就像你是在开放的"知识精英"中一样。最令我感兴趣的是,深刻变化的迹象是完全公开的,而且数据是所有人都可以看到的。以迅猛增长的金融和经济复苏为例。我们已经看到16万亿美元的资产涌入 XRP 加密技术,ISO 20022的推出绕过了中央银行。黄金"重新收购"和白银重新定价,预计将出现由贵金属支持的新的"彩虹"非法定货币。

Yet close technology associates working on crypto projects like Cardano/ADA may be unaware of the ultimate purpose of their endeavours,and how they fit into the bigger picture.Indeed,the nature of compartmentalisation means they may reject the actual true purpose of their own work as a"conspiracy theory"!Such is the world we have been living in,where systems of secrecy have been in combat and conflict.The public exposure of these secrets ends the power of secret societies,and triggers a political reset.

然而,像 Cardano/ADA 这样致力于加密项目的密切技术伙伴可能不知道他们的努力的最终目的,以及他们如何融入更大的图景。事实上,分割的性质意味着他们可能拒绝他们自己工作的真正目的作为一个"阴谋论"!这就是我们一直生活的世界,在这个世界里,保密系统一直处于战斗和冲突之中。这些秘密的公开曝光结束了秘密社团的力量,并引发了政治重置。

It is not just finance and politics that face a total reset.We have been exploited through many other routes,and each one faces a reset.The energy reset moves us from petrochemicals to Tesla-based broadcast power(from both land and space).The communications reset requires the removal of the Mockingbird Media,as well as a new secure space-based Quantum Internet for content distribution.The wellness reset sees the demise of Rockefeller medicine,also based on toxic petrochemicals,and replacement with a mix of simple light and electric therapies all the way through to extremely sophisticated"medbeds".


The last of these is notably topical via the Coronavirus scamdemic.Current"sickcare"incentives align profit to lifelong unwellness.Suppression of symptoms is rewarded;cures are not.mRNA vaccines fit into this pattern,and are credibly accused of being depopulation bioweapons.Beware suppressing your natural non-specific immunity and arming the cytokine storm hazard!


We potentially face an"AIDS 2.0"megacrisis around the corner due to organ failure,dementia,and death of those who took this gene therapy route.Conversely,we also can anticipate a lifespan revolution for those who make it through these risky times.Choose your path carefully and wisely.

由于器官衰竭、痴呆和采用这种基因疗法的人的死亡,我们可能面临"AIDS 2.0"的巨大风险。相反,我们也可以预期那些度过这些危险时期的人的寿命会有一场革命。谨慎而明智地选择你的道路。

The"total reset of everything"is a process,not an event.For instance,the forced deployment of vaccines in their"experimental"phase means they cannot be mandatory,which removes the ability of the Globalists to coerce everyone to take them.That in turn means the awful consequences cannot just be blamed on"new virus variants"and fan more fear.That some do not take these products,and are not sick as a result,makes it all too obvious that they are dangerous.The reset of medicine takes time.


Despite this,there does seem to be a trigger event for a sudden and massive geopolitical shift.Donald Trump once tweeted"Move slowly,carefully—and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet!".If the warning signs are to be believed,such a strike could include the destruction of the Three Go*s Dam,ending the C*P.This would kill a lot of people in the process,but stops the Coronavirus global genocide and"vaccine"depopulation agenda.

尽管如此,突如其来的大规模地缘政治转变似乎确实会触发事件。唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)曾在推特上写道:"慢慢地、小心地移动,然后像地球上最快的动物一样攻击!".如果警告信号可信,这样的罢工可能包括摧毁长**水利枢纽工程,结束c*p。这将在这个过程中杀死许多人,但阻止冠状病毒全球种族灭绝和"疫苗"减少议程。

Such an attack also kills the Bitcoin mining infrastructure under the dam,and destroys the unregulated currencies being used for crimes like human trafficking.The same space-based"Rods from God"weapons can demolish Satanic monuments worldwide,symbolising a change in the global order.Meanwhile,precision cyberweapons can target critical Globalist corporations and revenue streams.Such a strike would result in both global martial law as well as mass awakening to the existence of the war.


Spookdom is impenetrable by its nature,and I only work with open source intelligence.


I have no crystal ball,and no insider contacts.The apparent civil war in the Freemasons—and the uncertainty and confusion it brings—means I am not in a position to see the whole battlefield.Take this as the synthesis of one person;it is not even the summary of an organisation or private intelligence agency.Nonetheless,it seems clear that a process of mega collapse,mega reform,and mega renewal is underway.


The"Great Awakening"is just one part of this"Total Reset of Everything".I cannot know its scope or timescale.Credible sources have warned me that"nature is coming".It would make sense that secret societies are aware of cycles of cataclysm,including those that come from space.We may lose a lot of lives,including loved ones.What is at stake is the survival of humanity as a whole.There is no way to sugar coat this.


My work of the last three years documenting the Q project tells me that the"best of the best"are on the case.General Flynn has obliquely confirmed that Donald Trump is the actual President(with the same"two presidencies"as happened in the Civil War era).He has also effectively re-endorsed the Q project in public by approving of its"WWG1WGA"mantra.The military are delivering"Q proofs"by the dozen on Twitter.There are rational reasons to believe that humanity is heading in the right direction,however great the struggle.

我在过去三年里记录Q项目的工作告诉我,"最优秀的人中的最优秀的人"都在这个案例中。弗林将军已经间接地证实,唐纳德·特朗普才是真正的总统(与内战时期的"两任总统"一样)。他还批准了Q项目的"WWG1WGA"口号,从而有效地再次公开支持了Q项目。军方在 Twitter 上发布了大量的"Q证明"。有理由相信人类正在朝着正确的方向前进,无论这场斗争有多么艰巨。

We are also very close to some major historical dates with interesting pasts:


April 16—President Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act ending slavery.


April 17—President Kennedy lead the Bay Of Pigs invasion.


April 19—George Washington leads the 1st American Revolution.Is also Patriots Day celebrating Lexington and Concord.


April 20—150th Anniversary of the 1871 Act of England.


I cannot predict the exact sound of the death rattle of the old guard's system of power.Surprise attacks by both sides are…surprising.If we have to endure a fake holographic alien invasion as a distraction,then so be it!Have steadfast courage:a new culture and a new society for a new Earth is coming,if the"foreshocks"are to be believed.There is a benevolent and peaceful"far side"to this wild ride.For instance,technologies like CRISPR editing and mRNA gene therapies can equally be used to turn off traits that drive psychopathy and human misery.Humanity can blossom when freed from inbred greed.

我无法准确预测保守派权力体系临终时的喘息声。双方的突然袭击都是...令人惊讶的。如果我们不得不忍受虚假的全息外星人入侵来分散我们的注意力,那就这样吧!有坚定的勇气:一个新的文化和一个新的地球的新社会正在到来,如果"前震"是可信的。有一个仁慈和平静的"远方"的这种野生乘坐。例如, CRISPR 编辑和 mRNA 基因疗法这样的技术同样可以用来关闭驱使精神病和人类痛苦的特征。当人类从与生俱来的贪婪中解放出来时,人类就能发展壮大。

What doesn't change in a total reset is the pole star of loving kindness:"Good Wins"because we inhabit a universe whose physics seeks connection over compartmentalisation.That this process of uprooting evil is"Biblical"is not just a metaphor:it traces its roots back through our"family feuds"as a species,all the way to our origins.We are in a"purple platypus"situation–outside of any experienced"black swan"—so the more ancient the wisdom,the more likely it is to apply and to be of value.


The best is yet to come,but to arrive there we may yet have to traverse the worst too.Be accountable for yourself;let others choose their own path.Self-care,self-compassion,and self-worth are the watchwords.


Believe in yourself.


Reclaim your sovereignty


Demand your liberty.


Welcome the Total Reset of Everything.


By Martin Geddes

作者:Martin Geddes




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