2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 October 27, 2022
星际飞船地球: 大图2022年10月27日

2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

The next few weeks are going to be exciting, very satisfying in some respects, possibly a little scary, and even frustrating. We have been prepared by the Alliance over several years now and we are ready—at least as ready as we’ll ever be.


We don’t know exactly how this movie script will go, but…


This is Trump’s angle:



Simon Parkes posted the following on his blog: See more at the link.

Simon Parkes 在他的博客上发布了以下内容:。

We Expect Trump To Be Arrested This Week…

我们预计 Trump 本周将被逮捕..。

We expect Trump to be arrested this week.


Trump is not worried about this, so neither should we be. This has to play out.


It’s the end game. Neither God or the White Hats will see harm come to the Real President of the United States of America.


I would hope that if Trump were indicted, arrested, detained… however that looked, that the military would then step in and set things right. That would mean a BIG upset in America.

我希望如果特朗普被起诉,逮捕,拘留... 不管看起来如何,军方会介入,让一切回归正轨。这在美国意味着一个巨大的颠覆。

Of course we know that just because a lot of things point to Trump being arrested, doesn’t mean he will be. The White Hats can put out whatever disinfo they like to manipulate a situation and throw off the enemy.


Dan Scavino Jr. posted…


This is a red flag:


Election Official In Pennsylvania Warns Voters May Not Know Results for ‘Days’


I wonder if any television networks will “call” the election before all the counting is done. Arizonans will not fall for the same crap that went on in 2020.


Q drop number 24 revealed important information, particularly with respect to elections. It is indicative that “nothing is what it seems”.



Nov 01, 2017 1:27:03 AM EDT
Nov 01,20171:27:03 AM EDT 2017年11月1日
Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No. 147448408 
匿名 ID: grTMpzrL 编号147448408 
Any person making statements they will not be seeking re-election was put in submission.
For the betterment of the country not all will be prosecuted and all will do as told.
You will see more of this occur (not normal yet disregarded) and even on the D side.
您将看到更多这样的情况发生(不正常,但被忽视) ,甚至在 D 侧。

2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

A lot of work was done long ago to prepare the way for these current times. The cabal in most respects, in most places, is nothing but a paper tiger at this point. The snake has been defanged. The monster has been gutted and their “power” is nothing but smoke and mirrors. There are a couple of areas that are still a concern, and you probably know what those are. ie. Ukraine.


We see mention of the NSA in connection to the elections.



A Telegram post:


NSA’s new ‘nerve center’ ready to scan the world for threats to America


The National Security Agency, which is in the middle of moving into a new “nerve center” on its Fort Meade campus, says it is still ready for whatever foreign threat may emerge against the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

美国国家安全局(National Security Agency,简称 NSA)正在进驻米德堡(Fort Meade)校园的一个新的“神经中枢”。该机构表示,仍然准备应对11月8日中期选举可能出现的任何外国威胁。

Now THIS is very interesting!
In the Q Drops, Q eludes to wizards and warlocks being the “guardians of intelligence”. The NSA looks to be gearing up for Nov 8. These midterms are becoming more and more important.

这真是太有趣了!在 Q 滴中,Q 躲避了巫师和术士作为“智力守护者”的角色。美国国家安全局似乎正在为11月8日做准备。这些期中考试变得越来越重要。

Feels like the ball is about to drop.
They know it’s over after these midterms.


2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

You may be seeing similar information to this:



You may have heard that Elon Musk is set to take control of Twitter on Friday, Oct. 28. As such, queries went out as to whom should be first to be reinstated on the platform. Interesting timing.

你可能已经听说埃隆 · 马斯克(Elon Musk)将于10月28日(星期五)接管 Twitter。因此,关于谁应该首先在平台上恢复的查询就出现了。真会挑时间。

Of course many say Trump should be first, but he claimed he would not go back to Twitter even if his account was reinstated. Perhaps if Elon is the reason he would reconsider. Perhaps if he did return to Twitter he might post a message that begins with, “My fellow Americans… the Storm is upon us”. Just a thought. You can read that early Q drop at this link in its entirety.

当然,许多人认为特朗普应该是第一个,但他声称,即使他的账户被恢复,他也不会回到 Twitter 上。也许埃隆就是他重新考虑的原因。也许,如果他真的回到 Twitter 上,他可能会发布一条消息,以“我的美国同胞们... ... 风暴即将来临”开头。只是个想法。您可以在这个链接中完整地阅读早期的 Q 下降。


Now we can have Tweets like this without concern of censorship?



More on that revelation above at the link below.


BREAKING: Project Veritas whistleblower document reveals FBI investigating ‘misinformation’ ahead of midterms

爆炸性新闻: “真理计划”揭发者文件显示 FBI 在中期选举前调查“错误信息”

I hope that by now, most people who’ve been read in and understand the situation on our planet take comfort in the fact that it is under control as much as it possibly can be. It has been explained that the militaries of many nations have been coordinating their efforts to remove the satanic cabal. We are seeing evidence of this coordination in our skies and on the ground.


I saw photos on Telegram from an airport in the US of Japanese soldiers arriving and the claim that there were hundreds of them. SGAnon stated that his research into flight status records indicated there were planes from at least ten other countries in US airspace; including Hungarian craft.

我在电报上看到美国一个机场发来的日本士兵到达的照片,并声称有数百名日本士兵。SGAnon 表示,他对飞行状态记录的研究表明,在美国领空至少有10架来自其他国家的飞机,包括匈牙利飞机。

Everyone is pitching in to address the efforts in each location as laid out in ‘The Plan’. All we need to do is prepare ourselves so we can look after our families and anyone else nearby who may need assistance. That’s not a big ask, in my opinion—not for kind, generous Humans.


If Charlie Ward’s intel was accurate, we can expect operations to go live when 86 countries in the next two to three weeks declare martial law to keep the peace and protect civilians as major developments take place. An EBS/EAS message may alert us to the timing and provide specific instructions.

如果查理 · 沃德的情报是准确的我们可以期待在接下来的两到三周内86个国家宣布戒严以维护和平并保护平民随着重大事态的发展行动将会开始。EBS/EAS 消息可能会提醒我们有关时间的信息,并提供具体的指示。

Personally, I am ready—and eager to hear the intel and truths that SGAnon will be sharing on any alternative news platforms that invite him to deliver that information so that we may be able to fill in others as to the deplorable state of our planet at the hands of the satanic pedophiles, the nature of our reality, etc.

就我个人而言,我已经准备好了ーー而且渴望听到 SGAnon 将在任何其他新闻平台上分享的情报和真相,这些新闻平台将邀请 SGAnon 提供这些信息,这样我们就可以向其他人描述我们的星球在那些邪恶的恋童癖者手中的悲惨状况,以及我们现实的本质等等。

What do we know at this point? Here’s a list that is very promising. Link to Telegram.

现在我们知道些什么? 这是一个很有希望的列表。链接到电报。

Safe States for Children: Here’s a List of Governors Who Won’t Comply with CDC Mandates to Force COVID-19 Vaccination on Kids for School

儿童的安全状况: 这里有一份不遵守疾病预防控制中心强制儿童接种2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗的州长名单

Updater List as of
October 24, 2022


1. Alabama阿拉巴马州
2. Alaska2. 阿拉斯加
3. Arizona3. 亚利桑那州
4. Arkansas4. 阿肯色州
5. Florida
6. Georgia
7. Idaho
8. Indiana
9. Iowa9. 爱荷华州
10. Kansas10. 堪萨斯州
11. Michigan11岁,密歇根州
12. Mississippi12密西西比
13. Montana13岁,蒙大拿州
14. Missouri14密苏里州
15. New Hampshire15岁,新罕布什尔州
16. Oklahoma16岁,俄克拉荷马州
17. South Carolina17岁,南卡罗来纳州
18. North Dakota18岁,北达科他州
19. South Dakota19岁,南达科他州
20. Tennessee田纳西州
21. Texas21岁,德克萨斯州
22. Utah22岁,在犹他州
23. Virginia23岁,弗吉尼亚州
24. West Virginia24岁,西弗吉尼亚
25. Wyoming 25岁,怀俄明州

2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

The following is meant to wake the [brain]dead/zombies/normies. May they wake up soon.



Hollywood is a cesspool, but not everyone in Hollywood is a Satanic pedophile. I so enjoyed the long interviews Oliver Stone did with Putin at the Kremlin a couple of years ago. Now Stone is asking patriots to support Julian Assange. What happened with Julian Assange? They tell us the US wants him extradited so they can prosecute but we have reason to believe he has been on US soil for some time and is not suffering. We just don’t know for sure the true status of the hero Assange but we wish him well and that his ultimate freedom is granted very soon if it hasn’t been already.

好莱坞是个粪坑,但不是每个好莱坞人都是邪恶的恋童癖。我非常喜欢奥利弗•斯通(Oliver Stone)几年前在克里姆林宫对普京进行的长时间采访。现在斯通要求爱国者支持朱利安 · 阿桑奇。朱利安 · 阿桑奇怎么了?他们告诉我们,美国希望引渡他,这样他们就可以起诉他,但我们有理由相信,他已经在美国领土上待了一段时间,没有受到任何痛苦。我们只是不确定英雄阿桑奇的真实身份,但我们希望他一切顺利,他的最终自由即使还没有被授予,也很快就会被授予。


What we may see in the coming days according to Michelle Fielding… so you may let it go. Link to Telegram.

根据米歇尔・菲尔丁的说法,未来几天我们可能会看到... ... 所以你可以放手了。链接到电报。

Calm is essential right now:


It is no coincidence that President Trump is being trashed inside the Patriot community right now. There have been sleeper cells waiting to be activated.


The next two weeks may be the most critical we have seen in a long time.


Good influencers will be trashed by others at a growing rate. This has all been planned, this is intended to divide us.


Do not get triggered. Just breathe and remain calm through all events in the coming days.


God won, we got this… be the rock for others.

上帝赢了,我们得到了这个... 成为别人的磐石。

More to come.


Having said that, we hear the trashing and bashing of the alt news community is off the charts. Apparently Dustin Nemos is calling out pretty much everyone. Here is one Telegram post of his I DO agree with, and said so long ago. Pure bunkum, and I saw one website where James Corey [Corey Goode’s real name] plagiarized material, word-for-word.

话虽如此,但我们听说对另类新闻社区的抨击是破纪录的。显然达斯汀 · 尼莫斯几乎把所有人都叫来了。这里有一个电报的职位,他的我确实同意,并说很久以前。纯属胡扯,我看到一个网站 James Corey (Corey Goode 的真名)一字不差地剽窃材料。

Now what will the people who defended him [and attacked my blog] and allegedly donated $12,000 to get his wife’s teeth fixed do when they find out? Will they enjoy drinking their coffee out of all those clever mugs and other paraphernalia they purchased after David Wilcock stepped in and shared his marketing strategies for branding oneself?

现在,那些为他辩护(并攻击我的博客)、据称捐赠1.2万美元给他妻子修牙的人发现后会怎么做?在 David Wilcock 介入并分享了他的品牌营销策略之后,他们会喜欢用那些聪明的马克杯和其他购买的工具来喝咖啡吗?

FYI: Corey Goode, under oath, in deposition, has stated that all his Secret Space Program experiences were ‘channeled’. He is stating that his claimed MILAB abduction, the 3 times 20andBack time travel, and ALL off-world travel, and ALL experiences with Alien beings, including the Blue Avians (aka Blue Space Chickens), did NOT happen. They were a figment of his imagination.

仅供参考: 科里 · 古德在宣誓证词中说,他所有的秘密太空计划经历都是被“引导”的。他说,他声称的 MILAB 绑架,3次20和回到过去的时间旅行,所有离开世界的旅行,所有与外星人的经历,包括蓝色鸟类(又名蓝色太空鸡) ,没有发生。他们是他想象出来的。

It was obvious Goode was making shit up.


2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

And now, of course since SGAnon’s video has gone big they are attacking him. I have not heard him say anything about Phil G yet but regardless, we are always watching the ones who report the news and “intel” and if they behave in a way unbecoming a patriot we will simply unfollow them. Link to Telegram.

现在,当然,因为 SGAnon 的视频已经走红,他们正在攻击他。我还没有听到他说任何关于菲尔 · G 的事情,但不管怎样,我们总是关注那些报道新闻和“情报”的人,如果他们的行为不符合一个爱国者的标准,我们将简单地取消跟踪他们。链接到电报。

They new fraud on the block “SGAnon” put out a video a couple days ago that already has over 100K views on Rumble claiming the Supreme Court has cancelled the Midterm Elections. Unnamed sources from an unnammed channel, sounds legit.

SGAnon 几天前发布了一个视频,声称最高法院已经取消了中期选举,这个视频在 Rumble 上的浏览量已经超过了10万。来自匿名频道的匿名消息来源,听起来是真的。

This “SGAnon” channel works heavily with Phil Godlewski promoting each other, and the likes of Kerry Cassidy and Tarot by Janine have pushed SGAnon content.

这个“ SGAnon”频道与菲尔戈德莱夫斯基大力推动对方,喜欢的嘉里卡西迪和塔罗由珍妮推动 SGAnon 内容。

Clowns, all of them.


BTW, SGAnon is not the only one who said SCOTUS overturned the election results. Will they cancel the election? Stay tuned. In order for the military to step in, I would expect the results to be overturned and the military has already rejected the results of the 2020 election.

顺便说一句,SGAnon 并不是唯一一个说 SCOTUS 推翻了选举结果的人。他们会取消选举吗?敬请期待。为了让军方介入,我预计选举结果将被推翻,而军方已经否决了2020年大选的结果。

Can we trust another election? It sounds like the consensus is that if enough Americans vote red, the cheating won’t be a factor great enough to affect the outcomes in a significant way. There will most certainly be cheating in the dimm camp.


Deep-staters should be worried. None of them are expendible and key people have an odd habit of dying before they can be called upon to testify about the crimes of their minion friends. Some folks are noticing the correlation and it’s getting near to impossible to close that zipper on the bottomless Clinton body bag. This particular woman went after Bill Clinton. I wonder what secrets she may have known.

深层官员应该感到担忧。他们没有一个是可以牺牲的,关键人物有一个奇怪的习惯,就是在他们被传唤出庭作证之前就死了。有些人注意到了这种相关性,并且几乎不可能在克林顿无底的尸体袋上拉上拉链。这个女人追杀比尔 · 克林顿。我想知道她可能知道什么秘密。

Conservative Author Lucianne Goldberg, Who Played Major Role In Clinton Impeachment, Dead At 87

保守派作家 Lucianne Goldberg 在克林顿弹劾案中扮演重要角色,享年87岁

2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

As for what we can expect to see in the remainder of October/November…


Great care has gone into making sure we understand the multiple possible scenarios and that no one knows for certain what will happen so we will just have to wait and see what unfolds in the next 12 days. Riveting, isn’t it?


When someone goes after so many people as Dustin has done on his Telegram account, it makes they themselves look bad and we have to question who the patriot really is. Dustin seemed like a good guy but now the question marks appear. He lost a lot of credibility just now by mentioning so many names and throwing stones in a frenzy like that. It seems like an act of desperation.


2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

Charlie Ward has been photographed with General Flynn and has at the very least a working relationship with him. Charlie a clone? That would be amusing but the White Hats are equally as qualified to use clones in their movie as the cabal. There might be a lot more clones than we realize cast in their parts. Does it matter? Clones are programmable and easily controlled. The end justifies the means and this whole thing is a psyop so…


We were warned that we would hear a lot of negative stuff in the coming days. I don’t care what is said because I will decide for myself. You should, too. The enemy will do whatever they can to divide and distract us with gossip and character assassinations. I don’t want to hear it. I’ll just watch and enjoy the show.


2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

There are more important things than poison arrows begging for our attention. Trends like this are very concerning. Link to Telegram.


‘Disturbing’: Experts troubled by Canada’s euthanasia laws

“令人不安”: 专家们对加拿大的安乐死法感到不安

“Alan Nichols had a history of depression and other medical issues, but none were life-threatening. When the 61-year-old Canadian was hospitalized in June 2019 over fears he might be suicidal, he asked his brother to ‘bust him out’ as soon as possible.

“ Alan Nichols 有抑郁症和其他疾病史,但都没有生命危险。2019年6月,这位61岁的加拿大人因担心自己可能会自杀而住院,当时他要求弟弟尽快“救他出来”。

Within a month, Nichols submitted a request to be euthanized and he was killed, despite concerns raised by his family and a nurse practitioner.


His application for euthanasia listed only one health condition as the reason for his request to die: hearing loss.

他的安乐死申请只列出了一个健康状况作为他要求死亡的理由: 听力丧失。

Nichols’ family reported the case to police and health authorities, arguing that he lacked the capacity to understand the process and was not suffering unbearably — among the requirements for euthanasia. They say he was not taking needed medication, wasn’t using the cochlear implant that helped him hear, and that hospital staffers improperly helped him request euthanasia.


‘Alan was basically put to death,’ his brother Gary Nichols said.”

他的哥哥加里•尼科尔斯(Gary Nichols)说,‘艾伦基本上是被处死的。’



More and more we can see that hospitals are not places of healing with a goal of wellness for a patient. Hospitals have become the place to go and die. It was bad enough when “errors” in the allopathic community resulted in staggering levels of iatrogenic deaths that they never took responsibility for, and now the psychopaths have blatantly opened the door to death-on-demand. Think twice about going to a hospital. Enter, and you may never leave without a toe tag. Beware the waiver you sign that says you will not prosecute them for killing you. They could accidentally saw your head off and… oh well. Sorry about that.

我们越来越多地看到,医院并不是以病人健康为目标的治疗场所。医院已经变成了死亡之地。当对抗疗法社区中的“错误”导致医源性死亡的惊人水平时,他们从来没有承担责任,这已经够糟糕的了,现在精神变态者公然打开了按需死亡的大门。去医院要三思而后行。进入,你可能永远不会离开,没有一个脚趾标签。当心你签署的弃权声明书上说你不会因为他们杀了你而起诉他们。他们可能不小心把你的头锯下来,然后... 好吧。不好意思。

2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

More crazy headlines… this one from Real Raw News:

更多疯狂的头条新闻... 来自真实原始新闻:

DeSantis Tries to Turn Military Against Trump


The FEMA thing is a valid point. When people evacuate their homes, bad things often happen. We saw it in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, an engineered storm. We also saw men in military uniforms confiscating weapons at gunpoint.


When the cabal unleashed a bizarre storm on southern Alberta a few years ago and flood victims in High River had to evacuate, we heard it was the RCMP who broke into homes and confiscated weapons with a bogus excuse about community safety and then made the owners jump through hoops to get their arms back. In what reality are the Law Enforcement permitted to be criminals?

几年前,当阴谋集团在南亚伯达上引发了一场奇怪的风暴,High River 的洪水受害者不得不撤离时,我们听说是加拿大皇家骑警闯入民宅,以社区安全为借口没收了武器,然后迫使房主跳过铁环去拿回他们的武器。在什么现实中,执法部门被允许成为罪犯?

Here’s more insanity, as the New York Post website and Twitter account were hacked. I must admit, some of the fake messages were very funny, but have been deleted. Here’s a sample:

更疯狂的是,《纽约邮报》网站和 Twitter 账户遭到黑客攻击。我必须承认,有些假信息很有趣,但已经被删除了。下面是一个例子:


You know what else is crazy—President Trump’s rally schedule. He’s doing it again and he’s not even running!


If they want to arrest him they’ll have to cover a lot of miles chasing him down in his new plane.



2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

A lot of people still need to wake up and we warned about the deployment of Canadian troops to Haiti and the charity scams for the Red Cross, UNICEF, etc.


Schemes like the following keep Humanity hemorrhaging funds and willingly contributing to the enemy’s coffers. They call them “charities”. The “charity”, however, goes to globalist enterprises—nowhere beneficial for many victims.


2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

As Q pointed out long ago, they used Hollywood to dazzle us, influence us and to keep us feeling small. They wanted us to worship the stars.

正如 Q 很久以前指出的那样,他们利用好莱坞让我们眼花缭乱,影响我们,让我们觉得自己很渺小。他们想让我们崇拜明星。

Agent A1 posted the following on Telegram.

特工 A1在电报上发布了以下内容。

Here’s your list of CANADIAN DS Players
Check out the names….

这是你的加拿大 DS 球员名单,看看这些名字..。

Panda Eyes Ben Mulroney…
With all his Adreno Drinking Buddies

熊猫眼 Ben Mulroney 和他的酒友们

Wayne Gretzky
Stephen Harper
Beiber Balls贝伯球
Alex Trebek
Josh Hoggard

Craig WESCAM Kielburger
George Clooney, Bono Jay Z and Rihanna

Craig WESCAM Kielburger George Clooney Bono Jay Z 和 Rihanna

They thought you’d follow the stars…




Oxfam Children乐施会儿童
Free the Children释放孩子们
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造成海地地震的人就是克林顿家族洗钱的方式 毒品,儿童,器官,肾上腺色素

This article explains who helped them from Canada




2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

Despite the pathetic scams, the war is getting very one-sided, if you ask me. MJTruth writes on Telegram

除了这些可悲的骗局,战争正在变得非常片面,如果你问我的话。 MJTruth 在电报上写道..。

MSNBC aired a recent skit entitled “Democrats’ Feared ‘Red October’ Has Arrived”


The democrats are going down in flames. They know it.


Red October has had many meanings over the years in my opinion.
“The Hunt for” was dropped by Q in between which served multiple meanings.

在我看来,红色十月这些年有很多含义。“ The Hunt for”被 Q 去掉了,中间有多重含义。

– The Hawaii “false alarm ballistic missile attack” that really happened. A rogue actor firing a missile, AF1 reroute. Trying to start a war.夏威夷“虚假警报弹道导弹袭击”真的发生了。一个流氓演员发射了一枚导弹 AF1改变了航线。想挑起一场战争。
– Sean Connery (star of Tom Clancy Film, The Hunt for Red October) dies in October 2020.- 肖恩 · 康纳利(汤姆 · 克兰西电影公司追击赤色十月)于2020年10月逝世。
– Hunter Biden laptop story broke Oct 2020. The Hunters now become the Hunted拜登笔记本电脑的故事在2020年10月爆出。猎人现在变成了猎人
– Tony Bobulinsky, Q Clearance patriot, came out in October 2020, nod to the film “The Hunt For Red October, where Ryan is seen wearing a Q Clearance ID badge.--托尼 · 布布林斯基,Q 清关爱国者,2020年10月出版,在电影《追击赤色十月》中,瑞安戴着 Q 清关身份证。
– And now, 2022, where a big beautiful red wave is about to make landfall and everyone is mentioning it in October.现在是2022年,一个美丽的大红浪即将登陆每个人都在10月提到它。
2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

What a week—and we still have a couple of days to go. Juan O Savin’s suggested October 29 date is rapidly approaching so anything could happen any day now, or a week from now. It certainly sounds like something BIG is about to erupt that no one will be able to miss. As the countdown to the election shortens, conversely the imminent nature of the “mystery situation” increases.

多么美好的一周,我们还有几天的时间。胡安 · O · 萨文(Juan O Savin)提出的10月29日日期正在迅速接近,因此任何事情都可能在现在或一周后的任何一天发生。这听起来肯定像是某个大事件即将爆发,没有人会错过。随着选举倒计时的缩短,相反,迫在眉睫的“神秘情况”的性质增加。

What happened last election is no mystery as GoodDog shows us in this Telegram image.


is now a good time to bring this up?




2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球

What happens in America in the next few weeks is pivotal for the entire world. I am confident the Alliance will be the ones controlling what counts or they wouldn’t be going ahead with their agenda.


What we DO expect is a beautiful FALL. An epic fall. Splat. Blood and guts. The NSA has it all. All the election crimes and the irrefutable proof. It will be scary-good.  ~ BP

我们所期待的是一个美丽的秋天。史诗般的坠落。啪嗒。鲜血和内脏。国安局什么都有。所有的选举犯罪和无可辩驳的证据。这将是可怕的-好。~ BP

P.S.  I lost my connection AGAIN just as I was about to publish. You can’t make this up. Hope it comes through okay.  ~ BP

另外,就在我即将发表文章的时候,我又失去了联系。你不能瞎编。希望一切顺利。~ BP

2022年10月27日: 注意ーー可能是 SHTF 时间… … 欢迎来到信息战|星际飞船地球


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