X22报道|第2801集: 国家已经背叛了央行,特朗普和巴尔是否只是陷入了 J6非选举委员会的听证会?

2022年6月17日11:59:25最新动态X22报道|第2801集: 国家已经背叛了央行,特朗普和巴尔是否只是陷入了 J6非选举委员会的听证会?已关闭评论1512字数 1397阅读4分39秒阅读模式
X22报道|第2801集: 国家已经背叛了央行,特朗普和巴尔是否只是陷入了 J6非选举委员会的听证会?

Ep. 2801a – The Country Has Turned On [JB] & The [CB], Mission Accomplished

Ep. 2801a – 国家已经打开了[JB]和[CB]的大门,任务完成了

Ep. 2801b – Did Trump & Barr Just Trap The J6 Unselect Committee Hearing? How Do You Expose It All?

Ep. 2801b –特朗普和巴尔是不是陷害了 J6非特别委员会的听证会?你如何揭露这一切?



[JB] announces he will send another 1 billion to help Ukrainian’s but he won’t help the people here in this country. Why are thousands of cattle dying? Oil companies strike back at Biden. Obama installs propane tanks, what happen to green? Gates hates crypto, do the opposite.



The [DS] was trapped in their own agenda. The J6 unselection committee hearing has a problem. It seems Barr and Trump changed Sec 230 and it is law and now the J6 committee is violation. Trump is now demanding equal time. I wonders what information he is going to present to the people. Every step of the way the [DS] will be falling into trap after trap until they cannot climb their way out of it. The clock is running down and the [DS] has no ammunition.

[DS]被自己的议程所困。J6非遴选委员会的听证会有一个问题。似乎巴尔和特朗普改变了230条款,这是法律,现在 J6委员会是违法的。特朗普现在要求平等的时间。我想知道他会向公众提供什么信息。每一步[ DS ]都将陷入一个又一个陷阱,直到他们无法爬出来。时间不多了,[ DS ]已经没有弹药了。


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