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As I have been caught up with the basics of life and have been pretty much in survival mode I have only now read up on the latest info including Benjamin Fulford's newsletters.Funny enough a phrase that was popping up in my mind in the past week is word for word in Ben's November 1 newsletter:the meek shall inherit the Earth.Synchronicity is a good sign and it looks like we've been receiving the same message from beyond.


There have been optimistic reports recently about the progress being made by the light forces in the underground war and removal of the negative extraterrestrial presence,but Cobra's update from November 1 sounds more balanced and puts things in a bit broader perspective.From what I have seen recently not all negative nonphysical entities have been removed yet;there are litterally more strings attached to removing clingers that are latched on to people's energy bodies than removing free roaming entities.Some of these entities are just surfing along for a free ride so to speak and are not necessarily negative,some are seeking to control and manipulate their host.Those people who carry the second category(the demons)are usually quite limited in their consciousness and that makes it harder to clean them up.Many Cabal members themselves are controlled by demons,that's one of the reasons why it's often so hard to get through to their true self or what is left of it as the military presiding over the tribunals are also finding out.At least Bill Clinton as one of the few reported so far still had enough inner civilization to eventually admit his crimes,plead guilty and ask for mercy.


To quote a phrase from the scientific The universe is learning article linked by Cobra:"On the smallest scales the cosmological neural network is at equilibrium,which is very well described by quantum mechanics,but on the largest scales the neural network is still very far from an equilibrium,which is better described by general relativity."Translated into spiritual language it says"on the micro level of individual lives there is a status quo kind of identification with certain suboptimal ways of being,while on the macro level of collective consciousness there is huge room for improvement of life with greatly expanded ways of being."This is dear master Hilarion at work with the spiritual order to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.


Less uplifting is the information that there is a second Black Stone top quark condensate in the Chimera controlled Urim base in Israel as well as a subquantum anomaly container originating from Rigel.What I get is that this center of gravity for darkness does not need to take excessively long to resolve,just certain other operations need to be completed prior to addressing the Urim base.The light forces may call for a dedicated mass meditation through Cobra once they are ready to move in.


Facebook abandons the use of face recognition software to identify people on photos.This decision was made after the name of the holding was changed to Meta,a name that means dead in Hebrew as Ben Fulford and others sharply remarked.These decisions did not come about voluntarily,they are related to the temporary taking down of services that happened in early October.The ways in which Facebook and most other social media are used and abused is not at all to the liking of the light forces and the for now temporary take down must be considered a serious warning to both Facebook management as well as its users.


report from Oxfam Novib was released on carbon dioxide emissions by consumption patterns of the rich.This is the inevitable result of an energy production system that still uses mostly fossil fuels to produce energy.Can you really blame rich people for spending the money they earn?No,the real problem is that our energy production technology is outdated and causing needless pollution.We need clean sustainable energy production,not the divide and rule of rich versus poor.


Lastly I want to share two photos of historical treasures that the Earth Alliance has confiscated from the tunnels underneath the Vatican in earlier operations:


2021-11-06: 身处困境|xekleidoma2021-11-06: 身处困境|xekleidoma


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