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迈克 · 昆西的高我|净化过程The cleansing process continues and your problems mount with no prospect of them slowing down. It shows how inadequate your systems have been and it is the people who are experiencing the results that are ruining people’s lives. Yet there is worse to come and there seems to be no immediate answers to those problems. 


Lessons have to be learned so that new systems are not flawed, and realistic so as to ensure they are acceptable and workable without affecting the standard of living. The population of the world have had mixed experiences due to the unfair distribution of wealth, that has favoured the wealthy. However, opportunities are coming when steps could be taken to achieve a fairer distribution.


The changes needed will come as it is becoming evident that many of your systems are not giving the help that is needed. The people will make themselves heard as they push for a rise in their standard of living, that will give them a comfortable life free from want.


It is possible but cannot be introduced until you have succeeded in achieving world peace. At present it may seem an impossible dream yet once the foundation stones have been laid you will be on your way to freedom from interference by the dark Ones. It is your destiny and nothing will stop it coming.


You can help speed up the changes by being positive and taking care not to add to the negative energies that already exist, as like attracts like. Do not despair because that is what the dark Ones try to achieve, because they can feed off such energies.


They are losing the battle for supremacy and are in a certain amount of disarray. They lost their chance when the Forces of Light managed to contain their actions to create a worse scenario that they would have benefitted from. Much of the battle is being fought out of sight and on a mental level.


You have been through such experiences previously but up to now have been unable to break up the hold the dark Ones had over you. It was foreseen and the Forces of Light have been preparing for a breakthrough for a long time, and it has occurred.


The tentacles of the dark Ones have reached all over the planet and their minions have been protected, but no longer, as they try their worst to regain lost power. They cannot succeed and their demise is certain no matter how long it takes. Their supporters are being arrested, so that their ability to overcome the changes in their fortune have been diminished.


The people are waking up to their ability to create a pathway to success and finding belief in themselves. Consequently they are a stronger influence upon those who are in positions of power and could help their aims. Once they see positive progress being made you may be assured of help. There is no quick fix that will speed up progress but nevertheless it will be made albeit over a long period.


The people are tiring of the restrictions brought about by Covid and yearn for a normal life once more. However in general the majority understand the problems and can handle them. Nevertheless, they seek some assuring signs that matters are coming to a close but also understand the difficulty predicting such a change.


For some the future looks dark and forbidding and they know not which way to turn, and proposals of help seem inadequate. The support of mankind is essential for any chance of success in overcoming the present predicament.


We are as ever by your side and doing our best to help you at such a taxing time, when it sometimes seems impossible to foresee what lies ahead when indications are that it will be extremely difficult. We see a different scenario to what you imagine and one that offers hope for the future and not a collapse as some do. We are doing what we can to help, but in many ways we have to say that you created the initial problem and it stays with you until you rectify it.


We see the first stirrings of sensible ideas as to how to overcome the many problems confronting you, but time is passing quickly now and answers must soon be found. Nothing is impossible to sort out but it does depend upon a sensible approach that offers a permanent answer and not a quick fix.


How are you going to help those dear souls in Pakistan that have lost everything and those in war torn Ukraine. You also have absolute poverty in some countries that do not have the resources to overcome it and so it goes on in many other places around the world.


Perhaps it is time that the wealthier countries came together and acted together to solve the situation. Your civilisation is at the crossroads. What path will you take because your future depends upon it? We hope you find a solution before it is too late to do so.


I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light. 


Mike Quinsey.


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