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We Are Watching The Reset Of The World Economy-Episode 1953a


Perfect Storm Confirmed,Horowitz Concludes 4 FISA Warrants Illegal-Episode 1953b


By X22Report

Published on Aug 26,2019



The patriots are pushing the plan forward,what we are watching is the destruction of the old[CB]system and the birth of a new economic system.This is all being done out in the open,keeping the[CB]off guard,making them think they have the upper hand



Axios reported that Trump wanted to use nukes to stop hurricanes,this is fake news but[HRC]trolled Trump.Trump retweets JW while at the G7.Joe D drops bombshells,the first,Utah has all of[HRC]emails,the second,IG Horowitz concludes 4 FISA warrants are illegal.Horowitz finished report,it will be turned over to Barr.RG tweets out a question about SR.Nerd of Heck researches[RBG],find interesting information.Perfect Storm confirmed

Axios报道说,特朗普想用核武器来阻止飓风,这是假新闻,但[HRC]攻击了特朗普。特朗普在G7会议上转发了JW。乔·d发出了令人震惊的消息,第一,犹他州拥有所有的HRC的电子邮件,第二,IG·霍洛维茨总结说,4FISA认证是非法的。霍洛维茨完成报告后,将交给巴尔。RGtweets发布了一个关于SR.Nerd Heck研究的问题[RBG],发现有趣的信息。完美风暴确认

[OpDis Editor Note:X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.In this episode,we hear about the plan being pushed forward.The fiat system is being replaced with a new one.Meanwhile,Trump retweeted Judicial Watch while at G7.Also,Utah has all of HRC's emails.Watch the videos for much more news.]




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