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The Deep State has switched from a pandemic scenario to a race-war scenario.


I want to repeat something I said earlier,which I've learned as an historian.It's about love and war and I may need to work up to the main point,if you'd allow me.


Humanity's history,until today,has largely been a history of war.


War enriched the planet's controllers.It kept the populace divided.It extended the controllers'control.


It was a very poor way of settling disagreements and always produced the resentment and vengefulness that fueled…what?The next war.


But the important thing to know about war–and it's why I mention it–is a peculiarity related to continuance.Soldiers must be fed.They expend ammunition.They move in vehicles fueled by gasoline.They drive across bridges that may be destroyed.I could go on and on looking at the logistical side of war.


War must be maintained.It must be sustained.It must be replenished.


Stop the camera.


Now look at the alternative.Not just to war,but to financial greed,all manner of power plays,on and on.


Love–real,true love–the kind of love that makes you exclaim that life does work out,does not need maintenance.It does not need replenishment;it is self-replenishing in copious quantities.


You may think,"I need to love."Actually no.You just need to open to love and welcome it.


Love is a flow and it flows universally;that is,to all.So you needn't have performance anxiety.Love flows by itself out to whomever receives it.


How hard can it be to open to something and welcome it?By definition,it's a no-brainer.It's a matter of the heart.


We can afford to take our hands off the wheel and relax.Love is our automatic pilot.



Which is going to win down through the ages?War?Where is war right now?Only a few people on the planet are fighting at this moment.And the American deep state is trying to start a race war,which will bring the end of their hold on the planet.But that's it.


It takes vast amounts of money to maintain armed forces like the United States or China has.It takes even vaster amounts of money to use them.


The galactics won't allow the use of nuclear weapons.They won't allow a non-nuclear war either.(2)All talk of war is shadow boxing.


The deep state is probably planning to send all its units and resources into battle now–first the pandemic and now a race war–before the November election,and the Alliance,with unseen backing,is ready and able to defeat them.


Meanwhile,I predict that the public,in the face of the rising energies on the planet and the help we're getting,will not buy war any more.


We're also in lockdown,out of the way of the deep state,allowing the Alliance full scope to take them down.This is the time.The troops are in position.Let the Alliance do its work,I say.


But I digress.Let me return to my main point.


Don't you see?War requires maintenance;love does not.Who will win eventually?Love of course.It cannot be otherwise.


The temporary will not defeat the eternal.The manufactured will not defeat the uncreated.Spirit cannot be defeated by force of arms.


Love persists when the guns of war fall silent.


War leaves residue;love consumes residue.


War leaves death and injury;love revives.


There's no contest between war and love.There never has been and never will be.


I imagine I'm going to be criticized for saying this,as if I'm really a deep-state stooge.But I have the wild idea that if all of us stayed home right now and just focused on sending a flow of love out to the world,we'd solve this problem.(1)


How will we afford it?The Reval.Trump and Team,in my estimation,are just waiting for the right time to release a tsunami of wealth to lift the people and restore the economy.And that's where we come in.But I'm getting ahead of myself.


What we need to do right now,all of us,is allow the love to flow up from our hearts and do its thing.Love is the most powerful disinfectant.Love itself will set the situation right.


If we only saw that,so much that's hard would become easy.



A Reminder from Kat

来自 Kat 的提醒

When I despair,


I remember that all through history


the way of truth and love has always won.


There have been tyrants and murderers


and for a time they seem invincible


but in the end,they always fall—


think of it—




~Mahatma Gandhi~圣雄甘地爱是我们的自动驾驶仪爱是我们的自动驾驶仪爱是我们的自动驾驶仪(3)




(1)My theory is that our love would empower the Alliance.Our staying home would also empower it.Our love would make this entire change of management easier and more peaceful.


(2)"Please have no fear that Russia or China will start an armed conflict with the United States that could burgeon into a nuclear war.Despite the rhetorical posturing that some of your analysts consider worrisome,none of those countries'leaders wants to become embroiled in a war that could imperil the world.


"And,if any other country or rogue group were to send up a missile with a nuclear warhead,ever-diligent crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will prevent its detonation."(Matthew's Message,Jan.8,2017,at http://www.matthewbooks.com..)


"However,the negative forces will no longer be able to force their ways upon those of you who seek a peaceful life free from the abomination of war.Threats of war grow but at the same time many sources continue to work towards permanent peace on Earth.Be assured however serious the threats are and posturing becomes,there is absolutely no way a nuclear war will be allowed.Whilst your freewill is acknowledged,the higher powers have made it quite clear that no nuclear devices will be allowed to be used.Any attempt to do so will result in total failure and that is the Will of God."(Mike Quinsey,Sept.8,2017,at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm.)

"然而,那些消极的力量将不再能够把他们的方式强加给你们这些寻求和平生活,远离可憎战争的人们。战争的威胁日益增长,但与此同时,许多来源继续努力实现地球上的永久和平。请放心,无论威胁有多严重,无论装腔作势有多严重,核战争绝对不可能被允许发生。当你们的自由意志被承认的时候,更高的力量已经非常清楚的表明不允许使用核装置。任何这样做的企图都将导致彻底的失败,这是上帝的旨意。"(Mike Quinsey201798日,http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/first_contact/channeled_messages_by_mike_quinsey.htm)

(3)And another from the Divine Mother:


"It is painful for a being that seeks power for themselves or power over another,whether it is a parent over a child,a husband over a wife,a man over an army.It matters not.


"The yearning[for],the exercise of control never gives joy.The pain simply grows.And so the actions become more grotesque,larger,until the breakdown is and has[been]and will be occurring."(Transcript~The Divine Mother:Take Up Your Divine Authority,AHWAA,February 23,2017,http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/02/28/transcript-divine-mother-take-divine-authority-ahwaa-february-23-2017/.)



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