Teri Wade|地球的历史(四、五、六暴力的开始)

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Teri Wade|地球的历史(四、五、六暴力的开始)


The beginning of Violence...


10 million years ago there was three planets that harbored life forms Earth,Mars and Maldek.Many of the beings that got displaced by the great flood of Pangaea incarnated on Mars and Maldek which had harsher conditions than Earth but had forests at the Equatorial locations and plenty of water.Most of these souls incarnated as 4th density beings.The realm of imagination,thought creation and the dream state.


Many other star systems took interest in these planets one of the star systems were the Draco's who sent scout craft to Earth.The Draco and another group from Orion constellation had planned on a conquest of Earth but the Pleiadians were watching Earth extremely close and wasn't about to let it happen.It would be like the Draco coming into the Pleiadians laboratories and saying we're taking over the Pleiadians Earth experiment and they weren't going to let that happen.


At that time the Pleiadians had a protective vibration around Earth and at that time things like taking over a planet did not happen.But,Mars and Maldek did not have that protective barrier because frankly those two planets were not the Pleiadians terrain.


At first it was very hard for the Draco and the beings from Orion to live on Mars and Maldek's environment so they began their infusion thru the reincarnation process.These Draco's and beings from Orion were very aggressive and warrior like in their mentality.Their main purpose coming to Earth's solar system was conquest and mining of resources.Basically anything that would give them power and prestige.These beings had lost their connection to source.


The Beginning of War...


Because Earth was being watched so closely by the Pleiadians the Draco decided to incarnate on Maldek in mass.They built great cities out of stone.These cities had gigantic fortresses around them to prevent attack.Maldek became a warring planet with the initiation of nuclear power.At this time the DNA of the population was a mixture of the Draco and the Orion greys which both had aggressive and war like tendencies.


The scientists at that time did not realize the destructive capability of this weapon and one was fired at an underground military base and within that base there was hundreds of other nuclear weapons.This massive explosion sent an earthquake repercussion unlike any other.This explosion tore apart the planet of Maldek and broke it into hundreds of fragments which is now our astroid belt.10 million souls perished in this destruction and later these souls reincarnated on Mars.


Part 5


After the destruction of Maldek the surviving souls incarnated on Mars where the Pleiadians had an ongoing experiment with that population.But,in the middle the night,so to speak,the Pleiadian laboratories were broken into and their DNA experimental samples were stolen.So,now the Draco is had the DNA samples of the human experiment the Pleiadians were in charge of and monitoring.


In the meantime the Draco and Orion beings began to interbreed with the humanoid beings of Mars which were of the Pleiadians experiment.The population grew immensely up to 100 million souls.Due to the thin atmosphere on Mars and it's distance from the sun this planet could not house such a growing population not to mention nuclear weapons.Unrest grew...


Because of Maldek's destruction altering Mars orbit the climate became hostile and water was scarce.Great wars broke out due to water shortage and a form of dirty atomic weapons using heavy metals broke out using uranium and plutonium.


These warring factions were warned many times by the Pleiadians,Great White Brotherhood and the Federations of Light.These positive factions neutralized many of these weapons so they would not have a repeat of Maldek.Is this sounding like familiar times???


Well,a war broke out using these weapons blowing holes in their atmosphere and destroyed the surface of Mars where most surface life went instinct and many went underground.Massive civilizations were built underground.


The scientists of these civilizations created a sealed off artificial environment.On the surface of Mars now there are a few remaining pyramids and rectangular buildings that remind us of a distant civilization in the past.As of today the civilizations still exist underground on Mars in the 4th density and are not visible to us.


What happened to the millions of souls that did not go underground on Mars?You guessed it they migrated to Earth and reincarnated into the melting pot of Pleiadian,Draconian,Orion and many others that reorganized since the destruction of Pan...Pangaea.


Part 6


The mixing of the DNA codes by these negative ET groups(Draco,Greys ect.)with the evolving Earth souls through energy transmissions and mass incarnation corrupted the whole Pleiadian experiment.Hence,came the ego-based mentality who wants control and power over others.Are you seeing what happened to our planet when all the sudden the ego became in charge?


The initiation of nuclear weapons changed everything on this planet and in our galaxy.Earth is a Free Will planet and up until the invention of nuclear power and the complete destruction of Maldek these positive factions could not get involved but that has changed.


The souls who are in a calibration of 4th and 5th density automatically enter a vibrationally protected field.Don't get this wrong meaning,these people that are of higher density are going to be saved and only them,it's just these people are granted access to Stargates and portals necessary to relay important information to humanity to break away from the Luceferian stronghold it has on Earth.


All souls can be free from this Luciferian illusion you just need to ask,ask and you shall receive...it's Divine Law.


After the Great Flood of Pangaea all lifeforms began to recover from this event.After the destruction of Maldek and Mars atmosphere many came to incarnate here on Earth and dramatically increased the population.


At this time Earth was still a tropical jungle and was covered 90%with water.With the increasing incarnation of the souls from Maldek and Mars on Earth it dropped the vibration to match theirs.So,are you seeing what's happening in our current situation right now...meaning,the higher frequencies with the transition into Age of Aquarius we're all feeling and seeing on our planet meaning...These lower vibrational beings can no longer keep control hence,the incredible chaos that's going on right now on Earth.


So,when the awareness level dropped below 5th density souls from neighboring planets would now be able to access those portals and star gates accessing Earth which were not regulated at that time except for the Law of Attraction.Although,the Draco and Orion's we're already here but when the vibration dropped on Earth they came in mass.



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