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When seeking clarity,get out of the"Muddied Waters"stirred up by operatives of misinformation and disinformation and/or just plain ignorance.


When you don't know the"PLAN",you tend to listen to meaningless projections and superfluous information from the shills and'know it all'gurus,only then left to wonder why your information is muddy.


Allow the PLAN o be fine-tuned,but the main process parameters will remain the same.


The Zim Bonds we have were used as currency.The once flourishing country of Zimbabwe was decimated by a tyrannical,Cabal dictator.


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe(RBZ)is part of the Cabal Central Bank banking system.Under the direction of the dictator,the RBZ tried to establish value in their currency by making it a Bond backed by their in-ground assets.It didn't work,too much corruption–still is.


The Zim Bonds we hold are a defunct currency.They are valueless for redemption or currency in their own country of origin,thus,anywhere else in the world.


These Zim Bonds have no expiration date and these Bearer Bonds are now a public liability for the RBZ,internationally as well as domestically.The Bonds were a fraud when printed as the RBZ had no funds to redeem them on demand when they were introduced and put into circulation,and the corruption is still evidenced by the RBZ dealing with the Communist Chinese as the RBZ tries to introduce a new Zim currency.


This Central Bank of Zimbabwe,a Central Bank Cabal organization,was designed to destroy the Zimbabwean Economy and succeeded.




Which leader is better,the old,deceased President Mugabe,or his number two,Mnangagwa,the present leader of Zimbabwe who was responsible for the death of untold numbers of Zimbabweans and who is presently backed by the Chinese Communists?


To be GESARA compliant that government must be replaced by a government of the people in compliance with GESARA law.Do we really think the RV will happen before Zimbabwe changes their government?


What about the UK,China,France,Germany,Iran,Israel,and on and on?


Why do we believe in the constant projections of the RV happening every other day,every other weekend,or every other month,without the greater number of nations becoming GESARA compliant beforehand?


"It ain't gonna happen."


Without the New Powers That Be(NPTB)Redemption Process,the Zim Bearer Bonds have No Value,regardless of the rates or any other projections made by any Guru or on any con calls.


This means that the Zim Bonds we hold in anticipation of the redemption are useless due to the fact that the Bonds issuer,the RBZ,had no intentions of redeeming the Bonds;not now or in the future.The RBZ has committed fraud by issuing an un-redeemable Bearer Bond.The ONLY VALUE for the Zim Bonds we hold is in the OFFER to Redeem these Bonds by the NPTB using their Redemption Process they set up in the QFS.It is a genius process that uses the defunct Zim Bonds to get funds into the hands of the people with humanitarian hearts.


Is this really so hard to understand?


Anything different than this is misinformation designed to make people question the validity of the redemption process or to severely limit them from doing humanitarian projects.Sorry TNT,your insistence in publishing rates and lopping off zeros for our Zim redemption is a sham and only muddies up the water.


These are the kinds of"Muddied Waters"we are trying to eliminate to gain clarity for this whole RV process.


All Redemption and Exchanged funds will be deposited in the Quantum Financial System(QFS)which uses digital,electronic Gold Certificates.All National Currencies in the QFS are Gold-Backed,there will be no Fiat Currencies in the QFS.All Fiat Currencies intended to be used in the QFS,will go through reconciliation and be assigned a Digital Gold Certificate,unless the reconciliation phase deems them to be dirty,illegally obtained or otherwise compromised funds.


The Central Bank System will no longer exist.Most banks will be repurposed as Financial Service Centers under the financial support of Zim Benefactors.


Reference to the QFS:https://youtu.be/t9rmXYPTlUE


If you do not understand the order of heaven,you will have a hard time understanding the uniqueness of the QFS and how it has been designed to be a security tool for the humanitarian work we will be doing,post RV.The sentient being assigned to the QFS by the Angelic realms has all the necessary power and authority to ensure the QFS will not be used for errant activities inconsistent with the law and correct principles.


For this and other reasons,the New Financial System will not be labeled the Quantum Financial System for the public.It's too'Woo Woo'for public consumption and will cause doubts in the system when no doubts are warranted.


Counterfeit ZIM Bonds:


Truth is,even if your Zim Bonds are declared counterfeit;unless you Yourself are a fraudulent one,your Zim will be redeemed at a negotiated rate commensurate with your humanitarian projects.What you determine you will need and what you ask for,is the rate you will probably get unless your intentions are"Out of Bounds"*.The counterfeit notes are not the issue.Beyond the redemption,the notes have no continuing intrinsic value and will only be taken out of circulation once they have been redeemed.The issue is getting the funds into the hands of those with a heart to do the humanitarian work.If you purchased your Zim with the intentions to do good and purchased them from a fraudulent source it is their problem,not yours.Let it be their problem,you will be good to go with the use of your humanitarian funds.


*"Out of Bounds"intentions,referenced above,include:using the funds to get gain,allowing other persons to manage your funds to get gain,and getting involved with any financial programs that use Artificial Intelligence to manage your funds.Those who attempt such activities,including investing in the Zimbabwean,Cabal RBZ for a 7%return,will find serious problems in the redemption process and may lose your funds altogether.

*上文提到的"越界"意图包括:使用资金获得收益,允许其他人管理您的资金获得收益,以及参与任何使用人工智能管理您的资金的金融项目。那些企图进行此类活动的人,包括在津巴布韦投资、获得7%回报的Cabal RBZ,将在赎回过程中遇到严重问题,可能会完全失去你的资金。

THIS IS A SERIOUS INFRACTION.Don't even attempt to make money on redeemed funds.You will be blocked.Finance new technologies and let the inventors make their money.This is how we are supposed to set up our humanitarian work.The interest on the structured payout set up by the NPTB will be your new quarterly budget...plan for it.But don't forget to ask for 5-10 percent interest on your structured payout at your redemption/exchange appointment.


End Part One;Part Two to be continued on Monday,September 23,2019.


Until then...


Ron Giles



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