本杰明|2020/01/11 可萨黑手党寻求投降,第二次美国革命正在进行

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本杰明|2020/01/11 可萨黑手党寻求投降,第二次美国革命正在进行

The events of the past week,and the coming weeks,will go down in history as one of the biggest,if not THE biggest,revolutions in history.We are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America Corporation.We are talking about the end to a system of slavery that has continued for thousands of years.


The U.S.military is now officially on the warpath.Multiple U.S.warriors like Generals Michael Flynn and Thomas McInterney are among the many who have gone on the record to say a Second American Revolution is underway.


We can also report from both the P3 Freemasons and Russian FSB sources that the Khazarian Mafia(specifically the Davos people and the European dark nobility)has reached out to the White Dragon Society and its allies to negotiate a surrender.

我们还可以从 P3共济会和俄罗斯联邦安全局的消息来源得知,可萨黑手党(特别是达沃斯人和欧洲黑暗贵族)已经与白龙协会及其盟友进行投降谈判。

As the P3 put it:


"The Deep State is in panic,they want to negotiate…they understand at the highest level what really happened and are afraid."


This is going to take time because it will involve complex exchanges of documents and actual face-to-face meetings(not via computer networks).Remember these are the hidden families who privately own such institutions as the UN,the IMF,the BIS,and the World Bank.That is why arranging an orderly transition cannot be expected to take place overnight.Anything that replaces it must be democratic,meritocratic,and visible to all.


However,the longer the Khazarians delay their surrender,the more likely it is they will be hung from lamp-posts instead of just being forced to speak to a truth and reconciliation committee.


Also,keep in mind U.S.President Donald Trump,whether you love him or hate him,is a genuine human being elected by the human beings of the United States.His political opponent Joe Biden is(more often now visible as a CG composite)representing an unelected group that hides from public view.

另外,请记住美国总统唐纳德·特朗普,不管你是爱他还是恨他,都是一个真正的人,由美国人民选举出来的。他的政治对手乔·拜登(现在更多时候是由 CG 合成的)代表着一个向公众隐藏的非选举团体。

This same secretive group has killed and replaced C*se President X*ng,Russian President Vladimir Putin,Pope Francis,and Queen Elizabeth with computer graphics and body double actors.


In the latest indication,Pope Francis is dead,his personal doctor died last week of"Covid 19."Presumably,he was killed to prevent him from telling the world that the Pope is dead.


最新的迹象表明,教皇弗朗西斯已经去世,他的私人医生上周死于"Covid 19"据推测,他被杀害是为了阻止他告诉世界教皇已经去世。

We mention Queen Elizabeth as having been replaced for the first time because unlike in previous years,we have not received any analog documents bearing her signature as proof that she is alive.Furthermore,new reports are now saying she and her husband have been given vaccines for the non-existent Covid-19"virus."


MI6 sources say this announcement was"a highly out of the ordinary protocol,it is unheard of for any details of health to ever be made mention of in public."



If the Queen is gone,this means now Trump and the U.S.military are now all that stands to protect humanity from enslavement by hidden,malevolent forces.We have received numerous,contradictory reports about where Trump is but,they all agree he and his family are at a military base somewhere in the Southern United States.


Lin Wood relayed a message of what is to come and over the years of fighting the Khazarian Mafia I can independently confirm and prove that what he says is true.


本杰明|2020/01/11 可萨黑手党寻求投降,第二次美国革命正在进行

本杰明|2020/01/11 可萨黑手党寻求投降,第二次美国革命正在进行

Rest assured though,that these hidden forces have to say hidden because they are few and weak and rely on bribes,lies,and murder to stay in power because they would be killed instantly in an open,fair fight.


What the U.S.military forces now fighting to save their country need to do now is correctly identify their targets for retaliation.We will get back to that subject later.


But first,let us take a closer look at what has happened.The trigger for the sudden escalation of this ongoing war was the events in Washington DC on January 6th,2021.This was a very real attempt to remove from office the last real human leader of a major power.


Here is what White Dragon Society members who were on the scene in Washington DC have to report about what really happened on that day.As one source notes:


"In a normal joint session for the counting of electoral votes,members of the public are allowed to observe from the gallery.On Jan 6,2017,there were protesters in the gallery who disrupted the proceedings and were ordered to be removed.It is highly irregular to restrict the public from observing proceedings.But this was not the case on Wednesday(January 6th).The public was barred from entering,due to the fake virus crisis."


Moreover,you can see from the video that


本杰明|2020/01/11 可萨黑手党寻求投降,第二次美国革命正在进行

"Not only was the public not allowed in the Gallery to observe,but most members of Congress also were not even allowed on the floor to participate.Only 11 members on each side were allowed on the floor.If there could only be 11 members from each side on the floor at any one time,then they could not have had a quorum and the counting of the votes could not be official."


Our sources also say the U.S.Special Forces sent a team that was specifically trying to find Congressmen but failed.Perhaps this group was set up.


However,Gen.Thomas McInerney has gone on record saying that the special forces captured computers belonging to members of Congress,including that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


These are filled with incriminating evidence of election theft,etc.



We have unconfirmed reports,from CIA sources,that Nancy Pelosi was subsequently arrested at the Canadian border.


What the Patriots need to do now is identify the right targets.Since Facebook,Twitter,etc.have deplatformed a sitting president,they have committed treason.

爱国者们现在需要做的是确定正确的目标。自从 FacebookTwitter 等网站对一位在任总统进行了诋毁,他们就犯下了叛国罪。

In the normal course of events,this means that the executives of these companies should face death by firing squad.General McInerney and others say the same thing.


So now special forces need to be sent into the headquarters of Google,Amazon,Facebook,etc.to make arrests and stop the spread of deep fakes and other disinformation.Ordinary people can help fight the high-tech oligarchs by taking the steps suggested in the diagram below.

所以现在需要派遣特种部队到谷歌、亚马逊、Facebook 等公司的总部进行逮捕,阻止深州假货和其他虚假信息的传播。普通人可以通过下面的图表中建议的步骤来帮助对抗高科技寡头。

Of course,the big media corporations also need to be staffed with military forces.Also,of course,the politicians and others pushing the election theft,lockdowns and vaccinations are obvious targets.


FSB sources warn,however,that most of the obvious targets have already been moved to bunkers.They suggest that while they are hiding,we should hijack the current elite agenda while making critical changes to remove the malicious pieces.

然而,FSB 的消息人士警告称,大多数明显的目标已被转移到掩体中。他们建议,在他们躲藏的同时,我们应该劫持当前的精英议程,同时做出关键性的改变,以消除恶意内容。

For example,an FSB source and WDS member says she has personally confirmed that the Russian vaccines now being promoted are common flu vaccines,and that accepting them(even if they are not used)would be a way to deflect pressure to use dangerous vaccines pushed by the cabal.

例如,一位 FSB 消息人士和 WDS 成员说,她亲自证实,目前正在推广的俄罗斯疫苗是普通流感疫苗,接受它们(即使它们没有被使用)将是一种转移使用阴谋集团推动的危险疫苗的压力的方式。

We also note that people are taking direct local action in many places.Kentucky,San Diego,Quebec,etc.are seeing such actions.




We also note U.S.military operations in Pakistan,Italy,Germany,and elsewhere related to the attempted theft of U.S.elections.Here is the president of Leonardi,whose satellites are implicated in the election theft.



However,Pentagon sources say President Trump is the last president of the U.S.Corporation.Instead,Trump will become the first president of the new republic on March 4,the sources say.Between 1871 and 1976,this is the day the president of the republic takes office.


What U.S.patriots and the U.S.military need to understand,however,is that even if a new republic is proclaimed and renounces the U.S.corporation's debt,they still have to negotiate a new deal with the rest of the world.


The alternative would be a huge drop in the standard of living in the US and the closure of all US military bases overseas due to lack of funds.Remember,it is the US people and not just the US government that is bankrupt.Now about 40%of Americans can't pay their rent or mortgage.Also 110,000 restaurants have been bankrupted by the fake pandemic.


The U.S.Has Lost More Than 110,000 Restaurants,Setting The Stage For A Commercial Real Estate Collapse Of Epic Proportions


Also most of the US industry has been moved to China and cannot be rebuilt overnight,it will take many years if not decades.The American people can take comfort in the fact that most of the rest of the world is also bankrupt.



From Bloomberg:The world's largest economies,shouldering record debt,are about to confront an unwelcome legacy of the financial crisis:a$13 trillion debt bill.



ident,for example,has admitted that his country is bankrupt.

比如 ident 已经承认他的国家破产了。


Even China is experiencing power outages due to coal shortages.



This means that negotiations are essential for a jubilee and an orderly transition to a better system for running the planet.These negotiations are already taking place,but to get from here to there,they must pick up speed.Otherwise,we will see a degeneration to chaos,wars and mass suffering.


Finally:more strange planetary movements.




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