X22报道|第2794集: 中央银行完蛋了,“怎么做”对大多数人来说都难以理解

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X22报道|第2794集: 中央银行完蛋了,“怎么做”对大多数人来说都难以理解

Ep. 2794a – [JB]/[CB] Are Finished, There Is No Coming Back From This Economic Disaster

Ep.2794a-[ JB ]/[ CB ]结束了,这场经济灾难已无法挽回

Ep. 2794b – The ‘How’ Will Be Hard To Understand For Most, Focus On The ‘Why’, The ‘When’ Is Now

Ep. 2794b – T“如何”对于大多数人来说将是难以理解的,关注于“为什么”,“什么时候”是现在

X22 报告发表于2022年6月8日


The entire economic system is falling apart on [JB] watch, the process was accelerated, the [CB] never expected this to be this fast. The people know there is no recovery, they realize they have been lied to. The problem is going to get worse and the people will decide in the end.

整个经济体系在[ JB ]的注视下分崩离析,这个过程被加速了,[ CB ]从未预料到这会如此之快。人们知道不可能恢复,他们意识到自己被骗了。问题会越来越严重,人们最终会做出决定。


Trump and the patriots are building the offensive, the process  is almost complete, the latest piece will be the midterms. Sometime you need to show the people that a trial that follows the rule of law can only happen if you remove the corruption. People do not need to understand the how, they need to focus on the why and the when is now. Trump sends a message about 11.3, is he letting us know that this is coming into play right now. It’s almost time to expose and bring down the entire [DS] system. 

特朗普和爱国者们正在打造攻势,整个过程几乎已经完成,最新的一块将是中期选举。有时候你需要让人们知道,只有清除腐败,才能进行法治审判。人们不需要知道怎么做,他们需要关注的是为什么以及什么时候做。特朗普发出了一个关于11.3的信息,他让我们知道,这是现在开始发挥作用。是时候揭露并摧毁整个 DS 系统了。


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