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In this great time of culmination it is inevitable to get real with ourselves and each other. Too many people within the surface population have subconsciously delayed the Event because they don't want to face themselves as they have become, they are not willing to confront what is really there inside themselves. They would rather distract themselves from their own pain and suffering which goes back many lifetimes. But when the Event flash comes in there will be no running and hiding anymore and at the same time we will start to experience a divine love which we never experienced before. As things stand now, the hard truth is that even most lightworkers on this planet don't have what it takes to crack the matrix, because of their severe trauma that has been building incarnation after incarnation, their persistent programming and conditioning and their attachments to the superficial comforts of the matrix. Too many lightworkers don't do what it takes to detach from the matrix and don't go to the deepest darkest places to shine the light. They would rather bathe in any feel good stuff they can find and stay in their love and light bubble (which in a way is understandable considering what we all have been through), but that is not cutting it. Many lightworker groups stay on the surface of issues too much, afraid of dealing with the hardcore of their fears and traumas. The Sisterhood of the Rose groups that were restored after a long absence remain a faint reflection of what they would be like in the days of Atlantis. Back then goddess priestesses would make love with men who needed healing and would perform sexual healing rituals. The physical dark forces (mostly people with a reptilian incarnation history and energy bodies) have deliberately raped, mutilated and killed goddess priestesses lifetime after lifetime to suppress their powers, block their light and cause feelings of inadequacy and frustration in men so that men would channel their energy in ways that suit and support the Cabal agenda. If you don't work for the light consciously and actively you actually work for the dark, because it is the dark that has been ruling this planet for thousands of years. The light forces have been very naive and hesitant in tackling the troubles that the dark forces were creating, because they didn't sufficiently understand and didn't have full knowledge what on Earth was going on. But complaining about the light forces not taking enough action is not helping either, that only strengthens the matrix. The matrix is built upon the subconscious mind of people, that is why the subconscious has been created in the first place by the dark forces. The blueprint of the matrix was made in Orion, that is why starseeds who have lived in Orion are better equiped to deal with it. But the unconsciousness on Earth is a lot deeper than it ever was back in Orion. In any case there is strong action being taken now, as can be seen in the latest report from Benjamin Fulford which is the most coherent newsletter he has published in a long time. My intuition tells me it is mostly accurate. Once the deep dark secrets of this world are finally exposed for all to see, there will be a new opportunity for lightworkers to assume their true role and purpose, as that is ultimately their destiny. And the kind of healing and updating of our powers and abilities we need for that will be given to us by all beings of light who have gone through their process of shedding their own ignorance of darkness and how it was able to rule for so long.



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