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Q 说我们必须到达悬崖边缘… 我们必须找到改变的意愿

'We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore...' Q knew EXACTLY the right song for the last Q drop. Future proves the past. 
我们不会再忍受了......"。Q知道完全正确的歌曲用于最后一次Q下降。 未来证明了过去。
Prepare for goose-bumps, happy tears and big smiles when you see this video of trucks, crowds and lots of Canadian flags in Ottawa. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.
One of my fave Anons with a great post about Q and the freedom truckers. Love it.
我最喜欢的 Anons 之一,上面有一篇关于 q 和自由卡车司机的文章,我很喜欢。
Q told us that we have the power.
Q 告诉我们,我们有能力。
Q told that we must reach the precipice...that we must find the will to change.
Q 说我们必须到达悬崖边缘... 我们必须找到改变的意愿。
We are changing local elections in our states.
We are fighting back in our schools like never before.
We are standing up against medical tyranny.
We are red pilling our frens and neighbors.
And now we are trucking for freedom.
I love we the people. 
We're not going to take it. We will win!
我们再也受不了了… .|星际之门通讯
Trudeau has headed for the hills, of course. What people are finally realizing is how cowardly the [D]eep [S]tate players are when it comes to the crunch.
We knew the day would come when We The People took back our freedom. Look at this crowd outside Trudeau's residency in Ottawa. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.


Speaking of cowards, our NZ PM Horseface has suddenly had to 'isolate' due to contact with a positive virus case. Give me a break. The man (not woman) is triple-jabbed, wears a mask and we are expected to believe that he/she is at risk from the virus..?? So the jab DOESN'T work then, huh...?? He/She is in the same situation as Trudeau. It's over for those evil
atanists and their minions. Public arrests/tribunals/justice.


Speaking of
atanist minions, silence so far from mainstream media here in New Zealand about the Canadian convoy. Zip. A world record truck convoy in Canada that has inspired multiple other trucking convoys worldwide - but NZ media headlines continue with the Omicron/Moronic BS. When the people realize the extent of the MSM lies, media people won't be able to walk down the street. Jabbed women are lying on dating sites about their status because men are rejecting them. Media people will lie about their jobs. The once 'elite' business (I worked in the media for decades) is dead.
说到撒旦的奴才们,新西兰的主流媒体至今对加拿大车队保持沉默。拉链。加拿大的一个世界纪录卡车车队激励了世界各地的多个其他卡车车队-但 NZ 媒体的头条新闻继续与 Omicron/Moronic BS。当人们意识到 MSM 的程度时,媒体人就不能走在街上了。在交友网站上,那些话不多的女人谎报自己的地位,因为男人们在拒绝她们。媒体人会对他们的工作撒谎。曾经的“精英”企业(我在媒体界工作了几十年)已经死亡。

Great news - the NZ trucking convoy is getting organized. At time of writing almost 5000 trucks onboard. Go Kiwi truckers, we love you...!

好消息 NZ 货运车队已经组织好了。在本文撰写之时,有将近5000辆卡车。加油新西兰卡车司机们,我们爱你们... !

I will finish here because I need to eat lunch before President Trump's rally starts. 
Exciting times, Light Warriors. Allow yourself to FEEL the excitement. Some of us Light Warriors have waited decades to get to this moment where we are feeling excited about humanity's future, in real time. I for one intend to make the most of it. Hugs all round...!
激动人心的时刻,光武士。允许自己去感受这种兴奋。我们中的一些光战士已经等待了几十年,直到这一刻,我们对人类的未来感到兴奋,实时。我个人打算充分利用它。拥抱所有人... !
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Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light

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