Teri Wade|地球的历史(二、三人形体的开始)

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Teri Wade|地球的历史(二、三人形体的开始)


This form that we have got to know so well meaning our arms,legs,torso,head etc.is a result of genetic experimentation and research comprised about 900 million years.Most of the animal life forms on this planet have been brought forth as a side effect of this research.Life exists in many forms much of it we would not recognize.There are carbon-based life forms,silicone-based life forms and even lithium based lifeforms.All life begins in the simplest of states.It sounds crazy but even hydrogen has a level of awareness.The Pleiadians figured out they could take the consciousness of a hydrogen atom or a heavier metallic element and mutate the atomic structure thus creating varying forms of life.


All lifeforms have a tendency to become more organized and sophisticated growing in awareness over time.Our scientists have no idea how to explain the mutations and alterations in living organisms.


As life began evolving from 1st density up thru the mineral and plant stage became a level of sophistication and awareness meaning the animal stage...making it possible for the higher density souls to incarnate into flesh and blood vessels.Hence,the human species territorial and predator traits thru that animal consciousness.But the pinnacle form is our humanoid form.


This humanoid form that we find ourselves in was originally designed to experience 7 different dimensions simultaneously and had the capability to sit,stand,walk,leap,fly and teleport itself from one place to another.This body we inhabited at that time had the capability to become translucent and fluid or it could be as solid as we experience it now.We were quasi-physical beings.


This body was specifically designed to work with the gravitational fields and electromagnetic fields of evolving planets.We could shift our density at will from 1st thru 7th level.Oh,how we've been messed with.During the 900 million years of experimentation there were many strange and exotic life forms walking this planet.The dinosaurs was one of these lifeforms that was a byproduct of this research.


We've all heard the land of Pan,Pangaea and there was lots of experimentation going on at that time.We've all heard of the life form Pegasus.This experimentation resulted in the cross between a man and horse,man and angels.There were many strange and bizarre life forms roaming the Earth due to this rogue genetic experimentation and inter-species breeding.


So,basically we have two processes unfolding here...the first is the process of evolution from a tiny spark of light that began as an inanimate object of first density slowly evolving to a more sophisticated levels of genetic configurations.Eventually making our way back to Source,God...this is the Ascension process,evolving back towards light,that beginning spark we started as.Then we got the process of devolution...Meaning starting out as that little grain of sand evolving towards a higher vibrational luminescent being of light.Now you know what the saying means going full circle.


Part 3


There has been four major civilizations on our planet and many minor ones since the grand experiment started to unfold.1-Pangaea 2-Lumeria 3-Atlantis 4-Our current civilization.


There was two major events that dramatically impacted the history of our world.The destruction of Maldek,which is now our asteroid belt and the destruction of the surface of Mars.There was other events that also took place one being the Orion invasion...the infusion of the Draco race.The reign of the Sirians and the Zeta Reticulans,the Grey's.There was also some infusion with the Andromedas,Alpha Centauri and many more and of course the Pleiadians and Arcturians.


The progress of this planet has been overseen it's entire existence by the Council of Alcyone,The Great White Brotherhood,the Federations of Light and their off shoots,Ashtar,Solar Cross and many others like Enoch,Metatron.




The Land of Pan.


Was a time of rogue experimentation and inter-species breeding using different strains of DNA.This place was paradise,the original Garden of Eden written in the Bible.


Most of the Earth was a tropical jungle millions of years ago.Example,the petrified forest in Arizona was once a lush jungle and Sedona,AZ.was underwater much of this time.Basically,our planet was bathed in water and dense vegetation back then.Even the polar regions were full of life.


The humanoid formation was seeded here approximately 100 million years ago.There were many different humanoid groups scattered about this planet.These beings were 7th density humanoids with wings,completely telepathic with very advanced psychic abilities.They lived in paradise,they were loving,spiritual and communicated with the plant and animal life.They extracted their food directly from sunlight,water thru their pores.They were in need of nothing but each other.This was the Garden of Eden!


During this time Earth was hit by a comet that destroyed the dinosaurs and due to the massive cool down on Earth much of the vegetation was destroyed and with the help of Pleiadian factions many of these humanoid groups went underground.


These Pleiadian factions created a beautiful subterranean underground world.This was the beginning of the inner Earth civilizations that we've all heard of.Most of the exotic life forms during the Land of Pan do not exist today.Pegasus being one of those exotic life forms along with the various forms of reptiles.Dragons got their folklore from Pangaea and the Draconian invasion.


The early dragons were Reptilian creatures that evolved along with the dinosaurs and were genetically manipulated by the Pleiadians and other ET groups.Then came the Draco and infused their formation by interbreeding making various dragon forms.


The fall of Pangaea was the original"fall from grace."This occurred when the 7th density Pleiadians decided to incarnate into the lower vibrational humanoid forms on Earth and forgot their divine connection to Source.This is what has happened to us.Before the incarnation of the Pleiadians these humanoid forms had the consciousness between 2nd and 3rd density consciousness.Our so-called"scientists"call this the missing link between apes and humans.


Soooo,when these highly evolved Pleiadians incarnated with the humanoid forms on Earth we can say with confidence that they majorly dropped in vibration.They lost all their psychic,telepathic abilities and connection to Source etc.Again,are you seeing why many of us now have a lineage to the Pleiadians??


At this time there was a major cosmic event,the poles shifted and there was a change in frequencies...hmmm?Sound familiar?? This turbulence brought on the Great Flood as written in the Bible.At this time most of Earth was covered in water with a few remaining pieces of land and humanoid beings scattered about here and there.




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