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Panic Sets In;Deep State Realizes They Have No Protection


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2245解读|罗伯茨法官对DACA的有利判决适得其反;赋予特朗普获胜优势The Deep State has never before been out of control like they are today!They are using everything within their power to reclaim control but the more they try,the more they expose their agenda and lose followers to Trump.


Bill Barr,John Durham and others are prepared to go after the Deep States'puppets for their crimes.There is no rule in the DOJ that says the Attorney General cannot go after these people before the election because none are running for office.Barr,very calmly but very clearly stated he has no intention in waiting to release his findings until after the election.This sent the DS into a panic!

比尔·巴尔、约翰·达勒姆和其他人准备追究深州傀儡们的罪行。司法部没有规定说,总检察长不能在选举前追查这些人,因为没有人竞选公职。巴尔非常平静但非常明确地表示,他无意等到选举结束后才公布他的调查结果。这让 DS 陷入了恐慌!

The FBI briefing of the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Steele Dossier was just declassified.In 2017,the FBI had been informed by the CIA and the sub-source that the Steele Report was not accurate.There was critical missing information,yet the FBI knowingly moved forward with the investigation.Who moved it forward and who signed off on the briefing?Is this what Durham has been investigating?


The FBI/Crossfire Hurricane team deliberately gave a false report to the FISA Court,and also lied to the Senate.They wanted to fan the flames of the entire Russia-collusion hoax in order to keep it alive.They appointed Mueller to investigate Trump for 18 months and spent millions of tax-payer's dollars,knowing it was all a lie just to cover up their own crimes.Lindsay Graham said that someone needs to go to jail for this!

FBI/Crossfire 飓风小组故意向 FISA 法庭提供虚假报告,并向参议院撒谎。他们想煽动整个俄罗斯串通一气的骗局,以使其继续存在下去。他们任命穆勒对特朗普进行为期18个月的调查,并花费了纳税人数百万美元,他们知道这一切都是谎言,只是为了掩盖他们自己的罪行。林赛·格雷厄姆说,必须有人为此坐牢!

Stefan Halper was making$500,000 for writing reports for the government.It's important to note everything points back to Halper and SPYGATE,and Christopher Steele being at the heart of Russiagate.Why hasn't the Senate not communicated with any of these people in 4 years?Who is covering for these people?



Justice Roberts 罗伯茨法官

The big buzz today has been with Chief Justice Roberts.Last month,he ruled in favor of DACA which states President Trump cannot override an Executive Order penned by President Obama.Trump did not think this was a wise decision.He affirmed that this gives him an incredible amount of power but we know the DS does just the opposite of what President Trump suggests.

今天最受关注的是首席大法官罗伯茨。上个月,他做出了有利于 DACA 的裁决,该裁决规定,特朗普总统不能推翻奥巴马总统签署的行政命令。特朗普认为这不是一个明智的决定。他肯定地说,这给了他难以置信的权力,但我们知道 DS 所做的与特朗普总统所建议的恰恰相反。

We are in a National Emergency,he signed the Defense Protection Act,and now the Supreme Court gives him the power to establish any Executive Order he deems without the possibility of a reversal by anyone next in line.No president can ever cancel his EO's!Very soon,America will be returned to the people!

我们处于国家紧急状态,他签署了《国防保护法案》,现在最高法院授权他制定任何他认为不可能被下一任推翻的行政命令。任何总统都不能取消他的 EO!很快,美国就会回到人民手中!

Think about the EO Trump just gave with a payroll tax holiday.If he doesn't get re-elected,in this regard,it doesn't matter because the next president cannot cancel this!Take note of all Trump's EO's extended to the people!Could this be the beginning of NESARA?

想想特朗普刚刚提出的工资税假期。如果他不能连任,在这方面,没关系,因为下一任总统不能取消这个!注意所有特朗普的行动计划延伸到人民!这会是 NESARA 的开始吗?

The same thing happened with North Korea and Iran.The DS was going to use N.Korea to start a war.The Central Banks were imploding so they needed a diversion,a cover story,which has been their method for decades;Central Banks in trouble,start a war so they can line their pockets.

同样的事情也发生在朝鲜和伊朗。DS 打算利用朝鲜发动一场战争。中央银行正在内爆,所以他们需要一个转移注意力的幌子,这是他们几十年来一直采用的方法;陷入困境的中央银行,发动一场战争,这样他们就可以中饱私囊。

They thought the US would lose this war,however rather than making an enemy,Trump made peace and reversed all of this!The DS/Mainstream Media told the world Trump would get us into a war with North Korea but he is the first president since Nixon who has not entered our country into a war in his first term?Think of all that fear-mongering the media did to their viewers!They truly are the enemy of the people!


Certain governors,the media,those on the left,pharmacists,all were telling Americans if they took HCQ,it would kill them.If it was so dangerous,it would certainly not be in circulation for nearly 7 decades!Many governors are now fearing for their lives because they blocked doctors from prescribing it.If taken in proper doses,it has been proven to save lives.

某些州长、媒体、左翼人士、药剂师都在告诉美国人,如果他们服用 HCQ,就会致命。如果它如此危险,它肯定不会在流通近70年!许多州长现在担心自己的生命安全,因为他们阻止医生开处方。如果服用适当的剂量,它已被证明可以挽救生命。

Countries who are not using HCQ United Kingdom,Sweden France,United States have the highest death rates.Countries who are using HCQ;Ukraine,India,Greece,Indonesia,Morocco,Malaysia,their death rate is minimal.

没有使用 HCQ 的国家,英国、瑞典、法国、美国的死亡率最高。使用 HCQ 的国家:乌克兰、印度、希腊、印度尼西亚、摩洛哥、马来西亚,他们的死亡率很低。

What is going to happen to the mainstream media for withholding information of lifesaving medication?What is going to happen to these social media companies who have banned the information from getting out?The largest class action lawsuit the world has ever seen is inevitable.The Patriots want the people to see the real agenda of the DS.Is it working?

如果主流媒体拒绝提供救命药物的信息,将会发生什么?那些禁止信息外泄的社交媒体公司会怎么样呢?世界上有史以来最大的集体诉讼案不可避免。爱国者希望人们看到 DS 的真实议程。有用吗?

Because of this,the Silent Majority is growing like wild-fire!


Q told us to'Watch the water?'In Biloxi,Mississippi;Florida,and many other States,Patriots with American flags and Trump flags are boating by the thousands!They are marching in the'Walk Away,Democrats,'Rally.They are standing up to ANTIFA until they cower in retreat.The Silent Majority is so powerful,it terrifies the DS.Patriots are emerging showing their support everywhere.If the Silent Majority all spoke out right now,it would be game over.But we will,on November 3,2020!

Q 告诉我们"看着水?"在比洛克西、密西西比州、佛罗里达州和其他许多州,成千上万的爱国者们挥舞着美国国旗和特朗普国旗!他们正在参加"走开,民主党人"集会。他们勇敢地面对反法,直到退缩。沉默的大多数是如此强大,它吓坏了 DS。爱国者们正在到处表示他们的支持。如果沉默的大多数现在都说出来,游戏就结束了。但是我们会的,在2020113日!

What were things the DS wanted to keep hidden?

DS 想要隐藏什么?

#1 Uranium One(people who took that money are desperate to keep it hidden.)


#2 Foreign Aid(Stolen money being kept flowing,kicked back to them in secret.)


#3 Weiner Laptop(Horrific images of children causing NYDP Offices who viewed it,to vomit)


#4 Iran Deal(Secret side deals and bribery,Obama spying on members of congress)


Something BIG is about to blow.Trump left the White House to insulate himself in Bedminster,NJ.The Op-ed raids in Cleveland and Miami just a few days ago sent a clear message to the domestic enemies of America.He,Bill Barr and Rudy Giuliani will not stop this until justice has been served.Arrests can be made before the election.

有大事要发生了。特朗普离开白宫到新泽西州的贝德明斯特与世隔绝。就在几天前,克利夫兰和迈阿密的空袭向美国国内的敌人发出了一个明确的信息。他、比尔巴尔(Bill Barr)和鲁迪朱利安尼(Rudy Giuliani)不会停止这一切,除非正义得到伸张。可以在选举前逮捕人。

The Deep State and all their puppets know they are doomed!This mission is possible and is moving ahead.The Swamp is doing what they do best…they are suiciding themselves.Why interfere with the enemy while he destroys himself?


President Trump is showing the world that the U.S.Constitution is the law of our land;that no unelected official nor any world power,nor any other law will ever rule over it.It's not suspended during a pandemic.It is the law,our law!


The Anons who follow Trump have faith and peace in his plan.Crimes against humanity,Julian Assange,sedition,Spygate;all of this is coming together at the same time.Nothing is by coincidence.Nothing can stop what is coming.


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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