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The Nudge Is Simply Too Tempting To Pass Up



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)

X22视频2249解读|国家健康研究所主任意外推出治疗药物吗?President Trump and the Patriots have been leading the Deep State(DS)/Mainstream media(MSM)/Corrupt Politicians off the beaten path.Many people are wondering if things are happening but Anons know they are.Why interfere with an enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself?


Trump and the Patriots nudge the DS in the direction they want them to go and to our delight,they are following.

特朗普和爱国者们推动 DS 朝着他们希望的方向前进,令我们高兴的是,他们正在跟随。

Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate.If he is removed,can she run for President?Kamala Harris cannot become President of the United States because neither her Jamaican-born father nor her India-born mother were U.S.citizens at the time of her birth.This means,even though Kamala was born in California,she is not a natural-born American,but a native-born American.(Article 2;Amendment 12)She is able to serve as a senator but not a president.


The Founding Fathers understood this and set in stone the seriousness to protect our land against foreign interference.The Trump campaign is investigating Kamala to decided what type of citizenship she has so there will be no question,should she continue on this path.What other person's citizenship has been in question?Barack Obama!


Judicial Watch has been requesting former FBI Director,Andrew McCabe's text messages,so they can finish their investigation.There are 150 text messages,5,696 e-mails which will be quite damaging to McCabe's narrative.


The DS continues pushing mail-in voting.If children can go back to school,we should be able to go to the polls.If people want to vote through the mail,they can apply for an absentee ballot.If we can shop at Wal-Mart,we can go to the polls.If people want to vote at the polls,they should be allowed to.

DS 继续推行邮寄投票。如果孩子们能回到学校,我们就能去投票。如果人们想通过邮件投票,他们可以申请缺席选票。如果我们可以在沃尔玛购物,我们就可以去投票。如果人们想在投票站投票,他们应该被允许。

The DS's complete plan was to keep the country locked down until November.The DS is pushing funding for the USPS so it gives people another reason why they must vote by mail.Trump is countering their ability to use mail-in voting with the country opening back up.

DS 的完整计划是将这个国家封锁到11月。DS 正在推动美国邮政的资金投入,这给了人们另一个必须通过邮件投票的理由。随着美国重新开放,特朗普正在削弱他们利用邮寄投票的能力。

Anything of value being shipped or mailed is sent with a tracking number.With our ballots being of utmost importance,why is there not a tracking number on them so we can ensure it arrives at it's legal destination in a timely manner?In our country,46 million ballots will be mailed out to people who are not expecting them plus 51 million absentee ballot applications.Ballot harvesting will be huge!


Q told us we would be seeing some of the trafficking photos,but not all of them.Once they are seen they cannot be un-seen.Those we have put our trust in have deceived the masses by using their religious cloth to cover their sins.

Q 告诉我们,我们会看到一些走私照片,但不是全部。一旦他们被看见,他们就不能不被看见。那些我们信任的人用他们的宗教服饰来掩盖他们的罪恶,从而欺骗了大众。

On the Weiner Laptop,when the NYPD reviewed it,they had to look away.Some ended up vomiting and needing therapy for what they viewed.This stuff will be made public,but we won't see everything,just enough.Brace yourself.The people can't just be told,they must be shown.


After 49 years,the historic moment of Israel and the United Arab Emirates will fully establish their political relationship.


X22视频2249解读|国家健康研究所主任意外推出治疗药物吗?Joe Biden is really making himself look horrible.He actually claimed that Trump alienated the relationship with our allies but in truth,he created yet another peace deal.'Experts cried'that moving Jerusalem would prove disastrous but they were wrong…again.The DS doesn't want Trump to end the endless wars.They never did.

·拜登真的让自己看起来很糟糕。他实际上声称特朗普疏远了我们与盟友的关系,但事实上,他创造了另一个和平协议。专家们大声疾呼,搬迁耶路撒冷将是灾难性的,但他们又一次错了。DS 不希望特朗普结束无休止的战争。他们从来没有。

Ric Grenell tweeted out the following:"I have waited a long time to have a Republican President who doesn't start wars,brings U.S.troops home,and still delivers Peace deals."


The MSM had no idea about this deal.There were no leaks which proves the Patriots are in control.

MSM 对这笔交易一无所知,没有任何泄密证明爱国者队控制了局面。

Biden and Harris are pushing for a mandatory mask mandate.They didn't explain why,they just dictated,along with many governors and mayors.Trump is allowing us to see the DS's true agenda.They don't give a reason,they just expect us to comply.However,have done their research and are still waiting for documentation stating masks stave of viruses.Nov 3rd cannot come soon enough!

拜登和哈里斯正在推动一项强制性的面具命令。他们没有解释原因,只是口述,和许多州长和市长一起。特朗普让我们看到了 DS 的真正议程。他们没有给出理由,他们只是希望我们服从。然而,他们已经做了研究,仍然在等待证明口罩病毒的文件。113日不能来得太快!

X22视频2249解读|国家健康研究所主任意外推出治疗药物吗?Trump wants kids back into their classrooms.It will allow parents to get back to work which will open up the economy.Kids need their routine.Parents need their paychecks and health insurance.


Trump has been talking about vaccines and therapeutics.People are afraid Trump will make the vaccines mandatory but he already said he would not do this.He awarded a contract to Moderna for vaccines but we have to look at the optics of all this.

特朗普一直在谈论疫苗和疗法。人们担心特朗普会强制接种疫苗,但他已经表示不会这么做。他与 Moderna 签订了疫苗合同,但我们必须看到这一切的光景。

Operation Warp Speed is about quickly creating a vaccine and/or a generic medication?If there is another way to cure the disease,do you need a vaccine?


The Director of National Institute of Health said in a recent CNN article,"Politically motivated approval of coronavirus vaccine cannot happen,it's not safe right before an election."Did he just push therapeutics?Trump is always steps ahead.The DS mission is to stop people from going to the polls.Vaccines may not get to be safely tested but one thing has has been…HCQ.Brilliant Mr.President!

美国国家卫生研究所所长在最近 CNN 的一篇文章中说,"出于政治动机的对冠状病毒疫苗的批准不可能发生,在选举前这是不安全的。"他刚才是在推行治疗法吗?特朗普总是领先一步。的任务是阻止人们去投票站。疫苗可能无法得到安全的测试,但有一件事已经...HCQ。聪明的总统先生!

George Soros thinks Trump is fighting for his life and will do anything to stay in power,but who is really fighting for his life?Think projection!George Soros is!Patriots are in control!

乔治索罗斯(George Soros)认为,特朗普是在为自己的生命而战,为了继续掌权,他会不惜一切代价,但谁真的在为自己的生命而战呢?想想投射!乔治·索罗斯就是!爱国者控制了一切!

There have been over 50 confederate monuments that were pulled down this year.In 2019,there were only 16 monuments removed.Most people are rejecting the removal of our history but the Dems wants us to forget.If we know our history then we won't repeat the corruption.This is what they fear.


All of the major league teams,have players who kneel during the National Anthem.During the MLS game in Texas,while the National Anthem was being performed,their players knelt.The fans were so disgusted,the teams were booed.People are not behind the kneeling…the silent majority speaks!


X22视频2249解读|国家健康研究所主任意外推出治疗药物吗?Over the past few years,Anon's recognize when General Flynn changes his Twitter background,we know it is a call to action.'Digital Soldiers?'Everyone get ready…prepare!The Patriots are striking back!

在过去的几年里,阿农认识到当弗林将军改变他的 Twitter 背景,我们知道这是一个行动的号召。数字化士兵大家准备...准备!爱国者队开始反击了!

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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