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I want to elaborate a bit on yesterday's post.


Regarding the cloaking technology the Chimera have been using,the light forces have learnt to read its signature,as it creates a slight energetic ripple effect which you could compare a bit with the sight of the alien creature in the movie Predator.


The light forces have mapped everything out,so they know the whereabouts of the remaining Chimera and their assets.


It just takes time to clear it all.


The quantum entanglement is a bigger challenge,it cannot simply be undone,so that may still take some time to tackle.


Regarding the Chimera space fleet,what I am getting is that they tried to recreate a space fleet with what they had left on the surface and there was also a small number of Chimera ships cloaked outside Near Earth Orbit that had not been detected earlier.


But that in itself is not a big obstacle to overcome.


The real question is how do we make it from here until the Event when so many of us are drained and flat out of money,especially the ones who chose to step out of the rat race and get little to no support from the system anymore.


One option I have looked into is to get access to your so called strawman account.


It is a hidden account in the shadow banking system that no government official will ever tell you about or will confirm exists,but it does exist and there are possibilities to gain(for now indirect)access to it.


It does require certain legal steps that you need to take,namely to declare yourself alive as a human being of flesh and blood to the agents of the maritime law commercial company known and registered as the state who legally treat you as in sea dead/lost at sea until you stop them from doing so,to beneficially accept your birth trust inheritance and to ask for a periodical provision between now and the final settlement of the birth trust inheritance as well as discharging your existing debts against the holdings of the birth trust.


I intend to dive into the subject more deeply,but you can read up about it on dedicated websites and resources,such as these:


Spiritual Economics Now


Article Atlas


Why killing your strawman does more harm than good


Are there any alternatives to the Secure Party Creditor package?


The Cestui Que Vie Act

Cestui que Vie法案



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