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September 08, 2022 2022年9月8日

The Queen is dead - FINALLY. 


This five minute video explains 'Operation London Bridge' - code name for the plans for the state funeral. We Light Warriors have been very patiently awaiting 'Operation London Bridge'. We know that it will set off a whole series of events leading to the final take-down of the [D]eep [S]tate. Interestingly, the funeral pageantry lasts for ten days. Ten Days of Darkness...??


For new readers to this blog, some background information. Firstly, the Queen was the top [D]eep [S]tate

atanist on this planet. She controlled all three branches of the [D]eep S]tate - London City (finances)...Vatican City (religion)...and Washington DC (politics).


This three minute video explains the Queen's all-pervasive power in the UK financial markets.


She has been actually dead for about four years. There were several obvious body doubles who did not resemble the original Queen - for those with eyes to see. It was always about when her OFFICIAL death would be rolled out.


The Queen had an off-planet overlord. She and her family are evil reptilians (there are good reptilians). Her death has been announced now because apparently her evil reptilian overlord has been removed from the planet. Awesome news.


It turns out that President Trump knew when it would be announced - 1776 days after the first Cue drop. He wrote the number 1776 on notepaper and signed it (it's in a Cue drop). The first Cue drop was on 28th October 2017 - exactly 1776 days to 8th September 2022, the date that the Queen's death was announced. BOOM.


Also 8 + 9 = 17 (Cue number) plus 2022 = 23 (Cue pain number). It seems that 8th September 2022 triggers an incoming WORLD of pain for the [D]eep [S]tate.

另外8 + 9 = 17(Cue 数字) + 2022 = 23(Cue 疼痛数字)。看来,2022年9月8日触发了深层国家的痛苦世界的到来。

Here is some more fascinating numerology around the Queen's death.



And what was the date that the Liberty Bell rang...?? 8th September 1776. BOOM. The shot heard around the world.

自由钟响起的日期是... ? ? 1776年9月8日。轰隆一声,全世界都听到了这声枪响。

 女王终于死了|星际之门通讯Tomorrow (northern hemisphere, today here) is the delta for 9th September 2020 Cue drop. We are now officially at the precipice. We Light Warriors have done a sterling job supporting the Alliance during their TRUTH operation - 'We could not tell the people; we had to show them...'

明天(北半球,今天这里)是2020年9月9日的三角洲。我们现在正式处于悬崖边缘。我们光明战士在支持联盟的真相行动中做了出色的工作——“我们不能告诉人民,我们必须让他们看到... ...”


Here is another two year delta Cue drop for 8th September.



Finally, meme of the day. Who can forget that delicious moment when President Trump walked in front of Queen Lizzie to inspect the Royal Guards. Priceless...!终于,今天的米姆。谁能忘记特朗普总统走到莉齐女王面前视察皇家卫队的那个美妙时刻。无价之宝!


This is a red letter day for Light Warriors around the world. We waited, oh so patiently, and we were rewarded with our next big marker - right on Cue, so to speak!

今天是全世界光明战士的大喜日子。我们耐心地等待着,我们得到了下一个大标记——可以说,就在 Cue 上!

It will be full steam ahead to Red October. That phrase could be two fold: a red wave of Republican voters, and the blood flowing from the [D]eep [S]tate as they are brought to justice.

红十月号将会全速前进。这句话可以分为两部分: 一部分是共和党选民的红色浪潮,另一部分是当深州他们被绳之以法时流出的血。

Cue drops refer to 11th November as the date that America becomes united - and, I will add, the rest of the world.


Take a moment to reflect on what you have been through over the last five years since Cue first landed in our lives. It has been a rollercoaster ride that none of us could have possibly envisaged. But - we survived. Not only that, we thrived. Unity Consciousness is alive and well on planet Earth.

花点时间回想一下自从 Cue 第一次出现在我们的生活中以来,过去的五年里你经历了什么。这是一段过山车般的旅程,我们谁也想象不到。但我们活下来了。不仅如此,我们还兴旺起来了。统一意识在地球上活得很好。

Buckle up, friends. This extraordinary ride is about to get VERY interesting.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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