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全世界都知道,民主党人对这种病毒有先见之明,因为在2019年10月24日至26日,在全世界爆发疫情之前,乔·拜登(Joe Biden)就表示,特朗普政府没有为此做好准备。



In this message,I would like to discuss a few things about the course of the transition.


The world sees that the Democrats had foreknowledge of the virus,since on October 24-26,2019,before there was an outbreak in the world,Joe Biden stated that the Trump administration was not prepared for this.

全世界都知道,民主党人对这种病毒有先见之明,因为在20191024日至26日,在全世界爆发疫情之前,乔·拜登(Joe Biden)就表示,特朗普政府没有为此做好准备。

Dr.Fauci had made this statement before,as an employee of Bill Gates.


That George Soros wants to turn the world into a NWO with a lot of chaos and poverty has been known for a long time,many fascist supporters from the Western globalist governments have clearly been bribed to introduce a world dictatorship.

乔治·索罗斯想要把世界变成一个充满混乱和贫穷的 NWO,这一点早已为人所知,许多来自西方全球主义政府的法西斯支持者显然已经被贿赂,以引入一个世界独裁政权

The world is waiting with bated breath to see what happens,29th May the Q Clock came to an end,expectations were higher than what is now visible.


Now that this Q Clock is back on November 11,2020,there is great disappointment about the progress for the liberation of the world's population.


With the appointment of John Ratcliffe,the documents of the Michael Flynn case will now be released,which will be the beginning of the FISA revelations.

随着约翰·拉特克利夫的任命,迈克尔·弗林案件的文件现在将被公布,这将是 FISA 揭露的开始。

Donald J Trump's announcement that the 3rd quarter will see the economy start up again,and this in the 4th quarter will be Booming,raises great expectations.

唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j Trump)宣布,第三季度经济将重新启动,第四季度经济将蓬勃发展,这提高了人们的期望

This will never come true if circumstances do not change.


The transition to greatness will therefore have to lie in a solution that we will do things differently.


For years,Gurus have been 100%wrong with their messages about the release of funds that should be initiated in the run-up to GESARA.

多年来,长老们一直100%错误地发布他们的信息,关于释放资金,应该在准备 GESARA 的时候启动

It is clear to me that the funds must be secure.


That's why the dates before June 1st don't seem realistic to me,because if the funds are going to be released it must be impossible for the banks or the Cabal to take possession of them.


Should the Swift payment system really be switched off on June 1st,this could indeed be the moment to release the funds,but also the moment to freeze the assets of the Cabal.

如果 Swift 支付系统真的在61日关闭,这确实是释放资金的时刻,但也是冻结阴谋集团资产的时刻

The much promised predictions of 800 numbers that have never been fulfilled,are a hackneyed story to which we don't have to attach too much value.


Contradictions in the amount of exchange value for the Zim,which are certainly referred to,of 11 Million for 100T Zim,are detrimental to the ideas for which the funds are intended.

100T Zim 的交换价值为1100万美元,Zim 的交换价值为1100万美元,这种矛盾不利于这笔资金的目的。

With 11 Million you can start a quiet life for yourself,but not finance any humanitarian projects.


Stopping the funding of the WHO by the US is a good thing,but in the rest of the world Bill Gates wants to go ahead with Psychopath.


That's why it is necessary to freeze the bills of the Cabal governments,so they can't pay the crime against the population anymore.


Angela Merkel has cancelled the G7 summit,which indicates that the shift in power in the world is changing.

安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)取消了七国集团(G7)峰会,这表明世界权力的转移正在发生变化


The Left Globalist Merkel Politics has quietly changed police duties without many police officials noticing.


Police are no longer civil servants but now have tasks that act against the law.



Thus,the Cabal quietly introduced their Fascism,with police no longer for the safety of the population,but to protect the Fascists from the government,just like 85 years ago,with the rise of Adolf Hitler.


Manuel Macon has lost the majority in his government,so he can no longer function the way the NWO puppets expect him to.

曼纽尔·梅肯已经失去了政府中的多数席位,所以他不能再像 NWO 傀儡所期望的那样运作

The corrupt unelected EU,through the ECB,wants to contribute 750 Billion Euro to revive the destroyed economy.


This money will never go to the small entrepreneurs but to big companies and banks,is their thoughts.


All over the world we see uprisings and dissatisfaction with the NWO agenda and the 5G rollout.

在世界各地,我们看到了起义和对 NWO 议程和5G 推出的不满

Mobile phones with Android have had a software update,as a result of which the Covid 19 App was secretly installed by Google for unsuspecting users,this can be found under settings and then at Google.

使用安卓系统的手机已经有了一个软件更新,结果就是 Covid 19应用程序被谷歌秘密地安装在了毫无戒心的用户手中,这可以在设置下找到,然后在谷歌上找到

Then you will see it at the top,you can delete it by going back to settings and then at Google Play Service to turn it off or restore the factory settings.


The WHO which seems to be the private property of Bill Gates has also taken over the RIVM in the Netherlands.

世界卫生组织似乎是比尔盖茨的私人财产,也接管了荷兰的 RIVM

The Dutch Cabal and Hitler Cabinet of Rutte,have adopted an emergency law,to give the RIVM full freedom over the telecom data of customers.

荷兰阴谋集团和希特勒内阁,已经通过了一项紧急法律,给予 RIVM 对客户电信数据的完全自由

Since no law has been in force since 13 May 1940,this is another smokescreen to force their Corona Fascism on the sleeping population.


There is talk of a second wave of Corona pandemic to make the dictatorship permanent,with an ID202 vaccination requirement to enforce the open prison of the NWO Rats.

有传言说,第二波科罗纳大流行将使独裁政权永久化,同时要求 ID202疫苗接种,以强制执行 NWO 鼠的开放监狱

Completely new neighbourhoods have been built in the Netherlands,not by the Dutch,but for the Muslim import to replace the Dutchman.



Every year,more than 100,000 underprivileged Muslim Migrants live a luxury life at the expense of the population.


China,the communist regime seems to me to be a Cabal Deep State octopus that is looking for conflicts with Hong Kong and Taiwan.


The Chinese elders,in my experience,have nothing to do with Communism,but are the old Chinese nobility,who want to transform the country again to be able to enter GESARA.

根据我的经验,中国的长者们与共产主义毫无关系,而是那些想要再次改变这个国家,以便能够进入 GESARA 的中国爵位

I express the hope that the Swift system will really be disconnected on June 1st,and the arrests will start all over the world.

我表示希望 Swift 系统在61日真正被切断,全世界的逮捕行动将开始

When this is a fact,China will continue to be isolated and will no longer be able to act if they are excluded from the financial system.


The removal of funds from the communist system means that it will no longer be able to function.


Let's have and keep hope about the transition that is now imminent,times or Date with 12 to 24 hours or 72 hours windows,from the past have only damaged a lot of confidence.


A ray of hope from the UK,the Queen seems completely out of power,the new king will make his entry.


Let us wish him wisdom to repair the damage of the Cabal in the UK quickly.


Let end WW II soon.




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