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January 19,2020:Good Vs.Evil;Simon Says,"Go Time"


It was already an unusual day with clouds,a warm wind,and rain in the Valley,but I also woke up to this in my mailbox…



…so while I am cautious of dates,the 19-20th IS rather a nexus point.We either have to save the Republic and retain the power for The People,or it's the end for Humanity.


We shared the news yesterday that in Washington,DC  2,000 troops were given temporary powers to make arrests ,etc.as deputy US Marshals and everything we've seen and heard over the past couple of weeks suggests we're finally getting the"green light".While all eyes are on Washington,it's possible that similar events took place elsewhere so the US military can GET THIS DONE.


Everything has been conducted by the book and the original US Constitution so this war has been lawfully won.It's a watershed moment.The coup d'état the globalists planned to wrest power from President Trump and the American People will be thwarted at the eleventh hour,and this will go down in the annals of history as the most spectacular revolution and brilliant strategy to save Humanity.


Watch Simon Parkes' Jan.19 update here .He says someone hit the"GO"button.


Santa Surfing presented this reading below of the Second Declaration of Independence which includes factual history along the way.It's long at 30 min.but does explain the strategies the New World Order used over time to secure their takeover of America and dupe The People.Most are unaware of the sleight of hand that made the Republic a corporation;a lucrative business venture for"the families".Of course similar actions took place in other nations and they were almost successful in their global takeover and subjugation of Humanity.We were plucked from the brink in the nick of time through great sacrifice by untold numbers of good people.


(Watch Video:观看视频:http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2021/01/19/january-19-2020-good-vs-evil-simon-says-go-time-videos/)

It's extraordinary what we have witnessed these past ten years or more.We've come face to face with the Beast;the devil himself,and wrestled him to the ground.His playbook was laid open for all to see.His soldiers came in many guises and exposed their weak underbelly.I can only imagine how the news of this victory will impact the Schumann Resonance when the world is informed.


A great deal of ugliness will have to be brought to the surface so it can be washed away,however.Dark days,but the cause for celebration will resonate with the millions who understand and it IS cause for celebration.Liberation!Think of it.Slaves no more.The truth will set us free,so don't despair.


We will learn of betrayal the likes of which we could scarcely have imagined prior to this extensive military operation,but we will get through it.The balm of exciting,positive news will expedite the healing as the Truth dawns on Humanity.Together we will get through it,and as President Trump promised,"the best is yet to come".


The suppressed technologies,cures for disease,clean,free energy,space-age transportation,the end of illegal taxes,pure and safe food,water and air,abundance of all things necessary for a basic enjoyable existence for all,and the end of war.Peace on Earth.All those and more will be a reality as we dismantle the system of control and remove the brainwashed holdovers who can't see a better way forward.


Brainwashed souls will find this very difficult.It's hard to believe some people actually believe the lies spewed continually by the lunatic left as evidenced by this comment at The Epoch Times:




Jan 18,2021 at 11:36


America almost became a communist nation when Putin's number one fan trump was put in office now the American people are getting their government back thanks to the election of Joe biden.


Despite the opposition,America will get their restored Republic and will set about helping other nations recover from the trauma of war and the communist takeover of Earth.


The blackmail and bribery will end and journalists who actually report unbiased news and events will mean we can all keep tabs on the restoration of our societies globally.Rather than succumb to myriad wedges driven between us,Humanity can come together like never before.


Will we see a lot of suicides in the coming days?Possibly,but death isn't what we're told and if those souls choose to leave,it's their decision.The rest of us move forward.Humans are very adaptable.We're survivors,and we bested the satanic predators.


Gotta run.~BP





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