X22报道|第2553集:AZ 审计准备下降,铁鹰,红色十月,系统性破坏旧卫士

2021年8月17日16:35:44X22报道|第2553集:AZ 审计准备下降,铁鹰,红色十月,系统性破坏旧卫士已关闭评论 4761580字阅读5分16秒


X22报道|第2553集:AZ 审计准备下降,铁鹰,红色十月,系统性破坏旧卫士

Ep 2553a–Opec Counters[JB],The People Must See&Feel It All,Change Is Coming

Ep 2553a– 佩克反驳[JB],人民必须看到和感受到这一切,变革即将到来

Ep 2553b–AZ Audit Ready To Drop,Iron Eagle,Red October,Systematic Destruction Of The Old Guard 

Ep 2553b-AZ 审计准备下降,铁鹰,红色十月,系统性破坏旧卫士

The people can see the economy very clearly now,the Biden administration tried to control the situation that the[CB]put in motion.OPEC denied Biden's request to produce more oil.Now the people are going to see it all,change is coming,nothing can stop this



The[DS]is now using everything they have to stop the people from seeing the forensic audits.The[DS]does not know the exact date so they will push everything they have to clog the news cycles.The patriots are counting on this,these moves are anticipated.The[DS]are using these moves as a distraction but the patriots are using the same moves as exposing the[DS]agenda.Everything is set,the AZ forensic audit is ready to drop and the[DS]is prepared to try to control the narrative.Iron Eagle has set up devolution,prepare for red October,what we are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard and the people taking back the country.





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