大重置的失败|Rinus Verhagen

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达沃斯全球经济论坛(Davos Global Economic Forum)主席克劳斯·施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)在《大重置》(Great Recovery)一书中阐述的C19行动失败了。

大重置的失败|Rinus Verhagen


The Failure of the Great Reset




C*a abandons the big restart operation.


Elite scheduled reboot has failed.


Operation C19,expressed in the book GREAT RESTORATION by Klaus Schwab,President of the Davos Global Economic Forum, HAS FAILED.

达沃斯全球经济论坛(Davos Global Economic Forum)主席克劳斯·施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)在《大重置》(Great Recovery)一书中阐述的C19行动失败了。

The globalism of the liberal elites



C*a will not impose any global order.


It will be limited to an economic expansion.Like any commercial empire.


My dear friend,some positive news.


The 28K National Guards in DC are there will the end of March not only to prevent disorders but mainly to protect the system that our"process"is going ahead smoothly without obstacles as they happened very often.

华盛顿特区的28K 国民警卫队将在3月底到来,这不仅是为了防止混乱,而且主要是为了保护我们的系统,因为我们的"过程"正在顺利进行,没有障碍,因为它们经常发生

Even Joe B is not authorized to interfere.


This was decided by former President with the Army.


The friend is still in Zurich they promised to settle everything by tomorrow.I do believe much more to this version of the massive presence in DC of the National Guards.I started feeling better,till next news...........


Yes this sounds very more helpful,optimistic and motivating for us


China will no longer support Klaus Schwab's Great Reset,this report came through my contact in Switzerland


Simon Parks had already told this that there have been battles between the Chinese Air Force against the US and Taiwan Air Force,see the info under the link.


Taiwan reports'major raid'by Chinese warplanes for second day



Here the story comes clearer as it concerns C*a Joe B on whom C*a had pinned its hopes.


However,since the US military is Loyal to the only legal President Donald J Trump,who has dissolved the bankrupt US Incorporation,and called the new US Republics Federation announced on November 2,2020 a day before the redundant elections.


The entire house and congress has been put out of power by the withdrawal of Donald J Trump as the illegitimate president of the US Inc.since it no longer exists.

由于美国公司不再存在,唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j Trump)不再是非法的总统,整个众议院和国会已经失去权力

Washington DC has a President C*a Joe,with no decision empowered power over the 50 States of the US.


Since Washington DC is not part of the US,it is charged with having wanted to commit foreign interference through a Joe B Coup with the DNC and the republicans who appear to have been compromised,more by Jeffrey E.

由于华盛顿特区不是美国的一部分,它被指控希望通过对民主党全国委员会和共和党人发动"乔拜登政变"(Joe b Coup)来实施外国干涉

The *c*p has realized that their policies can no longer be maintained at home and abroad.


The whole world has abused the Chinese people to use them as system slaves to produce goods.


Donald J Trump has brought many companies back to the US,of which C*a Joe is now trying to destroy all the jobs Trump has brought back.


We are now near the end of the 10 days of darkness,where we can now count on good news.


Donald J Trump has deliberately rigged the system to put the Bankrupt US Inc,further into debt that is now uncollectible.


The whole derivatives trade of empty promises is about to collapse,but the Great Reset has no Gold to cover all the money.


Since now the FED and ECB can no longer produce money out of thin air the whole Great Reset house of cards is falling apart.


The Euro cannot be a world trade currency,as it has no counter value,this means that the Fascist EU has no right to exist anymore.


All member countries of the Nazi EU are now sovereign again.


The GESARA world funds can never be controlled by the existing Cabal or Bilderberg governments.

GESARA 的世界基金永远不会被现存的阴谋集团或彼尔德伯格政府所控制

Now that the mass arrests in the US are taking out the D-State members,and remember America first,the rest of the world will follow.


We see that several governments have already stepped down in Europe.


Own armies in Europe are now being ordered by the US to start arresting their own D-State governments.


It is now important to watch out that the EBS comes into force and the revelations are made public.


Then D-State politicians will gladly let themselves be taken to safety by the Army,to be tried for their crimes,in order to avoid the retaliation against them from their own population.


The whole C19 story clearly had a purpose to steal the election,and to talk the population into a deadly vaccine,to scare them first.

整个 C19事件的目的显然是为了窃取选举,说服民众接种致命疫苗,先恐吓他们

Switzerland has decided not to vaccinate the population because it is only a flu,and the vaccine does more damage than the Flu,but also the economy has been deliberately destroyed by the C19 lie by the governments to be able to implement the Great Reset.

瑞士已经决定不给人们接种疫苗,因为它只是一种流感,疫苗造成的破坏比流感更大,但是政府为了能够实施大重置而故意用 C19谎言摧毁了经济

Now that the story is becoming so clear,one no longer has any valid arguments for doing a Central Banks Great Reset without value,based on Debt Slavery.


I think we are now going to see a safe period of transition,where the GESARA funds are going to be released under the supervision of the US military.

我认为我们现在将看到一个安全的过渡时期,在那里,GESARA 的资金将在美国军方的监督下释放

After all,NESARA and GESARA is a global operation to free the world's population from the Central Banks.

毕竟,NESARA GESARA 是一个将世界人口从中央银行手中解放出来的全球性行动

It has been confirmed that Donald J Trump is still President because he first allowed Defcon 2 to go into effect,giving the Army 100%control in the US.


It contradicts Trump's stepping down as President of the US Inc.


Now that the republic is being restored there should be new safe elections.


The DNC and D-State figures have lost reality and their own narrative out of delusions of grandeur.


Companies are reopening,HCQ is suddenly good again,so people have completely undercut their own narrative.

公司重新开张,HCQ 突然又好了,所以人们完全削弱了他们自己的叙述

We await further developments in good spirits,because NESARA/GESARA is much more than just MONEY or GOLD it is about getting our sovereignty back.

我们期待着良好精神的进一步发展,因为 NESARA/GESARA 不仅仅是货币或黄金,它是关于收回我们的主权

Gold is the new means of payment,whereby the revaluation of currencies will determine the value of each currency as a trading transaction.


The curse called EURO will no longer be able to hold.


This will undo the whole NWO plan to hold the world population hostage by the Elite,the control system set up will have to be dismantled.

这将破坏整个 NWO 计划,使世界人口成为精英阶层的人质,所建立的控制系统将不得不被拆除

Back to simplicity and the natural laws universe laws we are about to experience.


People who have been vaccinated by fear will soon die if my information is correct.


A DNA modification with R-MDA vaccine is an attack on our DNA and being human.

使用 R-MDA 疫苗进行 DNA 修饰是对人类 DNA 的攻击

As 9/11 and 3/11 are now revealed the MH17 and MH370 will also reveal lies and criminals.

随着9/113/11事件的曝光,MH17 MH370也将揭露谎言和罪犯

The perpetrators must be tried by a War Crimes Tribunal,as it is about Genocide,just like the attack on the elderly and weak in society by the governments with the false C19 story to roll out Agenda 21,which was submitted to the UN in 1992 by order of Bernhard von Lippe.

犯罪者必须由战争罪行法庭审判,因为这是关于种族灭绝的,就像政府用虚假的 C19故事攻击老年人和社会弱者以推出《21世纪议程》一样,该议程是在1992年由伯纳德··利皮命令提交给联合国的

This will have far-reaching consequences at other institutions such as NATO,UN,WHO,WTO,EU,because if one of the co-founders cheated after May 13,1940,because the Netherlands no longer exists,all treaties and organizations are also no longer legally valid.


The Nazi manager of the former Netherlands by order of the heir and stadtholder of the occupied Netherlands by Germany,are 100%liable for the hostage-taking of the population,all this is going to change now.


So the state of Der Nederlanden no longer exists,why then commit massive fraud with documents in the name of a state that no longer exists.


By ending WW2 this hostage taking will come to an end.


Then the US army and patriots will restore the constitution to 1776,giving everyone back their basic rights to establish a fair rule of law.


There will be a transition,we will be able to decide what a government should look like,where the people have the power and no corrupt government can impose laws that go against the interests of the people.


The best is yet to come.




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