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对冠状病毒的恐惧?研究揭示了简单的保护机制By Laraine C.Abbey-Katzev,RN(emeritus),MS,CNS

作者:Laraine c.Abbey-KatzevRN(荣誉退休)MSCNS

WAKE-UP mainstream medicine–you've already got a life-saving treatment that prevents deaths from viruses!!


Drum-roll please….


It's safe,cheap vitamin C!


To say it takes a while for new things to catch on is an understatement as vitamin C's ability to protect health and destroy infectious diseases and toxins goes way back into the 1940s with stunning results reported by Duke University Medical School graduate Fredrick R.Klenner,MD.

维生素c保护健康、破坏传染病和毒素的能力可以追溯到20世纪40年代,杜克大学医学院毕业生Fredrick r.Klenner 医学博士报告了令人震惊的结果。

Dr.Klenner tells us"When proper amounts are used,it[vitamin C]will destroy all virus organisms."With polio being no exception,massive-dose ascorbate[vitamin C]treatment cured every one of his 60 polio cases.There was zero paralysis.

Klenner 博士告诉我们:"当使用适量的维生素C时,它(维生素C)将会摧毁所有的病毒微生物。"小儿麻痹症也不例外,大剂量抗坏血酸[维生素C]治疗治愈了他的60个小儿麻痹症病例中的每一个。没有任何麻痹。

There's a legion of Klenner's miraculous vitamin C results beginning with polio.



SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome),another coronavirus,could also have been treated with massive dose vitamin C(ascorbic acid or its'non-acidic ascorbate form)http://www.doctoryourself.com/sars.htm

另一种冠状病毒 SARS(严重急性唿吸综合症)也可以用大剂量的维生素C(抗坏血酸或其非酸性抗坏血酸形式)来治疗

Lendon H.Smith.MD describes in great detail in the Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C:The Clinical Experiences of Frederick R.Klenner,M.D.,

兰登·h·史密斯。医学博士在《使用维生素 c 的临床指南:弗雷德里克·r·克伦纳医学博士的临床经验》中有详细的描述,

"Klenner…gave at least[emphasis mine]350 mg per kilogram of body weight…a dose of 25,000-30,000 mg or so[per day]for an adult."With sufficiently large frequent doses he could stop measles and dry up chicken pox.


Then we learn from Thomas E.Levy,MD,JD's book,"Curing the Incurable…Vitamin C,Infectious Diseases,and Toxins"that…

然后我们从 Thomas e.Levy 医学博士 JD 的书《治愈不可治愈的......维生素 c,传染病和毒素》中了解到.....

"eight shingles patients experienced total pain relief within two hours[emphasis mine]of the first 2000-3000 milligram vitamin C injection,"with"complete resolution of 327 of 327 shingles cases within 72 hours of 5-7 vitamin C injections."(pg.82-83)*

"8名带状疱疹患者在接受第一次2000-3000毫克维生素 c 注射后两小时内完全缓解了疼痛""327例带状疱疹患者在接受5-7次维生素 c 注射后72小时内完全缓解了327例疼痛"(pg).82-83)*

These life-rescuing healing miracles go way beyond life threatening viruses.Klenner successfully and safely treated virtually all of the now referred to'vaccine preventable diseases',as well as all manner of pathogenic organisms and toxins.Even tetanus,strychnine(pg.279)and radiation(pg.275)poison were no match when the vitamin C dose was large enough and given long enough.


But herein lies the key,these vitamin C treatments typically involve massive doses to stay the course of the infectious agent's destruction and the toxin's detox.Dosage as high as 270,000 milligrams intravenously plus 40,000 mg orally given within 30 hours had destroyed viral hepatitis(pg.62),returning the patient to work within a few days.


Physicians with no experience in this type of therapy are fearful of such'out-of-the-box'treatments as they are likely to be attacked by ignorant peers.The pharmaceutical industry,upon which mainstream medicine is grounded,vigorously attacks treatments with non-patentable natural substances.In the past the medical industry called the diet-disease relationships quackery.Currently they are attempting to discredit homeopathy,which is the prevailing medical system of Europe and its royal families.


It's easy to see why Pharma attacks them;and why the AMA attempted(unsuccessfully)to destroy the chiropractic industry with those same quackery claims.If all the aforementioned treatments were standard of care,we would need a lot less of their drugs and vaccines.So,as is often said"follow the money."

很容易理解为什么制药公司要攻击他们,为什么 AMA 试图用同样的骗人把戏来摧毁脊椎治疗行业(但没有成功)。如果上述所有的治疗都是标准的治疗,我们需要的药物和疫苗就会少很多。所以,就像人们常说的"跟着钱走"

Intravenous as well as oral forms of vitamin C are readily available from many companies.You must be sure sources are GMO-free.The most potent oral sources are powdered ascorbic acid at 5000mg/teaspoon and ascorbates that provide a maximum of 4400mg/tsp.


If you need to educate your physician use Thomas Levy's book mentioned earlier.This book is a must for everyone to have.Consider giving copies to friends and loved ones,as well as physicians that might be responsive,and perhaps move on from doctors that are not.


You can print this article out to share for free—"The Gift of Vitamin"by Laraine C.Abbey



你可以把这篇文章打印出来免费分享----Laraine c.Abbey

Check out the many vitamin C books written by Dr.Andrew Saul found at


看看 Andrew Saul 博士在 www.doctoryourself.com 发现的许多维生素C书籍

We see current renewed interest in treating seriously ill patients with Vitamin C check out articles by Paul E.Marik,MD like"The Antiviral Properties of Vitamin C"at https://doi.org/10.1080/14787210.2020.1706483 and"Hydrocortisone-Ascorbic Acid-Thiamine Use Associated with Lower Mortality in Pediatric Septic Shock"

我们看到目前对用维生素C治疗重症患者的兴趣重新燃起,请查阅 Paul e.Marik 博士的文章,如 https://doi.org/10.1080/14787210.2020.1706483的《维生素C的抗病毒特性》和《氢化可的松-抗坏血酸-硫胺素与降低儿童败血症休克死亡率相关的使用》


Couldn't we avoid serious injury or death from the coronaviruses and other agents by liberal use of massive dose vitamin C?The evidence confirms it.


It is long past time to be more afraid of mainstream medicine's ignorance than the use of massive dose intravenous vitamin C,which history assures us has never killed or injured anyone.

比起使用大剂量的静脉注射维生素 c,人们更害怕主流医学的无知已经是很久以前的事了,历史告诉我们这种方法从来没有杀死或伤害过任何人。

*These page numbers from the third edition may vary in newer editions but the table of contents will locate varying page numbers.



Laraine C.Abbey-Katzev,is a Registered Nurse(emeritus)and Certified Nutrition Specialist(CNS)with a Master's-Degree in Biology/Clinical Nutrition who maintained a private practice,developed health and weight control programs,nutritional products,and was a featured newspaper columnist for health and nutrition articles.Formerly,a psychiatric Head Nurse,Laraine earned the Huxley Institute Certificate in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice and her successful Orthomolecular treatment of Agoraphobia/Panic Disorder through diet and nutrient supplements,was featured in many magazine articles and books.Laraine is a health activist and a member of the American College of Nutrition.

Laraine c.Abbey-Katzev 是一名注册护士(荣誉退休)和注册营养专家(CNS),拥有生物学/临床营养学硕士学位。Laraine 以前是一名精神病学护士长,获得了奥托分子理论与实践的赫胥黎研究所证书,她通过饮食和营养补充剂成功地用奥托分子疗法治疗广场恐惧症/恐慌症,在许多杂志文章和书籍中都有专题报道。拉莱因是一位健康活动家,也是美国营养学会的成员。

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