本杰明|20200217 美国公司未能按期付款,并威胁要污染世界的水供应

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本杰明|20200217 美国公司未能按期付款,并威胁要污染世界的水供应和本杰明的所有帖子一样,在阅读的时候,你可以随心所欲地"收听"那个更高的洞察力

The U.S.Corporate government failed to meet a February 16th payments deadline and is now threatening to poison the world's water supply,MI6 and CIA sources say.This was how the threat was conveyed by a senior CIA source:"Remember pure clean water is life.This will become more valuable than gold."Translation:"Hand over the gold or we will poison your water."


As a result of the bankruptcy of the U.S.Corporation,"MOSSAD-IDOD has taken over as the de facto intelligence operative of the U.S.,"MI6 sources say.

军情六处消息人士称,由于美国公司的破产,"MOSSAD-IDOD 已经接管了美国事实上的情报机构。"

"Or in other words…the Rothschild Banking Dynasty-Federal Reserve has called in the loans and simply seized the entire country as collateral,"the sources say.Pentagon sources confirm this and say that the Trump-U.S.Corporate government is now being run by an Israeli cyber-security outfit in New York.



The White Dragon Society and its allies will respond to their threats by intensifying efforts to hunt down and kill Khazarian Satanists until they all surrender or die.Remember,these people have been trying and failing to kill 90%of the world's population for decades,and they will continue to fail.


The bioweapon attack on China is a good example.It was designed to be highly lethal,and if their models had been right people I know in Japan should be dying by now.Instead,the Satanists are forced to carry out psyops using a cruise ship and fake videos"from China"to spread their fear porn.For example,according to this fear-mongering article by Bloomberg News,two-thirds of the world's population should catch this virus.



The panicking corporate propaganda media is working overtime to spread fear and is now promoting locust swarms as well as pandemics.This is all part of a failing attempt to maintain control over the people of the world.




Instead of wearing a mask,I suggest readers use the list below as a good antidote to fear porn.



本杰明|20200217 美国公司未能按期付款,并威胁要污染世界的水供应



1999/2000年: 千年虫会杀死我们所有人

2001年: 炭疽热会杀死我们所有人。

2002年: 西尼罗河病毒会杀死我们所有人。

2003年: 非典会杀死我们所有人。

2005年: 禽流感会杀死我们所有人。

2006年: 大肠杆菌会杀死我们所有人。

2008年: 经济不景气会把我们都害死。

2009年: 猪流感会杀死我们所有人。

2010年: 英国石油公司要把我们全部杀死。

2011年: 奥巴马医改会杀死我们所有人。

2012年: 玛雅“世界末日”将要杀死我们所有人。

2013年: 朝鲜要把我们都杀了。

2014年: 埃博拉病毒会杀死我们所有人。

2015年: 迪斯尼麻疹和伊斯兰国要杀死我们所有人。

2016年: 兹卡病毒会杀死我们所有人。

2017年: 假新闻会害死我们所有人。

2018年: 移民大篷车将要杀死我们所有人。

2019年: 麻疹会杀死我们所有人。

2020年: 冠状病毒会杀死我们所有人。

Beware of self-described Satanists like Leo Zagami trying to use religion as a cover for mass murder.The problem is we have forensic evidence that proves events like Fukushima and the bioweapon attack on China are being carried out by humans,who are being caught and arrested or killed.The world is no longer being fooled by their tricks.



For example,this five-minute video is very relevant now as it provides detailed evidence about vaccines,the demonic Bill Gates and his teammates.We have solid proof that pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill us,and that means we need to defend ourselves by any means possible.



Under these circumstances,"Expect the Chinese communist government to attempt retaliation against the Zionist mafia,"CIA sources say adding:


"Watch Israel,more importantly[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin]Netanyahu.He made an unscheduled stopover in Moscow a few weeks ago to visit Putin.The real reason;Bibi already knows the Chinese will attempt to eliminate him,as they know he is deeply involved in what took place at Wuhan and beyond.He asked for protection from Putin."


Our FSB sources tell us he did not get it.


What is happening is not the end of the world,but rather the end of the Satanists'control over the world's financial system.There is now,undeniably,a black swan event taking place in the global economy and financial markets.

正在发生的不是世界末日,而是撒旦教徒对世界金融体系控制的终结。不可否认,现在全球经济和金融市场正在发生一件黑天鹅事 件。

It is too early to say what the ripple,or should I say tsunami effect of the U.S.default would be.Nonetheless,we can be sure the U.S.Corporation won't be able to fool the Asians with another Barack Obama house slave like they did in 2008 to end the Lehman crisis.


Furthermore,the economic implosion the world is now going through is already causing world trade to seize up.The Baltic Dry Index,which measures the cost of shipping,is already below the low point it reached after the"Lehman shock."Unlike the stock market,this index is based on real ships and cannot be manipulated with central bank funny money like the stock markets.



Speaking about funny money and the stock markets,the chart below shows how even as U.S.-China trade seizes up,the U.S.stock market keeps rising.This is part of a planned implosion that will take down both the U.S.and XXx,according to CIA sources.




We dismissed this statement at the time because predictions of the Chinese collapse have been failing to come true for decades.However,it's now being backed by an article in the Chinese government-linked Global Times saying the country is headed for austerity.The Chinese know that pumping in money in the face of a freeze in real economic activity is futile."In this situation,it won't be feasible to adopt a proactive fiscal policy,"Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun wrote.



The chart below shows that failing banks are a symptom of a very deep structural problem similar to the one that caused the Soviet Union to collapse.Increasing levels of investment and debt are leading to increasingly lower,and eventually negative returns.



However,as the next chart shows,the entire world is now facing the same problem and it's ultimately the result of creating money out of thin air and laundering it through greed-motivated,multi-national corporations.




This kind of outlook is probably why U.S.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was bragging at last weekend's Munich security conference by saying,"The West is winning."However,the other Western participants at the meeting made it clear they were no longer following the U.S.playbook.

这种前景可能就是美国国务卿迈克·庞皮欧(Mike Pompeo)在上周末的慕尼黑安全会议上吹嘘"西方正在取得胜利"的原因——然而,与会的其他西方与会者明确表示,他们不再遵循美国的做法。

Russia and Britain are cooperating to remove Rothschild control from England,according to MI6 sources.That's why Rothschild-controlled U.S.President Donald Trump hung up the phone on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who then canceled his planned trip to the U.S.,they say.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was closer to the consensus when he told the same conference:


"We need to get rid of the division of the East and the West and go beyond the difference between the South and the North,in a bid to build a community with a shared future for mankind."



In fact,the British Commonwealth,the Pentagon,the Chinese and the P3 freemasons have been trying to arrange a meeting to come up with a plan for a loose world federation.They have also agreed to set up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency.


The British and Chinese want a teleconference because they worry(with good reason)their delegates would be poisoned or otherwise killed if they met in person with the P3 people.As this newsletter went live,the P3 was still reluctant to meet via teleconference.

英国和中国希望召开电话会议,因为他们担心(有充分的理由),如果他们的代表与 P3成员会面,他们可能会中毒或被杀害。随着这份通讯的上线,P3仍然不愿意通过电话会议见面。

A P3 source said the Vatican and the Germans are holding out against the meeting.The source also said German Chancellor Angela Merkel"is with the Hillary[Rockefeller]group."

一位 P3消息人士说,梵蒂冈和德国坚持反对这次会议。该消息人士还说,德国总理默克尔"是希拉里[洛克菲勒]集团"

This group,apparently,is the one making threats to poison water.A U.S.military whistleblower had the following to say about their plans:


"Under Palm Springs is a U.S.intelligence base…I smell CIA.Leo Zagami works with Alex Jones who gets$35 million a year from Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works…the U.S.space program.


Trump's father,John Denver's father,Jeff Bezos of Amazon,Elon Musk of Tesla,Google,Utube,Microsoft,all supported by the U.S.space program.HQ under Kings Mountain Utah,just East of Salt Lake City,Utah.Zagami,the Italian Pope,works with whatever is under Malta.They plan on releasing three more bugs this year,two from the thawing Siberia region in North Central Russia."


Zagami,who claims to be senior in the Knights of Malta,did not respond to a query about this statement.


In any case,a reader pointed out the Knights of Malta sign is almost identical to the"umbrella corporation"logo now being associated with the bio-weapons attack on China.



本杰明|20200217 美国公司未能按期付款,并威胁要污染世界的水供应

Also,here you can see a Catholic priest blessing small arms being made by the Vatican's Berretta Arms subsidiary.



本杰明|20200217 美国公司未能按期付款,并威胁要污染世界的水供应

The forensic evidence makes it clear that the battle to liberate planet Earth from Satanic rule now needs to be concentrated against the Vatican's Satanic faction and their secret bases in Israel,the U.S.,and Italy.


Hopefully,the Vatican will agree to a meeting to discuss world peace before their bases are taken out.P3 representatives say they are trying to convince the Vatican.




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