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An interesting new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin emphasizing that judges may heed respected people's views,but the law supersedes all else,remarkably is,also,giving rare praise to the 193 US Federal Judges appointed by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the US Senate—rare praise based upon these Trump appointed federal judges taking just three short years to begin laying waste to decades of lawless leftist court rulings—the process of which has seen Trump's federal judges expediting to the United States Supreme Court critical leftist rulings to be overturned—which in the past week alone has seen this Supreme Court protecting the religious rights of its citizens and companies from leftist tyranny—its preparing to overrule leftist objections to a much needed energy pipeline—its protecting US border agents from being sued for just doing their jobs by leftist legal activists—and its protecting Trump's new rule ordering that all immigrants entering the US must support themselves,and won't be given federal handouts—a money saving ruling that allowed Trump to then expand healthcare access for 13-million American citizens—all occurring at the same Trump federal judges took firm control of the most radical leftist court in the US called the 9th Circuit—and after taking control,saw these Trump federal judges this week banding together to lift three leftist injunctions against a Trump administration rule that denies federal funding to clinics that refer women for abortions—and is,also,a 9th Circuit whose previous leftist rulings are now being systematically targeted for destruction by the Supreme Court itself—best exampled yesterday when the Supreme Court laid waste to and overturned the 1973 leftist 9th Circuit ruling that established without law what was known as the"Bob Richards Rule"on determining tax-refund distributions—and in wiping out this 47-year-old leftist 9th Circuit rule yesterday,saw Trump appointed Supreme Court Associate Neil Gorsuch declaring war on all of the remaining leftist federal judges in America with his warning words:"We took this case only to underscore the care federal courts should exercise before taking up an invitation to try their hand at common lawmaking".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

在这个过程中,特朗普的联邦法官加速推翻了美国最高法院(United States Supreme Court)批评性的左派裁决,仅在过去一周,最高法院就保护其公民和公司的宗教权利免受左派暴政的侵害,准备驳回左派对急需的能源管道的反对意见,保护美国边防人员免受左派法律活动人士起诉,以及保护特朗普关于所有进入美国的移民必须自力更生的新规定,而且不会得到联邦政府的施舍ーー这项节约资金的裁决允许特朗普当时扩大了1300万美国公民获得医疗保健服务的机会ーー所有这些都发生在同一个特朗普联邦法官牢牢控制了美国最激进的左翼法院第九巡回上诉法院ーー在取得控制权后,这些特朗普联邦法官本周联合起来,解除了三项左翼禁令,反对特朗普政府的一项规定,该规定否认联邦政府资助——最好的例子是,昨天,最高法院粉碎并推翻了1973年左翼的第九巡回上诉法院的裁决,该裁决在没有法律的情况下确立了所谓的"鲍勃·理查兹规则"(Bob Richards Rule),用以确定退税分配。昨天,特朗普任命的最高法院助理尼尔·戈萨奇(Neil Gorsuch)用他的警告语向美国所有尚存的联邦左翼法官宣战:"我们接手这个案子只是为了强调,联邦法院在受邀参与共同立法之前,应谨慎行事。".


According to this report,President Putin's reminding all Russian judges this morning that"the law supersedes all else"is predicated upon the most laid in bedrock principle of what a democracy is—a system where people are freely allowed to vote for those they wish to represent and rule over them—who in turn make just and fair laws these people can form a normal society to exist in—and whose checks on these rulers include the ability to vote them out of office,as well as the people being protected by judges whose rulings are based on law,not personal favor or preference.


For decades in the United States,though,this report explains,its socialist-led Democrat Party has made repeated end-runs around this normal democratic process to force upon the American people policies,rules and laws these citizens would never approve of if given the chance to vote—an end-run against normal societal democratic order accomplished by activist leftist appointed federal judges making up new laws,rules and policies out of thin air—who then used these made up laws,rules and policies as the foundation to make up even more outlandish laws,rules and policies—the result of which today sees the US being the only modern nation in the world where no one really knows what real laws are anymore—and because of,sees these US federal courts having to deal with an impossible to manage over 350,000 civil and criminal cases a year.

不过,这份报告解释说,几十年来,在美国,由社会主义者领导的民主党(Democrat Party)一再绕过这种正常的民主进程,将这些公民永远不会赞同的政策、规则和法律强加给美国人民,如果给他们投票的机会——这是对正常的社会民主秩序的最终抵制,而这种抵制是由激进的左派任命的联邦法官凭空制定新的法律、规则和政策——他们随后以这些捏造出来的法律、规则和政策为基础,制定——这些规则和政策的结果是,美国成为世界上唯一一个没有人真正知道什么是真正的法律的现代国家,也因为这些规则和政策,美国联邦法院每年不得不处理超过35万起不可能处理的民事和刑事案件。


To deal with these over 350,000 of yearly federal court cases making a mockery out of the American peoples'constitutional right to speedy trials,this report details,are just 870 US Federal Judges193 of whom were appointed by President Trump,confirmed by the US Senate and are now making rulings—the most critically important of them being Trump's two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court,and his 51federal judges now making rulings for the United States Courts of Appeals—who combined are systematically beginning the obliteration of decades of made up leftist laws—to such an extent leftist Associate Supreme Court Justices Sonya Sotomayor and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg"have gone into full Trump Derangement Syndrome rage"in their attacks on President Trump and their fellow Supreme Court Justices as they watch their leftist dreams for a socialist America go down in flames—a rage Trump responded to by calling on both Sotomayor and Ginsberg to recuse themselves from all cases having to do with him—but whose most searing attack came from top Republican Party US Senator Ted Cruz,who took a verbal sledgehammer to these leftist federal judges and fired back:

为了处理这些每年超过35万起的联邦法院案件,这些案件嘲弄了美国人民享有的宪法权利——快速审判,本报告详细说明了这些案件中仅有870名美国联邦法官,其中193名由特朗普总统任命,并得到了美国参议院的确认,现在正在作出裁决ーー其中最重要的是特朗普的两名最高法院助理法官,他手下的51名联邦法官现在正在为美国上诉法院(United States Courts of appeals)做出裁决,这些法官正在系统性地开始抹杀数十年来由左翼组成的法律,以至于左翼的最高法院联席法官索尼娅·索托马约尔(Sonya Sotomayor)和鲁思·巴德尔-金斯伯格(Ruth Bader-Ginsburg)在攻击特朗普总统及其最高法院同僚的时候,"完全陷入了特朗普紊乱综合症的愤怒之中",因为他们眼睁睁看着自己的社会主义者索尼娅·索托马约尔和金斯伯格回避了与他有关的所有案件,但他们最尖锐的攻击来自共和党参议员特德·克鲁兹,他对这些左翼联邦法官进行了口头抨击并予以回击:

I believe we have a handful of judges who are operating effectively as part of the Resistance Movement,trying to put themselves in the way of Trump policies they happen to disagree with.


And so I have to say I read Justice Sotomayor's complaint about,'gosh,we're getting all these emergency appeals of the Supreme Court.'


I read it a little bit like an arsonist complaining about the noise from the fire trucks.


The reason there is so many appeals is you've had fifty-five nationwide injunctions from far too many judges who are not honoring their oath.


They're not following the law.Instead they're operating as partisan political activists.



Supposed to be impartial US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg said in July-2016:"If Trump wins,time to move to New Zealand".


With revenge-fueled socialist Democrats watching in rage as President Trump and his federal judges rampage through the US legal system plotting the destruction of every leftist ruling they find,this report continues,yesterday their main Democrat Party leaders gathered together in yet another of their public war councils to plot their way back to power before all is lost—a war council they comically call a"debate"that saw them melting down before a nationwide television audience in a scream fest clown show where seven of their Democratic war council presidential candidates locked themselves together in a doom-laden downward spiral—saw war council leader Bernie Sanders stunningly defending communism—saw war council leader Michael"Mini Mike"Bloomberg shockingly admitting that he bought the Democrat majority in the US House—and beyond all belief saw war council leader Joe Biden claiming that 150 million Americans have died from gun violence—which is nearly half of the US population,who are actually all still alive—and that includes the 8 Democrat and Independent lawmakers in the State of Mississippi who after watching this war council"debate",announced that they were all switching to the Republican Party—most likely because they fear what may come next out of the mouth of Democrat war council leader Chief Spreading Bull—whose"white woman"name is Elizabeth Warren.

这份报告继续写道,在复仇情绪高涨的社会主义民主党人愤怒地关注着特朗普总统和他的联邦法官在美国法律体系中横冲直撞,密谋摧毁他们发现的每一个左翼统治。昨天,他们的主要民主党领导人聚集在又一个公共战争委员会,密谋在失去一切之前重新掌权——他们滑稽地称这个战争委员会为"辩论"在全国电视观众面前,在一个尖叫的小丑节目中,七位民主党战争委员会总统候选人把自己锁在一起,形成了一个厄运连连的恶性循环;战争委员会领导人伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)令人震惊地捍卫共产主义;战争委员会领导人迈克尔·"迷你迈克布隆伯格(Michael"Mini Mike"Bloomberg)令人震惊地承认,他买下了民主党在美国众议院的多数席位;战争委员会——美国一半的人口实际上都还活着,其中包括密西西比州的8名民主党和独立党议员,他们在观看了战争委员会的"辩论"后宣布,他们都将转向共和党,最有可能的原因是他们担心民主党战争委员会领导人酋长 Spreading bull 会说出什么话ーー他的"白人女性"名字叫伊莉莎白·华伦。


With President Trump now said to be on a warpath of his own with a"Deep State"hit list to oust"Never-Trumpers"from his government,this report concludes,most interesting to note about this entire spectacle is a new poll showing that black Americans are getting fed up with the Democrat Party—black Americans,one supposes,who have gotten tired of being abused and lied to by these deranged socialist Democratsand the demented leftist anti-Trump mainstream media—which explains why the truthful Fox News has just posted the highest ratings in its entire 24-year history,while fake news media MSNBC and CNN continue to see their ratings crash—and after major news broadcaster ABC News switched last month to more honest Trump coverage(because they knew what was coming),saw their ratings soar to a record 24-year high,too—all occurring at the same time Trump's approval has hit 52%,which is FIVE POINTS above Obama at same point in his presidency—that,of course,means that all of Trump's enemies should begin practicing to say without breaking down into hysterical fits the most dreaded word to ever pass the ears of these socialists—LANDSLIDE.

随着特朗普总统现在据说正在对一份"深州"黑名单发起战争,要把"从不吹响号角的人"赶出他的政府,这份报告得出结论,整个事件中最值得注意的是一项新的民意调查,该调查显示,美国黑人正在对民主党感到厌烦ーー有人猜测,是美国黑人,他们已经厌倦了被这些疯狂的社会主义民主党人和疯狂的左翼反特朗普主流媒体辱骂和欺骗,这就解释了为什么诚实的福克斯新闻刚刚发布了其24年历史上最高的收视率,而假新闻媒体 MSNBC CNN 继续看到它们的收视率下降,而且在主要新闻广播公司 ABC 新闻上个月转向更诚实的特朗普报道(因为他们知道接下来会发生什么)之后——他们的支持率也创下了24年来的最高纪录——所有这一切都发生在特朗普的支持率达到52%的同时,这比奥巴马总统任期内的同一时期高出5个百分点——当然,这意味着特朗普的所有敌人都应该开始练习说话,而不是歇斯底里地说出这些社会主义者有史以来最可怕的词——landslide



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