2012年7月13日讯息 『计划扩大』

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『柯博拉Cobra』2012年7月13日讯息 『计画扩大』 The Plan Expanded 计画扩大 The original plan for the liberation

The original plan for the liberation of this planet has been expanded. There will be less talk and more action:
1. Less intel will be declassified and given to the general population. The reason for this is that the awakened part of the general population has underperformed regarding what it did with the intel received. It is not strategically wise to release intel that even the awakened population laughs at and at the same time the Cabal uses it to the disadvantage of the Light.
You will still receive intel and updates, but certain things will be withheld until the appropriate time.
2. The Matrix is beginning to crack in the mass media. The cracks will expand and widen.
The mass arrests scenario is beginning to leak into the mainstream. This article tends to be a little bit too violent for my taste, but it manages to get across the message that certain people need to be stopped in their actions:
And you might want to sign this petition:
Almost half a million people signed it in three days. It has a potential to reach the critical mass and trigger some real changes. Make it viral! I have received reports that the petition page is blocked by Internet Explorer. If you can not reach it, try with Firefox or some other browser instead.
Mainstream media are starting to report about disclosure also. You can read this:
And this:
3. At a specific point before the Event, certain actions will be taken that will bring undeniable proof to the awakened population that the Plan is real and that there are indeed Light forces working towards the planetary liberation.
3. 光明势力会在事件前夕将会采取一些行动。这些行动会带给觉醒的群众铁铮铮的证据;一来证明计画确实存在,也的确有光明势力正在努力解放地球。
4. Greed and lust for power inside the Light forces on the surface of this planet (Positive Military, White Dragon Society…) is understandable and tolerable as an intrinsic part of the human nature, to a certain point. But when it begins to hinder operations, create delays, or when certain suffering could be prevented inside the general population and it is not, people responsible for this will be held accountable. The Resistance Movement is monitoring all operations of the surface positive groups and knows exactly what everybody is doing.
2012年7月13日讯息 『计划扩大』
5. The Resistance Movement will give positive groups on the surface of the planet a certain limited period of time to carry out the actual liberation themselves. If they fail to do so, direct action will be taken by the Resistance independently from any positive groups or the general population. This is the second part of Operation Omega Phoenix. Very few details will be given out before the actual operation itself. If Operation Omega Phoenix 2 will be needed, it will be less user-friendly to the general population because a little more severe disruptions in the distribution chain are possible. The Green Light (advance notice to the general population) for Operation Omega Phoenix 2 may or may not be issued.
6. The “containment”, as many channels describe it, is not possible. There will be actual physical arrests of the Cabal taking place. The positive ET forces will only assist from the distance with their light healing and balancing technologies to ensure they will happen with as little violence as possible.
翻译:Patrick Shih
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