萨拉博士|2021/4/25 银河联邦对公司卫星和火星外逃的攻击的最新进展

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萨拉博士|2021/4/25  银河联邦对公司卫星和火星外逃的攻击的最新进展



According to the latest intelligence received from a representative of the Galactic Federation of Worlds,attacks have moved into high gear to remove corporate-run facilities that have recently relocated to Mars.On Sunday,April 25,Elena Danaan sent me an update on the ongoing campaign to free Mars of negative extraterrestrial and corporate influences after the Galactic Federation had previously freed the Moon as she explained in our fourth interview.

根据世界银河联邦的一名代表提供的最新情报,为了清除最近迁移到火星上的企业设施,袭击已经进入高潮。425日,星期天,Elena Danaan 给我发送了一份最新消息,关于在银河联邦解放月球之后,为了消除火星上负面的外星人和公司的影响,正如她在第四次采访中解释的那样,正在进行的运动。

In my third interview with Elena on April 10,she explained that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was attacking negative extraterrestrial and deep state facilities on the Earth,Moon,and Mars.This was due to these three locations having been earlier revealed to be the epicenters of a future galactic tyranny that was initially reported by the Andromeda Council during the 1990s to their contactee,Alex Collier.

在我410日对 Elena 的第三次采访中,她解释说世界之银河联邦正在攻击地球、月球和火星上负面的外星和深层国家设施。这是由于这三个地点在早些时候被揭露为未来银河暴政的中心,仙女座议会在20世纪90年代最初向他们的联系人亚历克斯·科利尔报告了这一情况。

In Defending Sacred Ground,he said:


Apparently what they[Andromeda Council]have done,through time travel,is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future.They have traced it back to our solar system,and they have been able to further track it down to Earth,Earth's Moon and Mars.Those three places.(Defending Sacred Ground,p.10)


This is the email update I received from Elena on Sunday about current events as they pertain to the Galactic Federation eliminating all possibility of a Galactic Tyranny evolving from the Earth,Moon and Mars:

这是我周日从 Elena 那里收到的关于当前事件的电子邮件更新,因为这些事件都与银河联邦有关,消除了所有从地球、月球和火星演化而来的银河暴政的可能性:

I finally know,from Thor Han,why the Galactic Federation says that now that they are attacking Mars,they also can destroy certain groups of satellites in orbit of Earth(which they were reluctant to do before).I didn't quite understand why,what was the link between the raids on Mars and some types of satellites in orbit of Earth.Well,he gave me the answer:

我终于从 Thor Han 那里知道了为什么银河联邦卫星组织说现在他们正在攻击火星,他们也可以摧毁地球轨道上的某些卫星群(他们以前不愿意这么做)。我不太明白为什么,对火星的袭击和地球轨道上的某些类型的卫星之间有什么联系。他给了我答案:

The Galactic Federation was waiting that some specific big corporations finally relocated their headquarters on Mars,chased from Earth.These specific corporations own these satellite programs,which are tools in the agenda of enslaving the whole of humanity helped by the nanotechnologies and all that we know about the vax.To destroy these satellites,they needed to simultaneously neutralize these corporations.While the headquarters of these corporations were still on Earth,(mainly in underground fortresses)it was impossible to conduct armed offensives,which would have been disastrous for Earth and its civilians.

美国银河联邦正在等待一些特定的大公司最终将他们的总部搬到火星上,从地球上被追赶。这些特定的公司拥有这些卫星项目,这些项目是奴役整个人类议程中的工具,得益于纳米技术和我们所知道的关于 vax 的一切。为了摧毁这些卫星,他们需要同时中和这些公司。当这些公司的总部还在地球上的时候,(主要是在地下堡垒)是不可能发动武装进攻的,这对地球和它的平民来说是灾难性的。

The Galactic Federation has been working at getting the moles out of the tunnels to be able to eradicate them.On Mars,the raids are touching targets way more easily.They trapped them.A lot of elites had seek[sought]refuge also on Mars,so that is going to be quite interesting in the coming times.


It has been known for some time that major corporations set up large industrial facilities on Mars.According to intel received from Corey Goode,these corporate facilities on Mars were trading with up to 900 different extraterrestrial civilizations.These corporations were part of what he described as an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate that featured a superboard comprising CEOs from major companies that had built a powerful secret space program.


It therefore comes as no great surprise that major corporations would decide to relocate personnel and resources to Mars as the Deep State agenda is on the verge of collapse on Earth.


The collapse is due to an accelerated"Global Awakening"as more and more medical personnel expose the Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide government responses as a scam,and there is impending exposure of the truth that the 2020 US Presidential election was indeed stolen from President Trump as the forensic audit of Maricopa County electoral ballots ordered by the Arizona State Senate is expected to confirm.


In many aspects,we are in a very similar situation to August 10,1944,when top industrialists from Nazi Germany met in Strasbourg and ordered to relocate resources,personnel and finances to safe locations in South America,neutral countries and Antarctica to escape the impending military defeat.The same process is now repeating itself on Earth as top Deep State officials seek to escape capture and punishment by covertly relocating to Mars using spacecraft from a corporate-run secret space program.



As Elena points out,according to her source,Thor Han,the relocation of top corporate executives makes it easier for the Galactic Federation to militarily take out the satellite systems that were put in place to repress humanity.While Thor Han did not mention any systems,in particular,my guess would be that the failed Irridium Satellite system set up by Motorola and Thales Alenia Space is the most likely contender for the collapsing Deep State agenda.

正如 Elena 指出的那样,根据她的消息来源 Thor Han 的说法,公司高管的迁移使得银河联邦更容易在军事上摧毁那些用来压制人类的卫星系统。虽然 Thor Han 没有特别提到任何系统,但是我猜测由摩托罗拉和泰雷兹阿莱尼亚宇航公司建立的失败的灌溉卫星系统是最有可能成为即将崩溃的深州议程的竞争者。

What makes Elena's remarkable claims plausible is that in December 2020,Professor Haim Eshed,the father Israel's space program revealed in an interview,that a Galactic Federation was indeed playing a very active role in Earth affairs,and that joint a US extraterrestrial base had been established on Mars.This supports her claims that an exodus of top corporate executives to Mars is currently underway.

202012月,以色列空间计划之父 Haim Eshed 教授在一次采访中透露,银河联邦空间站确实在地球事务中发挥了非常积极的作用,美国在火星上建立了联合外星基地。这支持了她的说法,即大批顶级企业高管目前正在前往火星。

I will provide more updates and information as they become available,and will seek independent confirmation of these remarkable events as they develop.


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