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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

April 25,2021 2021425


Fasten your seat belts because this roller coaster is gathering momentum and the twists and turns ahead are going to take us on a ride so wild we never saw it coming.The entire world is involved in the Great Awakening and the red pills will be doled out generously.


Here's an Audit AZ update:



The pain inflicted by our prickly landscape is nothing compared to the pain these terrorists are going to feel when the truth about their activities is more widely known.Stay safe,everyone.



Is it too much to ask that the masses begin to wonder why—if masks,social distancing and lockdowns work—are we continuing to do it over a year later with no improvement?There is no logic in it.So what else is going on?They should be asking this—and it's not due to the imaginary"variants".What's the agenda?



We can see the police are under attack.The false flag terrorist events have targeted them physically,and also made them look bad.When the treacherous media lays on their thick narrative it's no surprise there would be a shortage of Law Enforcement officers.How do we fill the gaps?


In line with that,we heard that the Arizona Rangers are providing their donated time for security for the forensic election audit in progress here in Phoenix and Paypal just happened to shut down their method of support.The new Go Fund Me is a way for Patriots to help support these people who are working for us to ensure the safety and integrity of this process that will reveal the truth about American elections;and that it doesn't stop there.

与此同时,我们听说亚利桑那州流浪者队正在为菲尼克斯的法庭选举审计提供他们捐赠的安全时间,而贝宝刚好关闭了他们的支持方式。新的 Go Fund Me 是爱国者们帮助支持这些为我们工作的人们的一种方式,他们确保了这个过程的安全和完整性,这个过程将揭示美国选举的真相,而且不会止步于此。

The AZ Rangers created a Go Fund Me page after PayPal suspended their account.Mike Montalvo set up the fundraiser—he is the IT Director for the AZ Rangers(our team spoke with him personally today).

PayPal 暂停他们的账户后,AZ Rangers 创建了一个 Go Fund Me 页面。Mike Montalvo 建立了筹款活动ー他是 AZ Rangers IT 总监(我们的团队今天与他进行了私人谈话)

The AZ Rangers are protecting our Maricopa audit and they need our support.The Rangers are a volunteer organization and they need help with expenses over the next 4-6 weeks as they donate their time to secure our audit.

AZ Rangers 正在保护我们对马里科帕的审计,他们需要我们的支持。别动队是一个志愿者组织,他们需要在未来4-6周的费用,因为他们捐出他们的时间,以确保我们的审计帮助。

Please consider making a contribution to their 501c(3);together we are strong💪,$5 makes a difference.


Support:2021年4月25日星期日文摘:通往自由的路上到处都是标志|星际飞船地球 gofund.me/01415d31

Website:2021年4月25日星期日文摘:通往自由的路上到处都是标志|星际飞船地球 azrangers.gov/donate



That is one way we can support the Great Awakening and the brave people making it happen.



We hear there was an alleged drone strike in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday evening very close to former Trump advisor Roger Stone's office.Live streaming from the site was blocked,they report.Not sure if that damage would be the result of a gas explosion.


Here's Newsweek's"unbiased"coverage.The footage Stone's friend published at the site is included at this link.What do you think?


Roger Stone Suggests Gas Explosion at Florida Warehouse Was'Drone Strike'Targeting Him 


Could that have been related to the activity Stone has engaged in recently with General Flynn in the article below?Flynn has been activated and there are many Trump supporters who will ensure the people who voted for Trump remain engaged,encouraged,and fired up for the days ahead.This is no time to give up the fight.It's only just begun.



Michael Flynn and Roger Stone urge Trump fans to stay politically active at Bradenton rally 


We may learn more later about the fire and explosion but if you doubt that the terrorist regime on this planet would resort to a tactic like that,consider this.



One member of the crew noted that appeared to be an EMP(electro-magnetic pulse)attack on the Danish official;a warning.And yes,they are fully capable of executing electronic weapon attacks and have done it for decades.The victims are called"targeted individuals".Long term attacks can and have lead to death.Those frequencies short-circuit our own electro-magnetic system and basically shut us off.That's a low dose.A high-powered one could kill instantly,from what I understand.


The problem is,it's very difficult to link the attack to the culprit.Some report the attacks are conducted via satellite and implanted individuals are easy to track with that technology.That's one more reason to shoot down those Mossad satellites and replace them with Starlink/Space Force technology.



The"scamdemic"is a long game the New World Order planned and executed with precision and forethought.They had all their resources in place in 2019,bribed greedy heads of state to participate,and will ruthlessly pursue their agenda.


Humanity has to wake up to the depopulation plan and protect themselves.There are signs that more and more people are realizing it's do or die time and are stepping outside their comfort zone.For many,there is no place of comfort any longer.


The protestors in London had the cops on the run this weekend.Check out the incredible video clip at this link on Telegram.Or read the article and watch on The Daily Mail site.

这个周末,伦敦的抗议者让警察四处逃窜。点击 Telegram 上的链接查看令人难以置信的视频剪辑。或者阅读文章,观看每日邮报网站。

That footage illustrates what we mean when we say the 99 per cent have far more power than they realize.When we decide to make a statement in great enough numbers,unify,support each other,and don't back down,no one can argue with us.WE could make citizen arrests of those who shred our constitutions and abuse our civil rights if we chose.Will it come to that?



Fed-up nurses in Brazil reveal the truth about their"Covid unit".It's flat out MT.No patients,and they are out of patience,too.Just 40 seconds.

巴西厌倦了护士揭露他们的"Covid 单位"的真相。没有病人,而且他们也没有耐心。只有40秒。


North of the 49th,the people of Ontario,Canada are fighting back.They forced Premier Doug Ford to back down on his initiative to have police accost anyone out and about and"breaking quarantine".The police,who have been heavy-handed in addressing the Kung Flu situations in many instances rebelled as well and said they weren't going to enforce it.


Now we have medical experts stepping up to the plate.They're offering to challenge Ford and his panel of advisors on"facts",and you know what happens when we do that.


What will come of this challenge?If it goes forward,the People will learn that the measures taken and proposed are completely unfounded and causing a great deal of harm to millions when the risks are only applicable to a few.


Obviously the law suits such as the one filed against the Canadian Government by Rocco Galati will take time.It's key to get the facts to the People NOW.


We believe the Canadian public across all provinces deserves to hear an open debate of all the facts so they can stay informed about the various points of view expressed by highly qualified Canadian scientists.These are experts in the fields of clinical medicine,biology,immunology,virology,epidemiology,and infectious diseases.


Ontario Scientists:Premier Doug Ford Open Scientific Debate Challenge 


Incidentally,Rocco posted an interesting Tweet on Friday that Starship readers might appreciate.



This is 27 people who would probably be alive today had they been home or going about their business sans the"plandemic".Is this sabotage or simply an accident?


Dozens reported dead&injured after explosion sparks fire in Iraqi Covid-19 hospital(VIDEO)


Simon Parkes has a new Connecting Consciousness Show for us,which is always interesting.First he does a general intel update followed by the Q&A and members have fascinating questions on any topic under the sun.Themtube has reinstated Simon's channel…for now./



Simon recommends this discussion on"genocide vaccines",as well.



You may have seen the black thread-like,microscopic"organism"in a face mask I pointed out in a Jon Levi video recently.I saw a Telegram post where some"expert"said the movement of that"thread"in the fibres of the mask was due to the warm updraft created by circulating air currents.PFFFFFFFFFFF!!!Really?

你可能已经看过我最近在乔恩·李维的视频中指出的一个面罩中的黑色线状微生物。我在 Telegram 上看到一个帖子,一些"专家"说,面罩纤维中的"线"的移动是由于循环气流产生的暖气流。太好了,太好了!真的吗?

Here's a post from an Australian blog that gets into the agenda.For those who truly understand the psychotic,psychopathic nature of the monsters who have been ruling our planet,this isn't science fiction.As he says,ignore it at your own peril.We know they leave nothing to chance and since the Covid scam is a PLANdemic,they had years to examine every possible way to attack us and ensure their depopulation agenda was successful.

这里有一篇来自澳大利亚博客的文章被列入了议事日程。对于那些真正了解统治我们星球的怪物的精神病态和心理变态本质的人来说,这不是科幻小说。正如他所说,忽视它,后果自负。我们知道他们不会放过任何机会,而且由于 Covid 骗局是一个计划性的行动,他们有多年的时间来研究每一种可能的攻击我们的方式,并确保他们的人口减少计划是成功的。

Don't get tested,don't wear masks,and stay out of the medical institutions.Boost your immune system and you may come out of this unscathed.And now—perhaps we really do need to avoid those who have been vaccinated.I've no idea.I just trust my immune system and go on living.


Isn't that an ironic switch,though?Barricading ourselves and wearing gloves to avoid contact with anyone who got the jab?Never saw that one coming.



Here's something else you may want to get involved with to help take down the satanic globalists.



We still need to address the Clinton Crime Syndicate.That's coming,too.



FBI Releases Documents on Investigation Into Death of Democrat National Committee Worker Seth Rich 


This is LT's latest And We Know current events update.



If you wish to phone in or listen via phone or PC to the Miracles Intel Conference Call tonight,it begins at 6 pm Pacific and Scott Mowry and team will update the audience on the current operations unfolding and our trajectory toward full disclosure and the public launch of the Quantum Financial System,the GCR(Global Currency Revaluation),etc.


Scott's email update reads…


"…what may be now developing is the Patriots are about to reveal their Quantum Voting System which was employed during the 2020 Election and contained digital watermarks on only real and authentic ballots and can only can be read under ultra-violet lights.


•Also this week,there were reports that dozens,if not hundreds,of arrests were made of U.S.Treasury employees in Washington,DC,who were conspiring to block the RV process.And Richard Citizen Journalist was there to witness and record some of the police activity on video.

同样在本周,有报道称,华盛顿特区有数十名(如果不是数百名的话)美国财政部雇员被逮捕,他们密谋阻止 RV 进程。理查德公民记者在那里目击并拍摄了一些警方的活动。

•During the second half of our Miracles Intel Call,we will be featuring a special guest named"Tressy"who will be discussing the public exchange process for the RV which may be about to begin in the month of May 2021.

在我们的奇迹英特尔呼吁的下半部分,我们将特别介绍一位名为"Tressy"的特别嘉宾,他将讨论可能将于20215月开始的 RV 的公共交换过程。

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in number(US):(712)770-4598 Access code:767664#


International dial-in numbers:https://fccdl.in/i/scottm6975

Online meeting ID:scottm6975 网上会议编号:scottm6975

Join the online meeting:https://join.freeconferencecall.com/scottm6975

Replay Number:712-770-5402 Access code:767664#/followed by#again 重播号码:712-770-5402访问代码:767664#/后接#再次

Backup Number:520-420-9092

If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support:(844)844-1322




Simon Parkes posted a quick graphic to illustrate some of the AZ vote irregularities found already.Check it out at that link.

西蒙帕克斯(Simon Parkes)发布了一张快速图表,以说明 AZ 已经发现的一些投票违规行为。看看这个链接。

We can be sure that the Quantum Voting System employed by the US Military/Space Force to monitor the entire election process will rapidly and accurately tell us exactly what happened.I doubt it will take 40–60 days,but they may drag it out that long for their own purposes and the timing of The Plan.This is all optics.They already have their statistics and the enemy is sweating bullets.


That concludes our Sunday Digest.Enjoy the rest of your weekend or,if you're in the East,the beginning of your week.Exciting times ahead,possums;the time we've waited for.~BP





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