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Dearest beloveds,


Greetings of the most high.We come forward in this sacred moment of your time on wings of great great excitement and jubilation.Please know dearest ones that the so deeply prayed for transformations are finally truly taking place now on this earthly realm.


There are acute upheavals taking place all around the world at the moment and we are all witnessing a monumental handover of power from the forces that"were"who are sometimes referred to as the Deep state or the cabal–to the forces of light.


Dearest ones,We are so close now,and life on Earth is on the cusp of transforming at a truly unprecedented rate.We can confirm that there are leaders in the geopolitical and military complex who genuine do have a ascending humanity's greatest interests at heart,and who are working tirelessly at dismantling the old control structures,and paving the way for technologies that will instantly liberate humanity on every level.


The old ways of mind control and blatant manipulation of humanities consciousness is now in the final dismantling stages and for some this will appear chaotic and messy,but here we refer you very very strongly to the archetype of the tower card in the tarot major Arcana.


The tower represents all that is not solid or sustainable.


All of our Western societies have been built upon these illusionary principles with the primary motivation of those in power being service to themselves with a complete neglect of the vast majority of humanities needs and birthright.


Please know that each of us holds within our deepest blueprint,all of the codes to create paradise on earth.This blueprint is stored in our super consciousness field also known as the akashic records.What this means is that every single human being alive is programmed for unity consciousness,to coexist on this pristine planet in harmony and bliss.These are fundamental aspects of our true Nature and are stored in the hard drive of our divine selves.In order to access this blueprint,one must commit diligently to taking the leap from prioritising The Logical and rational voice of the mind to prioritising and implementing the knowing of ones heart consciousness,also known as the unified field of consciousness.


When each soul individually aligns and is governed by their heart Centre this world that we all hold in our deepest core Will manifest efficiently,proficiently and immediately.


As many of you are aware the imminent disclosure timeline will reveal and indeed unveil many advanced Technologies that have been gifted to humanity from our galactic brothers and sisters who coexist in dimensional realms that are higher than ours.These technologies have been available to humanity for many many many decades but have been kept hidden from us in order to ensure that the pharmaceutical companies maintain there mind boggling levels of profit and their strong hold with regards to the control of humanities consciousness.


These Technologies are able to scan the entire bodily system and correct any blocks on any level-


be it etheric,physical,mental or spiritual.


These technologies are able to do cell counts and blood counts and will correct any imbalances within the energy and physical field.


Here is a quote from a previously hidden document….


"There are three(3)types of Med Beds:(1)Holographic Med Beds;(2)Regenerative Med Beds which regenerates tissue and body parts,that's powered by a different source;(3)Re-atomization Med Beds that in about two-and-half to three minutes will regenerate the whole human body,head to toe.What does this advanced technology mean for an 80-year old woman?She could be 30-years old again in less than three(3)minutes.Fifty years peeled off her life.Now,she can have children again.She could have a whole new family if she wants.It looks like to this writer that the Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.


The Med Bed looks at the body and corrects imperfections.The technology has been around for quite some time.It's not something out of the clear blue sky.It's just been kept hidden from the human race for a very long time.


The technology of the Med Beds is not from planet Earth.It is not human-created technology.It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ET's.A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy and plasma(plasmatic)energy.The soil,the atmosphere,the water,everything is plasma energy,everything in the universe is plasma energy,it's just a different form through vibrational frequency."


http://www.discerningthemystery.com/2018/11/med-beds-holographic-medical-pods-one.html?fbclid=IwAR1O-QRE3e7aZj0ovzqZXyfZIxkDMGbLMNERimkTvdlLWE5hz29dJHL9HdU….this is the link to the article….

These are profoundly exciting and transforming times that we are all currently living in and as ever the level of spiritual intensity will continue to increase as we move ever closer towards the solar flash event.At times like this,particular portal dates such as the 11.11 and the 12.12 will hold a tremendous amount of spiritual energy and as such it is appropriate for those of you on the Ascension path to gather together with your brothers and sisters on these dates in order to harness the potency of date such as this.


The number 12 is found in cultures and religion in all the world.


The number 12 reflects to the ancient meaning of 12 being the number of perfection.


The number 12 is the result of 4×3,4 elements–4 corners of the earth–4 cardinal points.When these are multiplied 4 x 3,three being the sacred number of God,the result is 12–the perfect number.


The number 12 represents a number of completion and can be found in all of the cultures around the world here are a few examples….


"Against the blue sky of the western world,the stars represent the people of Europe in a circle,a symbol of unity.


"Their number shall be invariably set to twelve,the symbol of completeness and perfection."


The number 12 represents a number of completion and can be found in all of the cultures around the world here are a few examples….


The 12 Tribes of Israel,


12 Disciples of God


In Buddhism:The 12 Stations of Life


In Zoroastrianism and Olympus:The 12 Heavenly Gods


The Zodiac is Divided Into 12 Constellations.


In Christianity Jesus had 12 disciples,


There are 12 numbers in a clock and 12 months of the year..


We are so looking forward to Gathering with you for the 12:12 transmission ceremony that will take place on Wednesday the 12th of December at 12:12 p.m.Mountain Time 7.12 pm uk time.


There are many many of you who have heard the call to be part of these huge global ceremonies since January and we Express our deepest heartfelt appreciation to all of you for showing up for this level of personal and planetary service.


Participating in these ceremony transmissions fast tracks you on your spiritual evolutionary pathway,as we are working very much with the group energy of the collective in order to swiftly move through many of the blocks and obstacles that have accrued since coexisting on the 3d realm,and many of you often Express how deeply and profoundly life-changing taking part in these ceremonies is for you.


Please know that we are being guided to focus on activating the codes of Celebration that are stored in our DNA.Although it may not seem like it is time for us to be celebrating as a collective we can assure you that this handover is very much in its final stages and therefore it is wholeheartedly appropriate for you to come together in your Ascension groups in order to activate all of the celebration codes that are stored within your DNA.

请知道,我们正在被引导着专注于激活存储在我们 DNA 中的庆典密码。虽然这看起来不像是我们作为一个集体来庆祝的时候,但是我们可以向你们保证,这个交接已经非常接近它的最后阶段,因此它完全适合你们聚集在你们的扬升小组中,以激活所有存储在你们 DNA 中的庆祝密码。

Please know that this will ensure the Swift alignment with the timeline of the Solar flash event.


We are also being strongly guided to work with our 12th dimensional Avatar consciousness self,and we are being guided to ensure that any blocks or interference that maybe in place on this dimensional level are are skillfully removed,thus insuring a direct alignment to source energy,thus enabling all of us to harness our energy directly from Mother Father God source as opposed to sourcing our energy from other people or our own energy reserves.


This is extremely important work brothers and sisters as many of you are aware that certain interferences have been allowed to take place in humanities energy Fields and we are being guided as a collective to entirely remove all programmes implants or interferences that are hindering our sovereign alignment with source energy please see below for full details on the 12 12 transmission.


Dearest ones as ever it is our deepest honour to come forward in this manner to share this extremely exciting news with you all.


We very much look forward to welcoming you into our core group


in love and light Jen and the white wolf tribe


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