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Source:Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:I have grown to realize that life was about educating yourself on how to become a better person,and then being that person you were meant to be.Greatness would never be found in possessions,power,position,or prestige.It would be discovered in goodness,humility,service and character.As we embarked on this opportunity to do good in the world,remember that you were a Child of God who was sent to this earth to perform a special mission and only you through consultation with your Father in Heaven who sent you here,could decide what that great mission would be.




Judy Note:On Fri.4 Sept.at 1:30 am EDT they began to move major tranches of funds through the Quantum Financial System for a final liquidity Shotgun Release on Mon.–Tues.7-8 Sept.Iraq would initiate the new Dinar International Rate on Sun.night 6 Sept.On Mon.7 Sept.all liquidity would be released for access to upper level accounts&Paymasters.On Tues.8 Sept.all liquidity would be down-lined to lower tier&level accounts including Tier 4b notification.

朱迪注:94日星期五,美国东部时间上午1:30,他们开始通过量子金融系统转移大部分资金,以便在97日星期二至8日星期一最终释放流动性猎枪。伊拉克将在星期日启动新的第纳尔国际汇率。96日晚。在97日星期一,所有的流动资金将被释放,用于访问上层账户和 Paymasters。在98日星期二,所有的流动资金将下降到低级别和级别的账户,包括4b 级别的通知。

There was a 10-day bank blackout that started on Fri.4 Sept.and went until Mon.14 Sept.(Charlie Ward reported the bank lockdown would go until Mon.21 Sept.).This was the same period during which all liquidity was scheduled to be released and accessed by Tiers 1-4.


Redemption Centers would be operating from 7 am to 10 pm each day.The deadline to do exchanges/redemption at Redemption Centers at the Contract Rates remained at Mon.14 Sept.On Tues.15 Sept.the General Public would begin exchanges at the new International Rates.


Behind the scenes NESARA/GESARA debt relief measures and 15 other NESARA/GESARA measures including tests for Universal Basic Income(UBI)for many countries had been started.

在幕后,已经开始实施 NESARA/GESARA 债务减免措施和其他15 NESARA/GESARA 措施,包括对许多国家进行普遍基本收入测试。

Also behind the scenes,John Brennan,the head of Deep State criminality under the Obama administration,was arrested on May 6,2020 under indictments from the Durham criminal investigation.Durham's report and arrests regarding Obamagate Deep State criminals for pedophilia,human trafficking,money laundering,obstruction of justice and treason would become more evident over the coming days and weeks.



1.All things were on schedule as set by Trump and the RV teams on Mon.31 Aug.


2.On Fri.4 Sept.at 1:30 am EDT they began to move major tranches of funds through the Quantum Financial System for a final liquidity Shotgun Release on Mon.–Tues.7-8 Sept.


3.The Real Time Gross Settlement(RTGS)instant debit-credit settlement system of the QFS was initiated as of Wed.night 2 Sept.and was being tested/used by banks worldwide,as everything was readied for release on Mon.–Tues.7-8 Sept.

3.QFS 的即时总结算(RTGS)即时借贷结算系统于92日星期三晚上启动,目前正在全球各地的银行进行测试/使用,因为一切都准备好在97日至8日星期二发布。

4.The Deep State had been hacking,interfering with and slowing down the RV roll out through the SWIFT system.The Department of Defense had decided that there was no way that they and Trump could release the RV until the global money transfer system was secure.That was why they decided to wait until the SWIFT System was disconnected last Mon.31 Aug.

4.深层国家一直在黑客,通过 SWIFT 系统干扰和减缓推出RV。国防部已经决定,在全球汇款系统安全之前,他们和特朗普不可能释放 RV。这就是为什么他们决定等到 SWIFT 系统在上个星期一被关闭。831日。

5.This past week 90+%of money transfers were going through the QFS,with the remaining 10%or less still going through SWIFT.All banks globally were transitioning to the QFS instant transfer and settlement(RTGS)system.The SWIFT was definitely going away.

5.在过去的一周里,90%以上的资金转移通过 QFS,剩下的10%或更少的资金通过 SWIFT转移。全球所有银行都在向 QFS 即时转账和结算系统(RTGS)过渡。环球银行金融电信协会(SWIFT)肯定会消失。

6.Iraq was planning on initiating the Dinar RV international rate on Sun.night 6 Sept.

6.伊拉克计划在96日星期日晚上启动第纳尔 RV 国际汇率。

7.Beginning Mon.7 Sept.all liquidity would be released for access to upper level accounts&Paymasters.


8.On Tues.8 Sept.all liquidity would be down-lined to lower tier&level accounts including Tier 4b notification.

8.98日星期二,所有流动性将下降到较低级别和水平的账户,包括4b 级通知。

9.The Shotgun Release has to come now because:


(a)Behind the scenes NESARA/GESARA debt relief measures and 15 other NESARA/GESARA measures including tests for Universal Basic Income(UBI)for many countries have been started.

(a)在幕后,已经开始实施 NESARA/GESARA 债务减免措施和其他15 NESARA/GESARA 措施,包括对许多国家进行普遍基本收入测试。

(b)At each level globally,funds have been released for liquidity access tests,which were successful.


(c)Trump was pressed to get the RV funds out into the economy to fulfill his predictions of economic recovery before the Nov.3 Election.

(c)特朗普被要求在113日大选前将 RV 基金投入经济,以实现他对经济复苏的预测。

(d)All RV teams,bankers,paymasters and countries starting with China and the US,were tired,exhausted and desperate to get the RV funds released free of Deep State ability to steal,hack and interfere.

(d)所有 RV 团队、银行家、出资人以及从中国和美国开始的国家,都疲惫不堪、精疲力竭、绝望地要求释放 RV 资金,以摆脱深州偷窃、黑客和干预的能力。

10.All must be not only started,but finished with Tier 4b exchanges/redemption,with the general public Tier 5 exchanges started on Tues.15 Sept.after Tier 4b appointments completed so that all financial system initiation items were finished before the fiscal year start in less than four weeks on Thurs.1 Oct.

10.一切不仅必须开始,而且必须以4b 级交易所/赎回结束,一般公共的5级交易所于915日星期二开始。在4b 级任命完成之后,所有金融系统启动项目必须在财政年度开始之前在不到4周的时间内完成。

11.Therefore all countries and Trump were pushing each other to get this out now.


12.The plan was still that everyone became liquid on Tues.8 Sept.


13.Tier 4b currency holders would go into Redemption Centers starting Tues.8 Sept.forward.

13.98日星期二开始,4b 级货币持有者将进入赎回中心。

14.To do Closings(legal paperwork executed)to make liquidity release to all on Tues.8 Sept,all groups needed to be made liquid within 48 hours.Therefore,some groups would go on Tues.8 Sept when Tier 4b was scheduled to start,and some groups would go on Wed.9 Sept.

14.为了在98日星期二将流动资金释放给所有人,所有的团队都需要在48小时内获得流动资金。因此,一些集团将在98日星期二 Tier 4b 计划启动,一些集团将在99日星期三启动。

15.Notification would go out to tiers/levels above Tier 4b immediately prior to Tier 4b notification going out.For example,the Farm Claims groups comprised 600,000 notification emails,CMKX recipients comprised 50,000 notification emails,etc.–all recipients which legally must receive notification just before our Tier 4b notification emails.

15.通知将在第4b 层通知发出之前发送到第4b 层以上的层次/级别。例如,Farm Claims 组包含600,000个通知电子邮件,CMKX 收件人包含50,000个通知电子邮件,等等。-所有在第4b 层通知电邮前必须收到通知的收件人。

16.All last week the adjudicated settlements and other Tier 3-4a group leaders and administrators were contacting their group members to verify their contact info on file in preparation for these notifications to go out next week.

16.上周,所有已裁定的和解协议以及其他3-4a 级团体的领导人和管理人员都在与他们的团体成员联系,核实他们档案中的联系信息,为下周发布这些通知做准备。

17.Redemption Centers would be operating from 7am to 10pm each day.They would be doing audits of all exchange/redemption transactions every day,and the daily audits would be done during the 3rd of three daily Redemption Center shifts.


18.There was a 10-day bank blackout(also mentioned by Charlie Ward and his sources)that started on Fri.4 Sept.and went until Mon.14 Sept.This was the same period during which all liquidity was scheduled to be released and accessed by Tiers 1-4(govt&UST levels 1-9)with daily audits from each day's transactions before the general public Tier 5 started on Tues.15 Aug.


19.The list of Democrat and Republican pedophile criminals posted by QAnon(qmap.pub)on Wed.2 Sept.showed that arrests expected before or by the RV/GCR release have been going on behind the scenes and were continuing right now.

19.QAnon(qmap.pub)92日发布的民主党和共和党恋童癖罪犯名单显示,在 RV/GCR 发布之前或之前预计的逮捕行动一直在幕后进行,目前仍在继续。

20.John Brennan,the headwaters of Deep State criminality under the Obama administration,was arrested behind the scenes on May 6,2020 under indictments from the Durham criminal investigation.

20.202056日,奥巴马政府时期"深州犯罪"的源头约翰布伦南(John Brennan)在达勒姆刑事调查局(Durham criminal investigation)的起诉下,在幕后被捕。

21.Durham's report and arrests regarding Obamagate Deep State criminals for pedophilia,human trafficking,money laundering,obstruction of justice and treason would become more evident over the coming days and weeks.


22.He confirmed QAnon's language that the"D5[avalanche]"was overtaking the DC Swamp right now and there was panic in DC because of it that was reflected in riots that have been paid for Deep State deep pockets across the country.

22.他证实了 QAnon 的说法,即"D5[雪崩]"现在正在超过华盛顿沼泽地,华盛顿因此陷入恐慌,这反映在为全国各地的深州有钱人支付的骚乱中。

23.He advised to get ready,stay ready,pray over all and prepare for next week to be the long awaited start of change that unfortunately could not have been released till after the SWIFT hacking and interference of the Deep State was disconnected from the banking system globally as it has been this past week.

23.他建议做好准备,保持准备,全身心祈祷,并为下周成为期待已久的变革开始做好准备。不幸的是,直到上周环球银行间金融电信协会(SWIFT)的黑客攻击和深州银行(Deep State)的干预与全球银行系统断开后,变革才得以启动。

B.202095日,查理·沃德:by Kat:"Charlie Ward Chats QFS with Jo Hull and is Not MI6"by Kat-9.5.20
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yTTbBlgJMM"Who is Charlie Ward?"by Kat-8.30.20"Charles Ward Presents The Quantum Financial System Video"by Kat-9.1.20 History of NESARA/GESARA


-As of 9-1-20 the Quantum Financial System took over as the sole global financial system for Earth and the old-corrupt-cabal-SWIFT system is on 10%life-support and will be for a while.


-The Iraqi Dinar will be the first currency to revalue and the Euro not far behind.


-There's a Revaluation of Currencies going on-aka-the Global Currency Reset.


-People who have bought IQD will be very happy.

买了 IQD 的人会很高兴。

-The redemption method for bonds and currency is being tested right now—the Alliance are striving to find what is SAFEST and RISK-FREE for all.800#s were not.

债券和货币的赎回方法现在正在测试中ーー联盟正在努力寻找对所有人来说最安全和无风险的方法。800#s 并非如此。

-The shocking number of missing children every year,the tunnels,the DUMBs and the fact that most people still have no idea of any of this.


-President Trump is in 100%control of Earth right now.Not 99%but 100%.


-As of September 4th there will be 10 days of banking blackout in some,but not all,banks…it could be because of the RV/GCR or it could be the QFS…who knows?(Smiles all around)

94日开始,有些银行会停业10天,但不是所有银行...可能是因为 RV/GCR 或者是 QFS...谁知道呢?(笑容满面)

1.The Coronavirus was a load of bollocks and was downgraded to nothing more than the flu or the common cold on the CDC,WHO and Government websites in March 2020.


2.Through his job,which is moving gold,cash and other valuables around the world for Governments,Billionaires and VIP's,Ward has highly placed contacts.From these contacts he learned 6-years ago that"they(the Cabal)was going to crash the global economy."And then last December'19 they told him,"Right.We're ready.We're going to crash the global economy."


Charlie asked,"How you gonna do that then?"The lockdown started in March,the Global economy collapsed and the Saudis collapsed the oil market.Easy peasy.


3.Charlie has maintained since March to this day that all this—lockdown,vaccines,5G,ANTIFA and BLM riots—were smokescreens to bring in the Global Currency Reset.The Global Economy DID collapse but is now,thanks to President Trump,having a Super-V resurgence.The SWIFT System is on life support and operating at 10%for a little while longer,but as of September 1st,the Quantum Financial System has taken over as the global financial operating system of planet Earth and we are actually right this minute in the middle of a…wait for it…Global Financial Reset.

3.从三月份到现在,查理一直坚持认为,所有这些——封锁、疫苗、5G、反 fa BLM 骚乱——都是引入全球货币重置的烟幕。全球经济确实崩溃了,但是现在,多亏了特朗普总统,超 v 复苏了。环球银行金融电信协会的系统依靠生命维持系统以10%的速度运行了一段时间,但是从91日开始,量子金融系统已经接管了地球的全球金融操作系统我们现在正处于一个。.等等......全球金融重启。

4.The US government recently hired Charlie Ward to work for them.7:15 Charlie Ward:"The White House have been following us for some time now…and also,they've re-tweeted some of our videos…a real honor…their Head of Security keeps us informed about what we can and can't say…and we also have contact directly with 2 advisors in the White House…we're very blessed but also very humbled…"


13:25 Charles Ward:The Quantum Financial System is basically taking the power away from the old Federal Reserve SWIFT system…the QFS actually started working on the 2nd of August they've been pinging the banks,checking everything works…The SWIFT System has been taken down from money transactions and literally put on a life support machine and is running at about 10%power right now…

13:25查尔斯·沃德:量子金融系统基本上是从旧的美联储环球银行金融电信协会(SWIFT)系统中夺走了电力......QFS 实际上是从82日开始工作的他们一直在定位银行,检查一切是否正常......环球银行金融电信协会的系统已经从货币交易中撤下来了,并真正地装上了一台生命维持机器,目前正以10%的电力运行.....

13:54 On the SWIFT system there are many stand-by credit,bank guarantees,Financial instruments connected to the SWIFT system that needs to be moved across to the QFS…that could take anything from 6 months to 2 years…so they'll run parallel for a while…but from an outsiders point of view they won't know anything different…

13:54环球银行金融电信协会系统中有许多备用信贷,银行担保,与环球银行金融电信协会系统相连的金融工具,这些工具需要转移到 QFS......可能需要6个月到2年的时间......所以它们会平行运行一段时间......但从局外人的角度来看,他们不会知道任何不同.....

14:21 The QFS is a digital system operating on a blockchain system which makes the moving of money far easier,and around the world,far quicker,and far more transparent…so it's basically a lot cleaner.

14:21 QFS 是一个在区块链系统上运行的数字系统,它使得资金在世界范围内的流动更加容易,更加快捷,也更加透明......所以它基本上更加干净。

14:35 The old SWIFT system was a dirty horrible system controlled by the Federal Reserve…anyone who knows anything about the facts,the Federal Reserve was never owned by the U.S.Government but was owned by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds,it was a private corporation,they printed money and sold it to the government…a very corrupt system…


16:51 When it comes to being gold-backed that's where I come in as what I do for my work…I've been commissioned[by the U.S.Government]to move certain products etc.to back currency and crypto currency…


17:43 The Iraqi Dinar(IQD)will be the first one outside of America…the Euro will not be far behind…it will come down to Germany…there are things happening behind the scenes in Germany that I can't discuss…things happening there right now with regards to the banking system…


18:03 With regard to America the USN—the U.S.Note…the only thing the public will notice is slightly different designs in the bank note…they won't notice anything different…it'll be a straightforward 1:1…1 US Dollar to 1 USN…


29:09 Jo Hull:What I've learned over this journey over a good 4 or 5 years now,following Q and stuff,opened my eyes to the corruption…we've just been lied through…we've never experienced or lived through anything like this before…one of the things I was so shocked about was the Birth Certificates…[Maritime Law enforced by the 13 demon Bloodline Families from Venice]…I couldn't even wrap my head around it…

29:09·赫尔:经过四五年的旅程,我学到了很多东西,跟着 q 之类的东西,让我看到了腐败...我们刚刚被骗了...我们以前从未经历过或经历过这样的事情...其中一件让我震惊的事情是出生证明...[威尼斯13个恶魔血统家族执行的海事法]...我甚至不能理解它..

29:40 What they're saying is our Birth Certificates when we're born are made into Bonds and traded on the Stock Market…I thought,that can't be true…I did some research and IT IS TRUE!!You can't make this up…the banking,the Birth Certificates,it all goes back to the Rothschilds,all the families involved,all the political entities are all involved with each other…their either married in or relations somehow…it's just like it goes round and round in this circle of deception and corruption…


32:02 There's a lot going on…there's a lot I can talk about and a lot that I can't…[Charlie is under an NDA]…but one thing I need to get across to everybody is DO NOT PANIC…if you know anything about hibernation,that's what you need to be doing right now…keeping out of the way right now cuz things are happening…


40:23 Jo:I want to talk about the children which has really affected me…I've followed it with Q…if you're aware of what's going on…it's horrific…what's been covered up is a nightmare…there's many people looked at 9-11…why are they not connecting with the children?Of all the things that would wake people up,surely it would be the children?Satanic rituals,pedophilia rings…why aren't people waking up to this?


41:30 Charlie:It's one of the subjects I cannot discuss with my wife because she finds it too distressing…(Reading from his computer:)


20,000 children go missing every year in Spain 25,000 children go missing every year in Australia 39,000 children go missing every year in France 40,000 children go missing every year in Brazil 45,000 children go missing every year in Mexico 50,000 children go missing every year in Canada 100,000 children go missing every year in Germany 230,000 children go missing every year in the U.K….


I've given my money to many charities…then I found that UNICEF has been STEALING CHILDREN…NATO had been doing the same…many of these charities in Africa,same thing…then you look at England and you say who's stealing them in England?They're stolen to order in England…And there are children's charities that say they're taking them into care and they're not taking them into care at all…


44:43 Many months ago I mentioned the ships that went into New York[USNS Comfort Hospital Ship]…and off the coast of California[USNS Mercy Hospital Ship]…and they picked up lots and lots of children…it had NOTHING to do with Covid-19…and the reason I know that is I spoke…I SPOKE…with a nurse on that ship…she had no reason to lie…


45:50 Jo:[Discussion about the children,the tunnels,the DUMBs…]What on Earth has been going on all these years?9-11…I started waking up…[many many questions about that]

45:50 Jo:[讨论孩子们,隧道,哑巴......]这些年到底发生了什么?911......我开始醒来......(关于这个有很多问题)

47:20 Charlie:There are so many questions with no answers but we're living in an amazing time and I never knew that the fight-back…I knew it was going to be messy…But the one thing I do know is that Trump is 100%,NOT 99%but 100%in control of the world…of the USA…


51:12 Charlie:I'm going to give you a little snippet…if you wind back to what I said earlier,about Trump being 100%in control…what you're seeing play out now…the people you're seeing are NOT the real people…but the Twitter Accounts,Instagram Accounts,Facebook accounts are being managed by Trump's Team…

51:12查理:我要给你一个小片段......如果你回到我之前说的,特朗普是100%的控制者......你现在看到的情况......你看到的人不是真正的人......但是推特账户,Instagram 账户,脸书账户都由特朗普的团队管理.....

1:06:55 Charlie:I got some INTEL this morning from a bank(reading from his computer)…it said that the bank systems are being updated and it will be impossible to do transactions between Sept.4th to the 21st…that's actually 10-banking days of darkness…it does actually say…(reading a lot)…"It will be called a blackout period"…




Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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