X22报道|第2071集: 转变如何成形—- 这一切都将被曝光

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全球经济正在崩溃,[CB]已经暴露出来,全世界都将看到[CB]驱动的经济如何内爆。;[DS]已经推进了他们关于假弹劾的议程,爱国者们已经把[DS]/ DS准确地放在了他们想要的地方,参议院是关键,现在轮到爱国者们了

X22报道|第2071集: 转变如何成形—- 这一切都将被曝光

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Phase 1 Completed,Next Move Coming,Watch How The Transition Takes Shape-Episode 2071a


Senate Was The Key,Patriots Turn,It's All About To Be Exposed-Episode 2071b


By X22Report

Published on Jan 15,2020



The global economy is breaking down,the[CB]are exposed and the world is going to watch how a[CB]driving economy implodes.The[CB]are not managing the economies for the people they are managing it for themselves,to enrich themselves and to enslave a people.Trump has just signed the phase 1 trade deal with China,this is just the beginning.



The[DS]has now pushed their agenda forward in regards to the fake impeachment,the patriots have the[DS]/Ds exactly where they want them,the Senate was the key,it is now the patriots turn.SP has now rescinded Flynn's guilty plea,everything is about to change,she wants 30 day continuance which brings us to Feb 27.Trump during his rally mention[LL],the tarmac,he did this on purpose,it all about to be exposed.

现在,[DS]已经推进了他们关于假弹劾的议程,爱国者们已经把[DS]/ DS准确地放在了他们想要的地方,参议院是关键,现在轮到爱国者们了。SP现在撤销了弗林的认罪协议,一切都要改变了,她要求延期30天,这样我们就可以回到227日。特朗普在竞选集会上提到[LL]停机坪,他是故意这么做的,这一切都将暴露无遗。

[OpDis Editor Note:X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.]




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