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Did you catch the latest confirmation about Trump taking control of the chemtrails and reversing them?


The chemtrail issue is so serious and consequential that,in addition to the skies healing and changing before our eyes,it is fortunate the Maestro is sending multiple confirmations to help those who are still skeptical about this tremendous victory over the Cabal.


Before I show you this third proof confirming my initial post and dropped after the Air Force One and NSA confirmations revealed in these articles:link1link2,I want to talk about an important issue that Q addressed recently.

在我向你们展示这第三个证据确认我最初的帖子之前,在空军一号和美国国家安全局确认这些文章中披露:link1-link2之后,我想谈谈 Q 最近提到的一个重要问题。

Q3476 was posted in reference to the increased attacks from paid shills and/or infiltrators claiming to be part of our movement when,in fact,they are pursuing a personal agenda with specific goals.They are easy to recognize and I have described them in the past:they have one foot in,one foot out,they don't learn the comms,refuse there are comms despite Q's repeated statements,are terrified of losing their readership and only find peace by attacking our most valuable Anons who were mentioned by Q while they,despite their great loquacity,have been royally ignored.This silence that Q has reserved for these people is the cause of a frustration that leads them to go as far as to attack him every once in a while to remain relevant.There is a very specific reason Q never mentioned them and never will except when he feels it's time to expose them.Puzzle coming together?Happy hunting!

Q3476是针对声称是我们运动一部分的有偿托儿和/或渗透者发动的攻击增加而张贴的,而实际上他们是在追求具体目标的个人议程。他们很容易被认出来,我过去也曾这样描述过:他们一只脚进去,一只脚出来,他们不学通讯,拒绝通讯,尽管Q反复声明,他们害怕失去读者,只有通过攻击Q提到的最有价值的无名氏才能找到平静,尽管他们非常健谈,却被皇家地忽视了。Q 为这些人保留的沉默是导致他们沮丧的原因,导致他们时不时地攻击他以保持相关性。有一个非常具体的原因,Q从来没有提到他们,也永远不会提到,除非他觉得是时候揭露他们了。拼图拼好了吗?狩猎愉快!

As we move forward,more truth will be revealed by the Maestro and Q and these revelations are like poison for the Cabal,the Deep State and their Fake News:


Q1602 The game is over when the public knows.The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.


This is the reason why attacks will intensify.From outside and inside.Be prepared and stay the course.Shills will shill,actors will act,we keep moving.Infiltrators?The answer is Yogurt.Read very carefully:Img1


Now let's get to it.


Have you detected and solved the unhealthy focus of the Fake News on the Trump recyclable straws?No adequate laws for the border,Mueller not aware of Fusion GPS and the Fake News does not care.But the Trump recyclable straws?They made all the headlines!Look:Img2

你是否发现并解决了"假新闻"对特朗普可回收吸管的不健康关注?没有适当的边境法律,穆勒不知道融合 GPS 和假新闻不关心。但是特朗普的可回收吸管呢?他们上了所有的头条!看:Img2

You thought the Fake News stopped there?No!The Trump recyclable straws even made it to the Presidential Press Gaggle!Watch:video..


Did you catch it?The Maestro said twice that it was an"interesting question".The second time,by putting his hand on the side of his mouth and giving a staged confidential connotation to his statement,he was inviting Anons to investigate further.Did you solve this riddle?Try and come back to compare your findings with mine.


Did you notice that Team Trump tweeted about the straws on July 25th?Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed July 25 is 7/25,which is code for 25-7=R=18 and who made the connection with my chemtrail article with its letter R,its Rainbow and Queen Elizabeth I!Img3


Look how the Team Trump tweet is beautifully connected through the 88022 number to the tarmac image in my confirmation article:Img4

看看特朗普团队的推文是如何通过88022号码与我的确认文章 Img4中的停机坪图片完美地连接起来的

You thought these were the only links?Let me tell you:you are here for a TREAT!


Did you notice the blurred hookah in the background?Look how it's connected to another image of my article and how chemtrails are naturally pulled in:Img5


Now,look at the timestamp.It's 3:18 PM or 15:18.Img6 We go to Q1518 and we see the 2 numbers 11.3 and 11.6 that contain the building blocks of 163 which is the famous number the Maestro took from the Cabal and resurrected through what I called the Phoenix Principle.Coincidence?

现在,看看时间戳。现在是下午3:1815:18。我们来到 Q1518,我们看到2个数字11.311.6,其中包含了163的组成部分,163是大师从阴谋集团中提取的著名数字,并通过我所谓的凤凰原理复活。巧合?

I told you in a past decode that every time you see the number 22,your Jewish Gematria alarm should ring because the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters.Since 22 appears in the TEXT number 88022,we go through the in-context Jewish Gematria possibilities of the 3 identified groups of capital letters from databases like this one and find that if we SEE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE LETTERS AND THE NUMBERS and THINK OUT OF THE BOX,we'll get PERUVIAN COFFEE!Hahaha!Excellent!

我以前告诉过你们,每次你们看到数字22,犹太人的 Gematria 警报器就会响,因为希伯来字母表有22个字母。由于22出现在文本号码88022,我们通过上下文中的犹太 Gematria 可能性的3个识别大写字母组从数据库像这一个,并发现,如果我们看到字母和数字之间的联系和思考的方块,我们将得到秘鲁咖啡!哈哈哈!好极了!

It's now time to play a game.


Q3455 Shall we play a game?Reconcile.


The game consists of finding natural ways to reconcile the number 163 using each interpretation per item once and by connecting letters and numbers as hinted above.


Img7 You'll find 7 color coded solutions that allow hitting 163 with each item only used once when reading the 7 solutions as a whole.For example,the most challenging one was the green solution.We had to notice that the anagram TEXT"TRUMP"TO 88022 is solved with TRUMP 88022 TO TEXT and since 88022=>8+2 8+2=>1010=>10(repetition rule)the anagram becomes TRUMP 10 TO TEXT and with the double meaning on the verb TRUMP,10 written in TEXT becomes TEN and the PACK OF 10 FOR$15 can be read PACK OF TEN FOR$15.Hahaha!These riddles are AMAZING!

Img7你会发现7种颜色编码的解决方案,每个条目只能用163次,当你把这7种解决方案作为一个整体来读的时候。例如,最具挑战性的是绿色解决方案。我们不得不注意到,字母组合"TRUMP"TO 88022是用 TRUMP 88022 TO TEXT 解出来的,自从880228+28+2101010(重复规则),字母组合变成 TRUMP 10 TO TEXT,动词 TRUMP 有双重含义,10 TEXT 中写成 TEN10$15可以读成 PACK OF TEN$15。哈哈哈!这些谜语太神奇了!

Go through all the solutions and try to reproduce them by solving the tweet without looking.Excellent brain muscle exercise!:)


In case you really want to go outside the box,as an example,I'll give you another route for the black solution on the timestamp 3:18 PM.It can be written 3:(1+17)PM or CAMP Q.How many Family Feud points do you think you would get with STRAWS for CAMP?This CAMP Q allows me to go to the Q board and notice there are only 3 drops with the word CAMP:15,436 and 1605.The problem is therefore transported and simplified to these digits that can be written[16][3][15-4-6-5]=[16][3][0]=163.Pretty cool right?

如果您真的想跳出框框,作为一个例子,我将在时间戳3:18 PM 为您提供黑色解决方案的另一条路线。它可以写成3:(1+17)PM CAMP q。你认为用吸管参加夏令营可以得到多少家庭争斗点数?这个 CAMP q 允许我去 q 板,注意到只有3个字母带有 CAMP:15,4361605。因此,这个问题被运输和简化到这些可以写[16][3][15-4-6-5]=[16][3][0]1=63。很酷吧?

As you can see,the Maestro used this 163 to generate from the straw tweet multiple proofs to serially confirm my chemtrail article.Next time someone expresses his skepticism about Trump taking control of the chemtrails and reversing them,give him the link to this article and ask him if he really believes all the coincidences from the Air Force Riddle to the NSA tweet to the Team Trump tweet can align at once.


Do you now see why the Fake News focused on these Trump straws?The Cabal is using its Fake News to send coded signals to Trump about the reversed chemtrails.They are very well aware they have become an existential threat to them and they are trying to stop Trump.Buckle up.


Q3113 What occurred the last time a countdown was presented?[FF]Do you believe in coincidences?Never interfere with an enemy……..Ammunition is hard to come by.Q


Is that all?




Let's go full circle and go back to the Trump recyclable straws.Let's watch the video where the Maestro addresses the issue one more time:video..


Did you catch it?


Here is the solution:Img8


Q2567 How do you'safely'&'securely'communicate through a backchannel w/the public and bypass the FAKE NEWS MEDIA?How do you'safely'&'securely'communicate w/o breaking the law and violating NAT SEC?Add multiple layers of'coincidences'which mathematically proves legitimacy(standard deviation)At what point do people wake up?

Q2567你如何"安全""安全"地通过一个反向渠道与公众沟通,并绕过假新闻媒体?你如何"安全地""安全地"通信违法和违反 NAT SEC?再加上数学上证明合理性的多层"巧合"(标准差)在什么时候人们会醒来?

Q3314 Only Anons can fully appreciate the continued'validation(s)/confirmation(s)thru covert'(series of mathematically impossible coincidences)means in order to maintain structural integrity.[Wheels up]Q


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