特朗普终结美联储Winning!Those of us who are awake have been talking about this day for many,many years.I have written about it in my articles and in my book,"Trump and the Resurrection of America"as well having spoken about it on scores of media platforms including my own show,"News Behind The News".In,fact my friend and associate,Economist Dr.Kirk Elliott and I have dedicated weekly program titled the Global Financial Reset,or GFR for the past year,where each week we discuss this from many perspectives.You can get up to speed there.We and others were right and now that day has finally arrived.This is what winning looks like.This is how you resurrect America by seizing control of the money supply,system and currency from a group of dominant international private corporation globalists bankers.The power,step by step,is being restored to the people.Q,or QANON has told us this back in 2018.Follow Q.

胜利!我们这些清醒的人多年来一直在谈论这一天。我在自己的文章和《特朗普与美国的复兴》(Trump and The Resurrection of America)一书中谈到了这个问题,我还在包括我自己的节目《新闻背后的新闻》(News Behind The News)在内的几十个媒体平台上谈到了这个。事实上,我的朋友兼同事,经济学家柯克·埃利奥特博士和我在过去的一年里每周都有一个名为全球金融重置或 GFR 的项目,每周我们都会从多个角度讨论这个问题。你可以在那里加快速度。我们和其他人是对的,现在这一天终于到来了。这就是胜利的样子。这就是通过从一群占主导地位的国际私人公司全球主义银行家手中夺取货币供应、体系和货币的控制权来让美国复兴的方法。权力正在逐步恢复给人民。早在2018年,QANON 就告诉过我们这一点。关注Q

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste


Trump and the patriots are winning even with the evil monsters unleashing of the Covid-19 virus.If you have been reading my weekly content,listening to my weekly GFR report,and following my daily live news broadcast,"News Behind The News",you will know that this was imminent and to be expected.Well now it has begun,it's official and this Coronavrius false flag crisis has utterly backfired.

即使邪恶的怪物释放出新型冠状病毒肺炎病毒,特朗普和爱国者们也正在赢得胜利。如果你一直在阅读我的每周内容,收听我的每周 GFR 报告,并跟随我的每日现场新闻广播,"新闻背后的新闻",你会知道这是迫在眉睫的和预期的。现在它已经开始了,这是官方的,这个冠状病毒假旗危机已经完全事与愿违。

As part of public awareness and positioning,the President since day one in office,has assigned cause in part to the Fed for first raising rates,then not lowering rates enough nor fast enough and for not providing liquidity or capital inflow into the system.And now with this crisis,the market excess and bubbles(which Trump knew he would have to shake out once he went for the reset move,may now soften the blow once the currency itself is reset),has been shaken out due to the Corona crisis.Never let a good crisis go to waste.


Supply lines are now being looked into with China,highlighting their abuses and the dangers of China being the world's main manufacturer.Congressman,Kevin McCarthy just announced the changes that need to take place with the China supply chains.The light has also shined as a result of this crisis on the importance of border protection.I strongly urge you to review the past several articles and shows indicated above to get up to speed.Let's now take a look at what just happened and what this means.And with these lock-downs on a global basis,the street level foot soldiers of the deep state and Soros funded mercenaries are being rounded up.Tip of the iceberg as the ten days of darkness are approaching.Learn about this and a whole lot more by visiting the sourced links below.


The Restructure Has Begun


Q post 3904 dated March 27,2020 stated that"The Patriots Are Now In Control of the Federal Reserve System"and indeed we are!This is part of the overall Global Financials Reset but is NOT a reset of the currency itself.That comes later.The restructure has begun.President Trump has brought the Fed actions into the treasury.Here it is,H.R.748 CARE ACT check on about page 549.Bang!Zoom!The Fed and the Treasury have now merged.It's the end of the Fed as we know it!Here's a commentary from the X 22 Report.Economist,Dr.Kirk Elliott discuss the beginning steps of the nationalization of the Fed.

2020327日的Q下降3904指出,"爱国者现在控制了联邦储备系统",事实上我们也是!这是全球金融重置的一部分,但不是货币本身的重置。那是以后的事了。重组已经开始。特朗普总统已将美联储的行动纳入财政部。在这里,h.r.748 CARE ACT 检查大约549页。砰!变焦!美联储和财政部现在已经合并了。正如我们所知,这是美联储的末日!以下是X22报告的评论。经济学家柯克·埃利奥特博士讨论了美联储国有化的开始步骤。

While the deep state's fake news mouthpiece,the MSM,was creating false narrative after false narrative attacking President Trump and the patriots,affecting freedom minded people all over the world,Trump was setting the stage and restructuring the system.The TPP was ended.NAFTA received a wake-up call and the USMCA was formed.The new Sheriff in town imposed tariffs where needed and the capital was returning along with our US manufacturers en masse.The easing of suppressive and often unwarranted regulations,has help to boom America like never before in our history.Today,we are the largest oil and natural gas manufacturer and supplier in the world.Who would have even thought about this just a few years ago?Massive tax breaks have also contributed to the greatest economic boom in American history.Trump had been making new agreements and alliances setting the stage to shift the global economic system and with the move that was just made against the Fed,this has now been significantly accelerated.This is what we know so far and there is plenty more to come.

当这个深层政府的假新闻喉舌,MSM,在针对特朗普总统和爱国者的错误叙述之后,创造出错误的叙述,影响着全世界追求自由的人们时,特朗普正在搭建舞台,重组体制。跨太平洋伙伴关系终结。《北美自由贸易协定》接到了一个警钟,USMCA 成立了。新的治安官在城镇征收关税的地方需要和资本随着我们的美国制造商一起返回。放松压制性的、常常是无保证的规定,有助于美国经济的繁荣,这是我们历史上前所未有的。今天,我们是世界上最大的石油和天然气制造商和供应商。几年前谁会想到这个问题呢?大规模的税收减免也促成了美国历史上最大的经济繁荣。特朗普一直在制定新的协议和联盟,为改变全球经济体系搭建舞台。随着刚刚针对美联储采取的行动,这一进程现在已经大大加快。这是我们目前所知道的,未来还会有更多。

Meet The New Boss–Not The Same As The Old Boss


This move essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization.So,meet your new Fed Chairman,Donald J.Trump.Ha!Take that you globalists banksters!For all intents and purposes,the Fed was just bankrupted.I was talking with Economist Dr.Kirk Elliott,nominated for two Trump committee positions,who basically stated that since this is occurring right now in real time and to date with no official announcement yet from Washington,this is what we know thus far.

此举实质上是将美联储和财政部合并为一个机构。所以,让我们来认识一下美联储新任主席唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)。哈!你们这些全球主义者是银行家!实际上,美联储刚刚破产。我与被提名担任特朗普委员会两个职位的经济学家柯克·埃利奥特博士交谈,他基本上是说,由于此事目前正在实时发生,迄今为止华盛顿尚未正式宣布,这就是我们目前所知的情况。

The Fed(by previous mandate),was only able to buy official government securities and were autonomous to the White House.With the new arrangement the Fed was just neutered.The Treasury department will now determine which markets/segments need capital(could be stocks,municipals,specific industries,even corporate debt—doesn't appear there is a restriction).The Treasury department gets to tell the Fed to print money and how much.All the FED does is print that much money.No decision making or authoritative control.A third party(Blackrock)executes the trades that the treasury department dictates.This gets everything out of the hands of the FED except for the printing of money.


In the Bloomberg opinion article published by Yahoo yesterday,"The Fed's Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease",we have learned a few things.According to this article,the Fed will finance a special purpose vehicle(SPV),to allow them to buy commercial paper,asset-backed securities,corporate bonds and bond ETFs in the secondary market.The Fed will finance SPV(special purpose vehicles).The Treasury,and NOT the Fed,will buy all the securities to back stop the loans.The Fed is basically being nationalized.The Fed is providing the money to do it.Blackrock does the trades.The Fed merges with treasury.The CB is basically being taken over.Ah yes,the Corona crisis.Never let a crisis go to waste.Nothing will stop us now.This is phase one of the Central Bank take down of the system.Don't forget President has been lining up gold bugs to man these areas,with people like Judy Shelton for example.So what's next as part of this reset?The restoration of sound money and new policies on global trade.

在雅虎(Yahoo)昨日发表的彭博(Bloomberg)观点文章《美联储的治疗风险比疾病更严重》(The Fed's Cure Risks Being Worse Than The Disease)中,我们学到了一些东西。根据这篇文章,美联储将为一个特殊目的工具(SPV)提供资金,允许它们在二级市场购买商业票据、资产支持证券、公司债券和债券 etf。美联储将为 SPV(特殊目的工具)提供资金。财政部,而不是美联储,将购买所有的证券来支持停止贷款。美联储基本上被国有化了。美联储正在为此提供资金。贝莱德负责这些交易。美联储与财政部合并。民用波段基本上被接管了。啊,是的,冠状危机。不要让危机白白浪费。现在没有什么能阻止我们了。这是中央银行关闭系统的第一阶段。别忘了总统已经在这些地区安排了金甲虫,比如像朱迪·谢尔顿这样的人。那么接下来的重置是什么呢?恢复健全的货币和全球贸易的新政策。

The US Treasury will now own the secured assets and interest on our$22 trillion of Federal debt and the Fed will be the one who owes all of that$22 trillion.This may take a few months to transition.So the Fed has been reduced to a debt saddled private bank who for a period of time will simply process transactions like a wall street brokerage firm for small transaction fees,good luck with that business model.Meanwhile the US Treasury will hold the collateral on that debt not the Fed and that makes the debt an asset to us.In essence,the Treasury is sort of raiding the Fed right now and of course this is legal,using their own tools against them as the President has done all along during the past nearly four years now.It took us 107 years to turn this around.Thank God it has begun.




We just restructured the Federal Reserve System.Basically the Federal Reserve will buy out the U.S.debt to the tune of over 2 trillion per month;making the U.S.debt-free by around the 2020 election.Then the Federal Reserve will possibly file for bankruptcy and be gone,along with their privately owned IRS.Possibly no more income tax.No more credit as a debt based monetary system.This will be replaced with perhaps as a first step,a revalued currency back by gold as a series of steps towards a new Quantum Financial System.Remember,Q has told us that gold will bring down the Fed.

Still not sure who determines interest rates.More data to surface soon.The Federal Reserve will possibly file for bankruptcy and be gone,along with their privately owned IRS.Possibly abolishing the unconstitutional income tax code,yes,no more income tax.Let's revisit the late Aron Russo's work on this along with the most informative work on the topic by Bill Still and of course our good friend,Mr.G Edward Griffin.

我们刚刚重组了联邦储备系统。基本上,美联储每月将购买超过2万亿美元的美国国债;2020年大选前后,美国将无债一身轻。然后,美联储可能会申请破产,然后和他们私人拥有的国税局一起消失。可能不再征收所得税。不再有以债务为基础的货币体系的信贷。取而代之的可能是第一步,重新估值的货币被黄金所取代,作为迈向新量子金融体系的一系列步骤。记住,Q告诉我们黄金会拖垮美联储。还是不确定谁来决定利率。更多的数据很快就会浮出水面。美联储可能会申请破产,然后和他们私有的国税局一起消失。可能废除违反宪法的所得税法,是的,不再征收所得税。让我们回顾一下已故的 Aron Russo 关于这个主题的工作,以及 Bill Still 和我们的好朋友 g Edward Griffin 先生关于这个主题的最翔实的工作。

Dangerous days indeed especially with the ten days of darkness beginning March 31,2020.We must remember Lincoln went after the Central Bank with the issuing of the Greenback.JFK issues EO11110 delivering a blow to the Fed.Reagan took a bullet after deviating from Fed policy.Trump and we the patriots will now get the job done.Justice for these great men who came before us will be served as the declass is now underway.

特别是从2020331日开始的10天的黑暗,确实是危险的日子。我们必须记住,林肯追随中央银行发行了美元。肯尼迪发布 EO11110给美联储以沉重打击。里根在背离美联储政策后中了一枪。特朗普和我们爱国者现在将完成这项工作。为这些在我们之前的伟人伸张正义的工作正在进行中。

»Source»By John Michael Chambers


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