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一个服务者和索珊娜| 完美的国家One Who Serves: Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. And we do not know if Shoshanna is with us. Is she with us or not?

侍者:Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.你好!一个在这里服务的人。我们不知道索珊娜是否与我们同在。她到底是不是我们的人?

JoAnna McConnell – (SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

JoAnna McConnell-(SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna 的更高自我,由 JoAnna McConnell 通灵)



OWS: Not today. Very good.


JoAnna: No, but I don’t know if she’s going to pop up, so I’m standing by.

乔安娜: 没有,但是我不知道她会不会突然出现,所以我在旁边等着。

OWS: Good, then. If she wishes to pop up, we are ready for her, and we encourage her to do so.

OWS: 很好。如果她想出现,我们已经准备好了,我们鼓励她这样做。

So no message here. We are ready for questions if there are any. You can now unmute your phones and ask your questions if you have them. Would there be any questions here?


Guest: I have a question.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 好的?

Guest: I’m not sure if this is a good one, but seeing the Med-Beds, if somebody goes in for healing of a foot and they have, for example, a plate in their foot. How does that work? Does that get removed or dissolved?

Guest:: 我不知道这是否是一个好的,但看到医疗床,如果有人去治疗一只脚,例如,有钢板。那是如何运作的?它是被移除还是被溶解?

OWS: It is exactly that, yes. It will become dissolved and replaced by whatever is in the DNA memory process here, which holds a picture, you might say, a blueprint of the DNA within the body at the perfect state of when it began in the body, you see? So yes, everything will be alleviated. Everything can be alleviated, can be healed. Limbs can be regrown, as you have heard. And even your teeth if they have been replaced or received some sort of change to them, that will all be reversed and your full set of teeth will be there for you. It centers around every part of the body.

OWS: 正是如此,是的。它将被溶解并被 DNA 记忆过程中的任何东西所取代,这里有一幅图,你可能会说,一幅体内 DNA 的蓝图,它在体内开始时的完美状态,你明白吗?所以是的,一切都会得到缓解。一切都可以缓解,都可以治愈。正如你所听说的,四肢可以再生。甚至你的牙齿,如果它们已经被替换或者接受了某种改变,那么一切都将被逆转,你的整套牙齿将为你而存在。它围绕着身体的每一个部位。

This is higher-level technology here that those here in the Earth could not come up with. This came from those of your brothers and sisters from the skies here. And it has been held back up to a point, but it is in the process of being released across the planet here, when the moment arises to begin to release these things. It is coming. Would there be other questions here?


Guest: Thank you.

Guest: 谢谢。

OWS: We did not ask Shoshanna if she has anything to add here? Not so much. Okay.

OWS:我们没有问索珊娜,如果她有什么要补充这里? 没有这么多。好吧。

JoAnna: She’s not here.

乔安娜: 她不在这里。

OWS: Very good.

OWS: 非常好。

Guest: I have a question.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 好的?

Guest: We were talking during our discussion about what’s happening in California right now. First, last year were the big fires, and now the is massive rain and flooding. I’m curious to know: is this a combination of the White Hats cleaning the state, or was this also directed weapon weather modification by the bad guys but will be ultimately used by the good guys? Can you shed some light on this please?

Guest: 我们在讨论加州现在发生的事情的时候。首先,去年是大火,现在是大雨和洪水。我很好奇: 这是一个白帽子清理国家的组合,还是也是坏人指挥的武器天气改造,但最终会被好人使用?你能解释一下吗?

OWS: We cannot tell you directly whether it is one or the other. But we can tell you there is a combination of what is occurring here. Those things that the dark side attempts to do, the White Hats, or the Light side, works against here. They know what is going to happen before it happens, and they are ready to work against those forces of the darkness here. That is what is happening here. There is so much that has been controlled, we will say here, by the dark side, by the cabal, all of this there in that state that you are speaking of, and the Forces of Light here, the Alliance, all of that, know about this, and are doing everything that they can to overcome those portions, or those plans of the dark side here.

OWS: 我们不能直接告诉你这是一个还是另一个。但是我们可以告诉你,这里发生的事情是一个组合。那些黑暗面试图做的事情,白帽子,或光明面,在这里起作用。他们在事情发生之前就知道会发生什么,他们已经准备好与这里的黑暗势力作斗争。这就是现在的情况。有太多的东西已经被控制了,我们在这里说,被黑暗势力,被阴谋集团,所有你们所说的那个州的这些东西,还有这里的光之力量,联盟,所有这些,都知道这些,并且正在做他们能做的一切来克服这些部分,或者那些黑暗势力的计划。

It is happening, and it is going to continue to happen. And everything that is happening, remember, is happening for a reason. It is all part of the plan, the greater plan. Even if it may not appear so as it is occurring. It is all part of the greater plan of the Forces of Light winning here. Okay?


Guest: Thank you.

Guest: 谢谢。

Another Guest: Can I ask a question?

另一位客人: 我能问个问题吗?

OWS: Yes.

OWS: 是的。

Guest: Can you hear me?

Guest: 你能听到我说话吗?

OWS: Yes, we hear you.

OWS: 是的,我们听到了。

Guest: Good. Can you tell us who are part of the Forces of Light? It is humans? It is aliens? Is it a mixture of both?


OWS: All of the above, and much more beyond that. You have no idea of the Forces of Light that are involved here. It is beyond human, and it is beyond simply Galactic and Agarthan. It is beyond that. There are much in the way of Forces that are working for the Light here. Even the Creator Him/Her/Itself is a part of it.

OWS: 所有以上,和更多的超过那。你根本不知道这里有什么光之力量。它超越了人类,超越了简单的银河和阿加森。不仅如此。这里有很多为光明工作的力量。甚至造物主自己也是其中的一部分。

Shoshanna: We wish to share here. We wish to share.

索珊娜: 我们希望在这里分享。我们希望分享。

OWS: Yes, please do.

OWS: 是的,请做。

Shoshanna: Dear One, may we share?


Guest: Hi, Shoshanna! Thanks for joining us! Yes.

Guest: 嗨,索珊娜! 谢谢你加入我们! 是的。

Shoshanna: Yes. Your vibration always calls us, Dear Brother. We will say, Dear Brother, that you are a Force of Light. That is why you have names yourselves Lightworkers, Light-Sharers, Light-Bearers, because you are a Force of Light. And when you think that is something outside of yourself, even though there are many that share the Light, that shine the Light, that use the Light, you are one of them. Think of yourself as part of the Forces of Light. Namaste.

索珊娜: 是的。你的振动总是在召唤我们,亲爱的兄弟。我们会说,亲爱的兄弟,你是光之力量。这就是为什么你们给自己命名为光之工作者,光之分享者,光之承载者,因为你们是光之力量。当你认为那是你自己之外的东西,即使有许多人分享光,照耀光,使用光,你是他们中的一员。把你自己想象成光之力量的一部分。合十礼。

OWS: Yes. Very good. You have also been called the Boots on the Ground. That is all part of the Alliance working together. Would there be any other questions here?

OWS: 是的。非常好。你也被称为地面上的靴子。这是联盟共同努力的一部分。还有其他问题吗?

Guest: Yes. I was wondering if you might shed a little light on this. A few months ago, Trump was going to come forward with this enormous announcement. Everybody was waiting with baited breath. And it seemed to turn out to be something about trading cards on line, virtual training cards. He also said a little more about running for president. But what I‘m wondering, and many people have hypothesized that he was taken over by the dark, or whatever. But what I’m wondering is, was there something that took him off track of an announcement that was supposed to happen, and then he had to go a different way? Or what was the situation about this trading card business?


OWS: Simply misdirection. That is all. Misdirection. Moving one’s attention from one area to another, making them think something was not.

OWS: 简单的误导。仅此而已。误导。把一个人的注意力从一个地方转移到另一个地方,使他们认为某事不是。

Guest: Oh, okay. Very good. Like so for the cabal, or something.

Guest: 哦,好的。非常好。像这样的阴谋集团,或东西。

OWS: Yes. Think of it as a magician using magic. Not the magic of the olden times, but the magic that they use today, what they call magic, which is really not—more slight of hand. But they use misdirection to do that slight-of-hand, you see?

OWS: 是的,把它想成是魔术师在使用魔法。不是旧时代的魔法,而是他们今天使用的魔法,他们所谓的魔法,其实并不是--更多的是轻巧的手。但他们用误导的方式来做这种轻巧的事,你明白吗?

Guest: Okay, great. Thank you.


OWS: Yes. Shoshanna? Does Shoshanna have anything to add here?

OWS: 是的。 Shoshanna? Shoshanna 有什么要补充的吗?

Shoshanna: We wish to share. May we share?

索珊娜: 我们想分享。我们可以分享吗?

Guest: Yes, please.

Guest: 好的,谢谢。

Shoshanna: We did not hear One Who Serves’s answer. The technology here is sketchy. So we will give our perspective, if we may. As we understand it, this one, Trump, does things to confuse the dark side. So he created this idea of commerce and buying something of his to confuse the dark side. And it did. But we would suggest that if you really wish to know what the message, to re-listen to his speech. It was deep, it was about freedom, it was about freedom of speech, it was about the foundation by which your country was founded. So he just diverted the attention of the dark side. Namaste.

索珊娜: 我们没有听到服务者的回答。这里的技术很粗糙。所以如果可以的话,我们会提出我们的观点。据我们所知,这个人,特朗普,做了一些事情来混淆黑暗面。所以他创造了商业和购买他的东西的想法来混淆黑暗面。确实如此。但我们建议,如果你真的想知道什么信息,重新听他的演讲。它是深刻的,它是关于自由的,它是关于言论自由的,它是关于你的国家建立的基础。所以他只是转移了黑暗面的注意力。合十礼。

Guest: Awesome. Thank you.

Guest: 太好了,谢谢。

OWS: Yes. As we said, misdirection. Very good. And we are ready. Are there any other questions here before we release channel?

OWS: 是的。就像我们说的,误导。非常好。我们准备好了。在我们发布频道之前还有其他问题吗?

Guest: Greetings.

Guest: 您好。

OWS: Yes?

OWS: 什么事?

Guest: I was hearing some interesting intel that described that things have been, you know, slowed down due to a threat that supposedly the dark side had a weapon that could literally exterminate the entire planet in about a week, and that they threatened to use. And that God actually personally came and took care of removing this technology from the planet. I wanted to inquire if you are allowed to tell us about this incident, and how it is going to improve the events of this year. Thank you.

Guest: 我听到一些有趣的情报,描述说,事情已经,你知道,放缓,由于威胁,据说黑暗面有一个武器,可以完全消灭整个星球,在一个星期左右,他们威胁使用。上帝亲自来到这个星球上,亲手将这项技术移除。我想知道你是否被允许告诉我们这个事件,以及它将如何改善今年的事件。谢谢你。

OWS: All we can tell you about this is that again, everything is exactly as it needs to be. It is part of the greater plan. So do not focus on those things of terrible destruction, and all of these things, because it cannot happen. As you have heard, those of your nuclear weapons cannot be detonated, will not be allowed to be detonated, and so to, it goes for this type of weapon that you are speaking of, which is more in the astral realm here. So it is not something to focus on at this point, because it is not something that is really of any concern here to those here on the Earth. It is more of a process on a metaphysical level here, rather than physical level. Okay? That is all we can say on this now. Do not focus on this.

OWS: 我们所能告诉你的是,再次,一切正是因为它需要。这是伟大计划的一部分。所以不要把注意力放在那些可怕的破坏上,以及所有这些事情上,因为它们不会发生。正如你们所听到的,你们的核武器不能被引爆,也不会被允许被引爆,因此,它适用于你们所说的这种类型的武器,它更多的是在这里的星界领域。所以现在还不是重点,因为对于地球上的人来说,这不是什么真正需要关注的事情。这更像是一个形而上学层面的过程,而不是物理层面的。好吗?我们现在只能说这么多。不要把注意力放在这上面。

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

索珊娜: 我们希望分享。

OWS: Yes. Please do.

OWS: 是的。请。

Shoshanna: May we share, Dear Brother?

索珊娜: 我们可以分享吗,亲爱的弟弟?

Guest: Yes. Thank you, Sister.


Shoshanna: Dear Brother, your planet has many that watch over it. Your planet is a planet that must survive within the structure of the universe. And because of that, all things that will destroy your planet have been locked down, so-to-speak. One Who Serves said that the nuclear bombs will never go off. They have been shut off. They cannot produce any nuclear charge. They have been shut down. And this is all purposeful, you see. What you must have in mind here is that there are many weapons available to destroy your planet. But they are not being allowed to be you, because of the impact on the galaxy, the impact on the other planets.


It is as, if you would shoot your foot off, would you be able to walk any more? So you would have difficulty walking.


So it’s the same thing within the galaxy. If we destroy the Earth, then the galaxy suffers. It is much greater than just a weapon. It is the survival and the continuity of the entire galaxy and beyond. We hope this helps. Namaste.


OWS: Yes. And we would add here that the forces of darkness have been stopped many, many times from destruction of this planet, many times by those of the Alliance, as we have been speaking of. Would there be other questions here, before we release channel? We take one more if there is, otherwise we release now. No more questions, then very good. Shoshanna, do you have any parting message here?

OWS: 是的。我们要在这里补充的是,黑暗势力已经被阻止了很多很多次,从这个星球的毁灭,很多次,由那些联盟,因为我们一直在谈论。在我们发布频道之前,还有其他问题吗?如果有的话,我们再杀一个,否则我们现在就放人。没有问题了,很好。索珊娜,你有什么临别赠言吗?

Shoshanna: We wish to apologize for our absence. We could not control the environment that This One finds herself in, and it is very difficult for us to transmit our thoughts within an environment such as this. But we apologize, and we look forward to being back in the seat across from The One Who Serves that provide us with the great strength and energy to allow our thoughts to come through. Namaste.

索珊娜: 我们想为我们的缺席道歉。我们无法控制这一位所处的环境,在这样的环境中我们很难传递我们的思想。但是我们道歉,我们期待着回到“服务者”对面的座位上,这个座位给我们提供了巨大的力量和能量,让我们的思想得以传达。合十礼。

OWS: Very good. And then we just simply close here with continue to shine your Light everywhere and in every opportunity that you have.

OWS: 非常好。然后我们只是简单地关闭这里,继续照耀你们的光无处不在,在你们拥有的每一个机会里。

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.


**Channel: James McConnell and JoAnna McConnell

* * 频道: 詹姆斯 · 麦康奈尔和乔安娜 · 麦康奈尔

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