日本率先揭露加德西 HPV 疫苗造成的伤亡

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在日本,年轻的妇女和女孩在接种了默克公司的加德西疫苗或葛兰素史克公司的 Cervarix 疫苗后遭受严重的慢性全身性疼痛,她们组织起来并且正在发声。

日本率先揭露加德西 HPV 疫苗造成的伤亡

In Japan,young women and girls suffering from severe chronic generalized pain following vaccination with Merck's Gardasil®or GSK's Cervarix®,have organized and are speaking out.The issues are beingdebated at public hearings,at which scientific presentations have been made by independent medical experts who validated the women's suffering with documented evidence of the severe nature of the pain related to the HPV vaccine.

在日本,年轻的妇女和女孩在接种了默克公司的加德西疫苗或葛兰素史克公司的 Cervarix 疫苗后遭受严重的慢性全身性疼痛,她们组织起来并且正在发声。这些问题正在公开听证会上进行辩论,在听证会上,由独立医学专家做了科学报告,他们证实了这些妇女所遭受的痛苦,并提供了与人类乳头瘤病毒疫苗相关的剧烈疼痛的文件证据。

The opposing view,presented by scientists aligned with the vaccine establishment,disregarded the scientific plausibility of the evidence and declared the pain was a"psychosomatic reaction."


Such public debates do not take place where vaccine stakeholders are in full control of vaccine safety information.(Like in the U.S.,for example.)


日本率先揭露加德西 HPV 疫苗造成的伤亡

Following a public hearing(February 2014),at which scientific evidence was presented by independent scientists[2],the Japanese government,not only rescinded its recommendation that girls receive the HPV vaccine,but established guidelines and special clinics for evaluating and treating illnesses caused by the vaccine.

在一个由独立科学家提供科学证据的公开听证会(20142)之后,日本政府不仅取消了女孩接种 HPV 疫苗的建议,还建立了评估和治疗疫苗引起的疾病的指导方针和专门诊所。

It is a scenario that Merck,GSK,and vaccine stakeholders globally are extremely anxious to suppress.


The Merck-commissioned,CSIS report,co-authored by Dr.Larson,paints a picture of an all-out war over media coverage–not over the high rate of serious adverse reactions.

由默克公司委托的 CSIS 报告,由拉尔森博士共同撰写,描绘了一幅画面,一场针对媒体报道的全面战争——而不是针对严重不良反应的高发率。

The authors resort to the usual tactic of discrediting vaccine-injured individuals;they dismissed the serious health effects suffered by girls and young women following vaccination,as trivial.


The CSIS report presents the entire issue as an epidemic fueled by Internet rumors and"vaccine hesitators."


"Over the last year,controversy within the Japanese medical and political arenas over the HPV vaccine has touched the public at large.Through social media and highly publicized events,anti-vaccine groups have gained control of the narrative surrounding the HPV vaccine."

"在过去的一年里,日本医学界和政界对 HPV 疫苗的争议已经影响到了广大公众。通过社交媒体和高度宣传的活动,反疫苗团体已经控制了围绕 HPV 疫苗的叙述。"

Global Collaborators in Action:Trash Honest Scientists to Suppress Inconvenient Evidence


日本率先揭露加德西 HPV 疫苗造成的伤亡

The following case demonstrates how the global network of government/academic and industry stakeholders suppresses information about genuine scientific findings and,when needed,is engaged in corrupt practices to thwart the airing of information about vaccine safety issues.


This case involves inconvenient scientific laboratory findings in post-mortem tissue samples,showing that the HPV vaccine was contaminated with foreign HPV DNA fragments.The case also involves evidence(contained in internal correspondence)of deceptive practices by officials of"authoritative"international public health institutions.

这个案例牵涉到不便的科学实验室在死后组织样本中的检验结果,显示 HPV 疫苗被外来的 HPV DNA 片段污染。该案件还涉及国际"权威"公共卫生机构官员欺骗行为的证据(包含在内部函件中)

In January 2016,pathologist Dr.Sin Hang Lee,MD,Director of Milford Medical Laboratory,sent an open letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization(WHO),Dr.Margaret Chan,in which he challenges the integrity of the GACVS Statement on the Continued Safety of HPV Vaccination(issued March 2014),and charges professional misconduct on the part of the following individuals(and suggests that others may have also been actively involved)in a scheme to deliberately mislead the Japanese Expert Inquiry on human papillomavirus(HPV)vaccine safety before,during and after the February 2014 public hearing in Tokyo.

20161月,病理学家 dr.Sin Hang LeeMDMilford Medical Laboratory 主任,向世界卫生组织总干事 dr.Margaret Chan 发出了一封公开信投诉,他在信中质疑 GACVS 关于 HPV 疫苗持续安全性的声明的完整性(20143月发布),并指控以下个人在20142月东京公开听证会之前、期间和之后的一个蓄意误导日本人类乳头瘤病毒疫苗安全性专家调查计划中的职业不当行为(并表明其他人可能也积极参与其中)

Dr.Lee challenged the integrity of the GACVS Statement on the Continued Safety of HPV Vaccination written by Dr.Pless,accusing him of deliberately misrepresenting his scientific findings in order to mislead non-scientific readers and those who set vaccination policies.

李博士质疑普勒斯博士撰写的 GACVS 关于 HPV 疫苗接种持续安全性的声明的完整性,指责他故意歪曲其科学发现,以误导非科学读者和制定疫苗接种政策的人。

Dr.Pless is accused of deliberately conflating two unrelated articles,dealing with two different chemicals,written by different authors"apparently to create a target to attack."Furthermore,Dr.Lee notes that the GACVS Statement relied on an unpublished 12-year-old"Technical Report"written by an unofficial,unnamed"group of participants"(according to CDC's disclaimer).

此外,Lee 博士指出,GACVS 声明依据的是一份12年前未发表的"技术报告",该报告由一个未具名的非官方"参与者小组"撰写(根据 CDC 的免责声明)

These are the facts:


In 2011,Dr.Lee found that every one of the 13 Gardasil samples that he examined contained HPV L1 gene DNA fragments.

2011年,李博士发现他检测的13个加德西样本中的每一个都含有 HPV l 1基因 DNA 片段。

He also found that the HPV DNA fragments were not only bound to Merck's proprietary aluminum adjuvant but also adopted a non-B conformation,thereby creating a new chemical compound of unknown toxicity.

他还发现,HPV DNA 片段不仅与默克公司专有的铝佐剂结合,而且还采用了非 b 构象,从而创造了一种新的未知毒性的化合物。

This non-B conformation,Dr.Lee believes,is responsible for the array of autoimmune illnesses experienced by children and young women following vaccination with Gardasil.

李博士认为,这种非 b 型构象是儿童和年轻妇女在接种加德西疫苗后所经历的一系列自身免疫性疾病的原因。

In 2012,Dr.Lee testified at a coroner's inquest of the death of a New Zealand teenager,6 months after receiving 3 Gardasil vaccine injections.


He then published his case report in the open access journal,Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology(2012).


Dr.Lee was a presenter at the Tokyo hearing(2014),at which he disputed those who claimed the young women weren't really suffering severe pain;they were having"psychosomatic reactions."He stated:

李博士是2014年东京听证会(Tokyo hearing)的主持人,在听证会上,他对那些声称年轻女性并没有真正遭受严重疼痛的人提出了质疑,她们只是出现了"身心反应"他说:

"I do not believe psychosomatic reactions can cause sudden unexpected death in sleep,or inflammatory lesions in the brain as demonstrated by the MRI images and the brain biopsy histopathology with perivascular lymphocytes and macrophages and demyelination."

"我不相信心理反应会导致睡眠中的猝死,或者脑部的炎症性损伤,如 MRI 图像和脑组织活检组织病理学所示,包括血管周围淋巴细胞、巨噬细胞和脱髓鞘。"

Following the public hearing,GAVC issued a statement(March 12,2014)aimed at discrediting Dr.Lee's research by conflating his research with the research of other scientists who presented at the Tokyo hearing.


This case should have been prominently reported in the medical journals and by the mass media,and the allegation should have been investigated.


Mainstream publications have been silent;the case was reported only in alternative news outlets.[3]


In July 2016,a victims'group filed a multi-plaintiff lawsuit in the district courts of Tokyo,Nagoya,Osaka,and Fukuoka against the Japanese government and the two pharmaceutical companies that had produced these vaccines.


Furthermore,in December of the same year,additional victims joined the multi-plaintiff lawsuit,bringing the total number of plaintiffs to 119(Indian Journal of Medical Ethics,2017).


The Hazards of Aluminum in Vaccines Is the Focus Of Intense Research


Of note:the placebo comparator in(most)vaccine clinical trials is not inert,it contains aluminum.


Several independent teams of international autoimmune experts have investigated this,led by the internationally recognized authority of autoimmune diseases,Dr.Yehuda Shoenfeld of Tel Aviv University,Israel,and another group by Dr.Christopher Exley,Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry,Keele University in the UK.

在国际公认的自身免疫疾病权威机构,以色列特拉维夫大学的 Yehuda Shoenfeld 博士和另一个由英国生物无机化学医学基尔大学(英国)教授 Christopher Exley 博士领导的团队的领导下,几个国际自身免疫专家的独立小组已经对此进行了调查。

However,studies that document the hazards of aluminum in vaccines are not published in major influential medical journals.


Recent surveys of those journals document that medical journal editors have concealed financial conflicts of interest.Most Editors of Top Medical Journals Receive Industry Payments(Retraction Watch,Nov.2017).


In two cases,journal editors received over$1 million from industry sources.(Ed Silverman,STAT,2017.)


The following case is an example of how science is subverted by tightly controlled journal gatekeepers.Journal editors who have sold their integrity by accepting industry kickbacks block publication of reports that might pose a financial threat to an intricate web of government and non-government institutions and professional associations–all of whom are financially tied to the pharmaceutical industry.


The case demonstrates the great difficulty encountered by independent scientists who have not sold their integrity to the highest bidder.


Publication Saga:Case Examples of Harassment Aimed At Suppressing Harmful Findings Regarding the HPV-Gardasil Vaccine

出版事件:旨在抑制 HPV-Gardasil 疫苗有害结果的骚扰案例

The study,Behavioral Abnormalities In Young Female Mice Following Administration Of Aluminum Adjuvants And The Human Papillomavirus(HPV)Vaccine Gardasil,was conducted in Israel by a team of researchers headed by Professor Yehuda Schoenfeld,an internationally recognized authority,who is considered to be the pillar in the field of autoimmunity.

这项名为年轻雌性小鼠服用铝佐剂和人类乳突病毒疫苗加德西后的行为异常的研究,是由 Yehuda Schoenfeld 教授领导的研究小组在以色列进行的,Yehuda Schoenfeld 教授是国际公认的权威人士,被认为是自身免疫领域的支柱。

Indeed,Dr.Shoenfeld identified a new syndrome ASIA(Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants).

事实上,Shoenfeld 医生确定了一种新的亚洲综合症(佐剂诱发的自身免疫/炎症综合症)

"The idea of ASIA as a new syndrome developed after some studies on Gulf War syndrome reported that soldiers who had not been deployed to the Gulf area were suffering from symptoms such as severe fatigue,cognitive impairment,myalgias and arthralgias.This raised the question of whether it was the vaccines administered to the soldiers that induced these syndromes.The most common adjuvants are silicone implants and aluminum in vaccines."[4]


The focus of the research seeks to shed light on"the roles and mechanisms of action of different adjuvants which lead to autoimmune/inflammatory response."


Prof.Shoenfeld encountered blockades from journal editors who attempted to suppress the findings of neuroinflammation and"behavioral abnormalities following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the HPV vaccine Gardasil."

Shoenfeld 教授遇到了期刊编辑的阻挠,他们试图抑制对神经炎症的研究结果和"在铝佐剂和 HPV 疫苗加德西使用后的行为异常"

Those editors have financial stakes in the business of vaccines.


The HPV-mouse study was first submitted to for publication to the Journal of Human Immunology where it was shelved for 8 months and was then rejected by that journal's Editor-in-Chief,Dr.Michael Racke.

这项 HPV-mouse 研究首先被提交给《人类免疫学杂志》发表,在那里它被搁置了8个月,然后被该杂志的主编 Michael Racke 博士拒绝。

According to the American Academy of Neurology:


"Dr.Racke has received personal compensation for activities with EMD Serone,Novartis,Roche Diagnostics Corporation,Genentech,and Amarantus as a consultant."

"Racke 博士已经收到了 EMD SeroneNovartisRoche Diagnostics CorporationGenentech Amarantus 作为顾问的个人补偿。"

EMD Serono,Inc.is a subsidiary of Merck KGaA,Darmstadt,Germany.

Emdserono 公司是默克公司在达姆施塔特的子公司。

The HPV-mouse study was published in the journal Vaccine in January 2016.

这项 HPV-mouse 研究发表在20161月的《疫苗》杂志上。

It was summarily withdrawn a month later following orders by the Editor-in-Chief,Gregory Poland.[5]


Dr.Poland's direct conflicts of interest[5]include those disclosed on the Mayo Clinic website:


"Dr.Poland is the chairman of a safety evaluation committee for investigational vaccine trials being conducted by Merck Research Laboratories.Dr.Poland offers consultative advice on new vaccine development to Merck&Co.,Inc.[Dr.Robert Chen is an Associate Editor of Vaccine.]"

"波兰博士是默克研究实验室正在进行的疫苗试验安全评估委员会的主席。Poland 博士就新疫苗的开发向默克公司提供咨询意见[Robert Chen 博士是疫苗的副编辑]

How is it that this incestuous relationship did not raise loud cries of foul play?Those rejections by editors who had deeply vested financial interest in protecting vaccination rates,whose own financial interest was intertwined with vaccine manufacturers,elicited no protest from the scientific academic community.


Instead,these rejections were followed by vicious attacks against two of the scientists by industry's cyber hit-squads that are hired to attack independent scientists whose honest research contradicts vaccine orthodoxy.That is viewed as a heresy inasmuch as it poses a financial threat.[6]


The study was revised,again peer-reviewed,and published in the journal Immunological Research(Nature-Springer)(2017).[7]


The reported findings remained the same:


"Vaccine adjuvants and vaccines may induce autoimmune and inflammatory manifestations in susceptible individuals.To date most human vaccine trials utilize aluminum(Al)adjuvants as placebos despite much evidence showing that Al in vaccine-relevant exposures can be toxic to humans and animals…It appears that Gardasil via its Al adjuvant and HPV antigens has the ability to trigger neuroinflammation and autoimmune reactions,further leading to behavioral changes…"

"疫苗佐剂和疫苗可能诱发易感人群的自身免疫和炎症反应。迄今为止,大多数人类疫苗试验利用铝佐剂作为安慰剂,尽管许多证据表明,与疫苗相关的铝暴露可能对人类和动物有毒性......似乎加德西通过其铝佐剂和 HPV 抗原有能力触发神经炎症和自身免疫反应,进一步导致行为变化......"

"In light of these findings,this study highlights the necessity of proceeding with caution with respect to further mass-immunization practices with a vaccine of yet unproven long-term clinical benefit in cervical cancer prevention."


The basis for those findings was deemed to be scientifically sound by three sets of peer-reviewers,at three different journals.


By Vera Sharav,Alliance for Human Research Protection–via Healthimpactnews.com

作者:Vera Sharav,人类研究保护联盟-通过 healthimpactnews.com


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