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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 


March 20,2021



It is the first day of spring and awakenings of all kinds are reverberating across and within the planet.


The rumblings in Iceland erupted in the volcano last night.Is there always more to the story?It seems that way.


Gene Decode told us in a recent discussion with Michael Jaco that many of the recent“earthquakes”in Iceland which were concentrated near Reykjavic were nearly all at 10 mi depths and that is never natural.We believe there is a deep underground military base there.(DUMB)

Gene Decode 在最近与 Michael Jaco 的一次讨论中告诉我们,最近在冰岛发生的集中在 Reykjavic 附近的许多地震几乎都在10英里深的地方,这绝非自然现象。我们相信那里有一个很深的地下军事基地。(哑巴)

Now we have the extinct volcano erupting after 6,000 years and air travel halted.Qincidence?


If you have any doubt that Humanity is awakening,look at the protests in these cities this weekend;London,Paris,Kassel Germany…and if I had time to hang out on Twitter and Telegram I’d probably see more.In Paris they are saying it’s about police brutality.

如果你对人类正在觉醒有任何怀疑,看看这个周末在这些城市的抗议活动:伦敦、巴黎、Kassel Germany......如果我有时间在 Twitter Telegram 上闲逛,我可能会看到更多。在巴黎,他们说这是关于过度用武的。

RT reports…

RT 报道..

Londoners take to the streets on Saturday,March 20,to join in the worldwide anti COVID-19 lockdown protests.Similar demonstrations against the restrictions forced by the coronavirus pandemic are expected to happen in 51 countries.


The People are fed up.They know a pandemic doesn’t last a year and that healthy people should not be locked down and forced to stop living their lives when there are perfectly good therapeutics and medicines that will eliminate the symptoms of this flu in short order.It’s not about the virus,it’s about the ultimate goal of the NWO—vaccinating every Human on the planet.

人民受够了。他们知道流感大流行不会持续一年,健康的人不应该被关起来,不应该被迫停止生活,因为有完美的治疗方法和药物可以在短期内消除流感症状。这与病毒无关,而是 nwo 的终极目标——给地球上的每一个人接种疫苗。

As Charlie Ward points out in this update below with Jason Q,Trump did his job.He voluntarily took Regeneron and Hydroxychloroquine at the beginning of the scamdemic and told us he feels 20 years younger.Those are considered therapeutics AND vaccines because they relieve and eliminate symptoms AND are preventive in nature.

正如查理·沃德(Charlie Ward)在下面与杰森·q(Jason q)的更新中指出的那样,特朗普完成了自己的工作。在骗子开始的时候,他自愿服用了 Regeneron 和羟氯喹,并告诉我们他觉得自己年轻了20岁。那些被认为是治疗学和疫苗,因为他们减轻和消除症状,是预防性的性质。

Charlie says if people go out willy-nilly and get any vaccine the dark offers and don’t even ask what’s in it…well,we have free will.Trump has stressed that.He believes we should take the“vaccines”he recommended—not the Pfizer,Moderna,Astra-Zeneca,etc.He can only say so much,as we’ve learned because the media go off the rails when he reveals anything.Some folks who wanted to be proactive were ordering Hydroxychloroquine tablets directly from Russia in 2020.

查理说,如果人们不管愿去接种黑暗提供的任何疫苗,甚至不问里面有什么......嗯,我们有自由意志。特朗普强调了这一点。他认为,我们应该接受他推荐的疫苗”——而不是辉瑞(Pfizer)ModernaAstra-Zeneca 等公司。据我们所知,他只能说这么多,因为当他披露任何事情时,媒体就会出轨。2020年,一些想要积极主动的人直接从俄罗斯订购羟氯喹平板药片。

More fascinating numerology and“coincidences”surface in this relatively short chat with Charlie and Jason Q.Charlie says he’s been advised by his top echelon sources that everything has been done that is HUMANLY possible and the rest is up to our Creator at this point.Jason gets into some cryptic messaging about who Trump is,the prophesied harvesting of the 144K and the countdown.3-21

更迷人的命理学和巧合表面在这个相对简短的聊天查理和杰森 q 查理说,他已经建议他的顶级梯队来源,一切都已经做了,这是人类可能的,其余的是我们的造物主在这一点上。杰森说了一些关于特朗普是谁的神秘信息,预言收获144K 和倒计时。3-21

Divine Intervention with Jason Q and Charlie Ward Divine Intervention

Jason q Charlie Ward


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Anonymous ID:67117c No.5401939 

匿名 ID:67117c/no.5401939

It’s going to be HISTORIC!PLANNED LONG AGO.[-21]

Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place.



This is one fascinating journey,isn’t it?And we’re not flying blind.We have a manual,if we can just understand the comms.Those deltas get us every time.



Mar 18,2018 2:17:42 AM EDT

957 Mar 18,20182:17:42 AM EDT

Q!UW.yye1fxo ID:5f0f27 No.705264 


5f0f27 no.705264 q

Have a nice“trip”,Joe.See you next fall.



And what do the Q drops in the Intel Almanac for today say?The real virus plaguing Humanity garnered a lot of material from Q on this day 2019.Pedovores beware.

今天的情报年鉴中的 q 下降说明了什么?真正折磨人类的病毒在2019年的这一天从 q 获得了大量的材料。食草动物小心。


Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein 2020 安德鲁王子和杰弗里·爱泼斯坦2020

We’ve talked about the fact that this takedown of the cabal was planned a long time ago.Some say it began with President Kennedy.I believe it began eons ago.The Light has been battling the dark for thousands of years and it never seemed to be enough.Many warriors,like the Knights Templar,went underground.


Both sides infiltrated each other’s organizations.Beings of Light who we believed had been vanquished,like the Romanovs—the family of Russia’s Tsar Nicholas,may not all have been executed as we believed.There is talk that Melania Trump may be of that lineage.We knew she was special,and if this is the case,it speaks to The Plan being older than suggested.

双方都渗透进了对方的组织。我们认为光之存在已经被击败了,就像罗曼诺夫家族一样,俄国沙皇尼古拉斯的家族,可能并不是所有人都像我们想象的那样被处决了。有传言称,梅拉尼娅·特朗普(Melania Trump)可能属于这个血统。我们知道她很特别,如果是这样的话,这说明这个计划比我们想象的要古老。

Some have delved into the history of Donald Trump and point out that he was a playboy,borrowed money from the Rockefeller banksters,knew Jeffrey Epstein,etc.,and we have explained that for this Plan to work,infiltration is required.For the dark to be lawfully removed from society evidence and proof are required.“All the world is a stage…”


I have suggested that Donald Trump was the perfect man for this job for several reasons,and the photo evidence we have of his relationship with others is testament to that.His uncle John Trump was an associate of Nikola Tesla.Trump married Melania in his third marriage.Julian Assange is almost a dead ringer for Uncle John Trump.Coincidence?I think not.


Some have raised the issue of time travel and I don’t believe that is farfetched at all.



 Donald Trump’s younger brother Robert was allegedly a spy/informant for the FBI and possibly both were.Donald Trump was best friends with JFK Jr.whose father and uncle were assassinated by the Khazarian mafia/New World Order/Illuminati.The Kennedy family has been caught up in this battle for some time and suffered many losses.


A few Illuminati families believed that they are superior to Humanity and destined to rule the world.The families of the Light say,“Not so fast.We have something to say about that and you’re not going to prey on Humans any more.”


The“families”are duking it out,folks.Now that computers have changed our ability to communicate and made the exchange of information instant,we,the Lightworkers have a network to inform those who were unaware of what the dark ones had planned for us.


Unfortunately,there is conflict within those families as evidenced by the death of Maeve Kennedy and her son last year.We also see the backstabbing in the Trump family in today’s headline.


Trump’s Disgraced Niece,Mary Trump Enters the Political Arena to Bash Family Once Again 


Some family members are greedy and selfish and don’t want to give up their lavish lifestyles or afford the same to the“peasants”.(That would be us.)


After Trump took office and Q Military Intelligence began communicating with us,the army of digital soldiers went to work and woke up a lot of people alongside President Trump and his family and administration.We were able to take on the lying,treasonous lamestream media who has kept Humanity in a hypnotic trance for decades.

特朗普上台后,q 军事情报部门开始与我们沟通,数字化士兵大军开始工作,唤醒了特朗普总统及其家人和政府身边的许多人。我们能够采取说谎,叛逆的 lamestream 媒体谁一直在催眠人类几十年。

This is the turning point,and there is still much to be revealed.Even people who consider themselves“woke”to what the demonrats are doing are not necessarily able to keep up with the deeper stories;the off-world influence,the pedovoria,the genocide.Those people,however,are likely open to hearing the rest of the bad news.They will probably be able to accept that it falls in line with the rest.


A friend sent the following the other day and I feel it’s worth sharing.There has been talk of this in the comments section recently as well,and we appreciate the contributions because we know there is much more going on than meets the eye.We can’t stress that enough.Q has repeatedly told us it’s much bigger,much deeper…and“you have more than you know.”

一位朋友前几天发来了下面这封信,我觉得值得分享。最近在评论部分也有这方面的讨论,我们很感谢你们的贡献,因为我们知道事情远不止表面看起来那么简单。我们再怎么强调也不过分。Q 反复告诉我们,它要大得多,要深得多......“你拥有的比你知道的更多。


Yes,there is a theatrical production on the grandest scale imaginable unfolding with actors who would give their lives to liberate Humanity and vanquish the dark.It goes far beyond what we first believed.Consider this:




Melania is a Romanov

Her Grandmother is Anastasia

One of Melania’s side has been doctored.She is Slovenian/Russian

I am friends with Mindy Romanov.

3 Romanov boys were put on a ship from Russia assisted packages to the U.S.Whitehat Operation.

Melania is more important than we know


Melania bears a striking resemblance to Tatiana Romanov,the Tzar’s second daughter,does she not?



Someone else wrote to share the meme above:


Found this on anonup.com.

It makes sense,doesn’t it?https://anonup.com/upload/images/2021/03/xwiTvYKDptSBVNvHjUIh_18_4d3b7e3b0c00a8da146995e7cad6d836_image_original.jpeg

这是在 anonup 网站上找到的,很有道理,不是吗?https://anonup.com/upload/images/2021/03/xwitvykdptsbvnvhjuih_18_4d3b7e3b0c00a8da146995e7cadd836_image_original.jpeg

If you haven’t looked into the real story of the slaughter of Tzar Nicholas and his family in 1918,you might want to do that.It was orchestrated by the dark to remove the families of the Light.They orchestrated the uprising as they did for everything that has happened on this planet to serve their own agenda.


There is much more to Russia than we’ve been led to believe,and we must hope that Putin and the Earth Alliance can preserve what is left because I believe it is of great historical significance.The magnificent remains of the Tartarian empire is on display and that story is breathtaking.


When one considers the span of time this war has already involved,is a few more months really going to make a difference?How long have these Lightwarriors been fighting for us when we were sound asleep?They’ve told us as much as possible about what is happening and why and yet we are demanding more,more,more.We need to exercise patience and respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this war to end all wars.


One of the most important things we have learned is that this is far from just a political spat between warring factions.It’s a spiritual war between good and evil;an evil most foul that most Humans are completely unaware of.That,in itself,is a miracle.



St.Basil’s Cathedral,Moscow


When I look in Trump’s eyes,Melania’s eyes,Ivanka’s eyes,Don Jr.’s eyes…I see warriors of the Light;not charlatans here to fool us.


This is a new interview with Simon Parkes on Doug Billings’show The Right Side.Video at the link.



In our quest to educate the unaware about vaccines,we offer the article below.The excerpt alone should get attention from those entertaining accepting a Covid vaccine.


Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins,meaning it can promote cancer.


Read more at the link.


Blood Lust:Covid Vaccines,and Culling the Population,Part Two

Blood Lust:卵巢疫苗和人口剔除,第二部分


 As the days progress,we see more lawful actions and punishment.LT showed us a long list of pedo-related arrests and resignations,as well,recently.

随着时间的推移,我们看到了更多的合法行为和惩罚。LT 最近也给我们看了一长串与 pedo 有关的逮捕和辞职名单。

24 More Charged In Massive Voter Fraud Investigation 


We have movement at Stalag DC.

我们在 Stalag DC 有行动。

Capitol Outer Fencing to Be Removed This Weekend 


That’s all for the moment.Enjoy the weekend,and hopefully spring has arrived where you are.~BP







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