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[ DS ]现在正在为他们的损失做准备。他们知道它的到来。司法部现在正在调查那些把人推进养老院的州长。人们正在觉醒,现在[ DS ]/MSM 正在恐慌。


Rebuilding Of American Has Begun, Look At What Happened - Episode 2260a


[DS] Already Knows They Lost,They Are Preparing For The Loss,Countermeasures In Place-Episode 2260b

[ DS ]已经知道他们失败了,他们正在为失败做准备,对策就位-2260b



The economy is now gaining steam, we are seeing a V take shape in durable goods. Mortgage demand is spiking because of low rates and pent up demand. During the pandemic Americans paid bills and saved money. Trump brought back the iron age in MN. The Fed is now trapped, there is now way out, people will not accept inflation.

经济正在获得动力,我们看到耐用品正在形成 v 型。由于低利率和被压抑的需求,抵押贷款需求激增。在大流行期间,美国人支付账单并节省金钱。特朗普带回了明尼苏达州的铁器时代。美联储现在陷入困境,现在有出路,人们不会接受通货膨胀


The [DS] is now preparing for their loss. They know it is coming. The DOJ is now investigating those Gov that pushed people into nursing homes. The people are waking up and now the [DS]/MSM are panicking. The people are not buying the peaceful protests, they see the riots and they see how the country is being burned to the ground. The patriots know the playbook, countermeasures are now in place.

[ DS ]现在正在为他们的损失做准备。他们知道它的到来。司法部现在正在调查那些把人推进养老院的州长。人们正在觉醒,现在[ DS ]/MSM 正在恐慌。人民并不相信和平抗议,他们看到了暴乱,看到了这个国家是如何被夷为平地的。爱国者们已经知道了战术手册,现在应对措施已经到位

[OpDis Editor Note: X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news, Trump, and the fall of the Deep State. X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening. 

[ OpDis 编者按:X22报告回顾了当前的地缘政治和经济事件,以及Q相关的新闻,特朗普和深层国家的陷落。X22报告是另一个 YouTube 频道,我推荐你收听,如果你想了解最新发生的事情]





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