本杰明报道|20230410 犹太人在打败撒旦教徒后重建圣殿

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本杰明报道|20230410  犹太人在打败撒旦教徒后重建圣殿

Humanity is about to wake from a long and terrible nightmare. An ancient Satanic cult that has terrorized us for millennia is facing final defeat. The Jewish people are planning to celebrate their release from Babylonian slavery by building a new temple. This time it is expected to last forever. A new Golden Age is about to dawn for humanity. That is the big picture behind recent news events.


Now that the Satanists have been defeated in Ukraine, a final battle is about to take place to mop up the last major Satanist strongholds in Europe, the US and Asia, multiple sources agree.  


The biggest event in the war to liberate the planet last week was the French and British Rothschilds throwing the Rockefellers and their fake President Biden under the bus. This was the story behind the visit to China by French slave President Emmanuelle Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

上周解放地球战争中最大的事件是法国和英国的罗斯柴尔德家族把洛克菲勒家族和他们的假总统拜登推到了风口浪尖。这就是法国奴隶主埃马纽埃尔•马克龙(Emmanuelle Macron)和欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席乌尔苏拉·冯德莱恩访华的背后故事。

In diplomacy, appearances show who is really in charge. This is why Macron flew on his own Airbus A330 with a group of media, business and cultural figures while von der Leyen was forced to take a 14-hour commercial flight to the capital, complete with a four-hour layover in the Middle East. While in China President Xi Jinping “treated von der Leyen in a way that made it a bit humiliating,” said one French official,

在外交方面,外表表明谁才是真正的掌权者。这就是为什么马克龙与一群媒体、商界和文化界人士一起乘坐自己的空客 A330飞机,而冯德莱恩则被迫乘坐14小时的商业航班飞往首都,并在中东停留4小时。一位法国官员表示,尽管中国国家主席习近平“对待冯德莱恩的方式有点羞辱”,

本杰明报道|20230410  犹太人在打败撒旦教徒后重建圣殿


“Xi ejected Ursula from important talks because he wanted to put Macron on the spot and the babysitter Ursula was mandated by her WEF masters to prevent him from doing so,” a CIA source explains. “Macron is smart, he will choose the side of the winners like any good self-respecting opportunist,” he adds.

中央情报局的一位消息人士解释说: “习把乌苏拉从重要会谈中赶出来,因为他想让马克龙难堪,而保姆乌苏拉是世界经济论坛主席授权的,目的是阻止他这么做。”。“马克龙很聪明,他会像任何有自尊心的机会主义者一样,选择站在胜利者一边,”他补充道。

During his visit Macron promised to join China’s Belt and Road Forum. He also agreed with China that it was time to settle the Ukrainian crisis “through diplomatic means to achieve lasting peace in Europe.”


Macron even went so far as to basically agree to ditch NATO and join the BRICS alliance and their proposal for mutual security. That is why Xi and Macron decided to “deepen exchanges” between the Chinese Army and French units in the Asia-Pacific. Macron also promised not to support Taiwan in any US-provoked crisis there.


The other important point about the Macron visit is that both the Iranian and Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministers were in China at the same time where they had meetings with their French counterparts. This is a clear sign the French were being told either to join the BRICS or get cut off from Middle Eastern oil.


To sweeten the deal, China said Europe should be “an independent pole in a multipolar world.” This plays into long-held French support of European independence.



The upcoming divorce between Europe and the Rockefeller-controlled US is one reason why Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Ukraine peace talks should focus on creating a “new world order.”



Of course, Macron sucking up to the Chinese and Russians may not save him from his own people. French demonstrators have made it clear they know who their enemy is by torching both the Bank of France and BlackRock Headquarters in Paris last week.

当然,马克龙拍中国人和俄罗斯人的马屁,可能无法将他从自己人手中拯救出来。法国示威者上周纵火焚烧了法国央行(Bank of France)和贝莱德(BlackRock)巴黎总部,表明他们知道自己的敌人是谁。

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Opinion polls show the vast majority of the French people are disgusted with Macron on many fronts.


In any case, it also looks like Germany will join France in rejecting the Rockefeller-controlled US. The ethnically German King Charles of England went to Germany last week “to cement Anglo-German peacetime relations, fulfilling one of the late Queen’s missions,” MI6 says.


As a result of that meeting, German slave Chancellor Olaf Scholz is about to be removed soon via a parliamentary investigation into a corruption scandal of his. Since almost all Western politicians are corrupt, “investigations into corruption” just means they are about to be fired. He will be replaced by someone who is not a Rockefeller stooge, MI6 says.

由于这次会议的结果,德国奴隶总理奥拉夫 · 肖尔茨即将通过议会对他的腐败丑闻进行调查而被免职。因为几乎所有的西方政客都是腐败的,所以“腐败调查”只是意味着他们即将被解雇。军情六处表示,他将被一个不是洛克菲勒走狗的人取代。


We also note that Austrian politicians walked out when the Satanic Ukranian President Vladimir Zelinsky spoke to their parliament.

我们还注意到,当撒旦般的乌克兰总统弗拉基米尔 · 泽林斯基(Vladimir Zelinsky)向奥地利议会发表讲话时,奥地利政界人士退出了会议。

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By the way, we deliberately used the Russian spelling for his name because it turns out all of these so-called Ukrainian politicians are in fact, Russian speakers. This makes us wonder if the entire Ukrainian show has always been in fact a Russian puppet show.


Polish intelligence sources also wondered about Zelinsky after he visited Poland last week. “Why couldn’t Zelensky walk from the hotel to the presidential palace next door,” they asked.

泽林斯基上周访问波兰后,波兰情报部门也对他感到疑惑。“为什么 Zelensky 不能从酒店走到隔壁的总统府,”他们问道。

One source notes how he once saw Sultan Al Qaboos of Oman show up without bodyguards at a café, ask for tea, and then talk with the customers about their plans, “This is the norm for Arabs because his people will not hurt him,” he says.

一位消息人士指出,他曾经看到阿曼的苏丹阿尔卡布斯(Sultan Al Qaboos)没有带保镖出现在一家咖啡馆,要了一杯茶,然后和顾客谈论他们的计划,“这是阿拉伯人的常态,因为他的人民不会伤害他,”他说。

By contrast, with Zelinskly “Here comes an actor, carried by an expensive armored limousine escorted by 6 gorillas to travel 60 meters, and 7 years ago he played the piano with his dick, naked on the guitar and was not afraid,?”


In Canada and other Western countries too, Prime Ministers used to just walk the streets. Now, their people hate them so much they need to hide behind goons and armor.


An example of what kind of leaders we now have in the West was seen last week when Zelensky and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin honored the late Nazi war criminal Dmitry “Da Vinci” Kotsyubaylo. During his lifetime, “Da Vinci” boasted that he fed his wolf the bones of Russian-speaking children. It was his wife who said, “A good Russian is a dead Russian,” Polish intelligence sources say.

上周 Zelensky 和芬兰总理 Sanna Marin 为已故的纳粹战犯 Dmitry“ Da Vinci”Kotsyubaylo 颁奖时,我们看到了西方领导人的一个例子。在他的一生,“达芬奇”吹嘘说,他喂他的狼的骨头讲俄语的儿童。波兰情报人员说,是他的妻子说的: “一个好的俄罗斯人就是一个死去的俄罗斯人。”。

No wonder Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev says “no-one in the world needs Ukraine, therefore it will cease to exist,” He says the American people will soon force politicians to explain why they are obsessed with “a country unknown to them,” instead of domestic American issues,

难怪俄罗斯安全委员会副主席梅德韦杰夫说: “世界上没有人需要乌克兰,因此乌克兰将不复存在。”他说,美国人民很快就会迫使政客们解释为什么他们痴迷于“一个他们不了解的国家”,而不是美国国内的问题,

Medvedev also notes only about 20 million of a pre-war population of 45 million are still left in the country,



As we have noted previously, a new line of influence between Western Europe and Russia has been set along the Dnieper River. The Khazarian mafia’s plan to turn Ukraine into a new Khazarian empire is dead in the water.

正如我们以前所指出的,西欧和俄罗斯之间的新的影响线已经沿着 Dnieper River 建立起来。哈扎尔黑手党想把乌克兰变成一个新的哈扎尔帝国的计划已经泡汤了。

The Russians have also noted the UN has totally discredited itself by refusing to launch an international, independent investigation of the Nordstream pipeline sabotage. They are finally figuring out it is a privately owned Rockefeller corporation and not a genuine world organization.


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The Russians have also figured out the International Criminal Court is another Rockefeller front. For that reason, Judges Tomoko Akane, Rosario Salvador Aytala, Sergio Herardo Ugalde Godini and prosecutor Karim Khan have been targeted by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

俄罗斯人还发现国际刑事法庭是洛克菲勒的另一个幌子。由于这个原因,法官 Tomoko Akane,Rosario Salvador Aytala,Sergio Herardo Ugalde Godini 和检察官 Karim Khan 已经成为俄罗斯总检察长办公室的目标。

MI6 is working with the Russians and the White Hats to target other Satanists as well. This means this “transnational and highly organized cult” is being taken down. Their weakness was that “abject secrecy has been the continuum’s only way to survive,”MI6 notes. Now that various lawsuits are exposing the whole thing it is just a matter of time before the scourge ends in Europe.


In any case, regardless of what happens in Europe though, the real showdown is taking place in the United States.


There we are seeing what appears to be Donald Trump version 3.0 appearing as Commander in Chief and getting ready for a final showdown with the Rockefellers and their fake President Joe Biden.

在那里,我们看到唐纳德 · 特朗普版本3.0似乎以总司令的身份出现,准备与洛克菲勒家族和他们的假总统乔 · 拜登进行最后的摊牌。

First of all, the Trump we have been seeing recently is clearly different from the one appearing even a few months ago. This one really does look presidential and in charge. As this photo shows, the real Trump is certainly backed by the US military Intelligence and Judge advocate general. This is a sign the long-awaited arrests may finally begin.


Before we get into that though, we need to note some otherworldly stuff connected to Trump.


For one thing, the author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote three books in the 1800’s featuring a character named Baron Trump, and the third is about the “last president.”

一方面,作家英格索尔 · 洛克伍德(Ingersoll Lockwood)在19世纪写了三本关于一个名叫拜伦 · 特朗普(Baron Trump)的人物的书,第三本是关于“最后一任总统”的


Then we note the Elon Musk joke that in 1980 Trump said “Why do time travelers keep trying to kill me? I’m just a realtor!”

然后我们注意到埃隆 · 马斯克的笑话,1980年特朗普说: “为什么时间旅行者一直试图杀死我?我只是个房地产经纪人

So maybe, just maybe, the different Trumps are part of a multiverse battle involving converging timelines.


Regardless of the woo woo stuff though, the move to charge Trump with a crime is having a very real effect on the people around the fake Biden. That is because a legal precedent has been set and now Biden, Obama etc. can be charged with far more serious crimes than allegedly paying off a porn star.  


The first step will be easy, and that is for Trump to brush off the charges. This will be a cinch because they were part of a psyops from the beginning. As talk show host Mark Levin says about the indictment against Donald Trump: “This is crap that a pre-law student shouldn’t even put in front of a damn judge.”

第一步会很容易,那就是让特朗普放弃指控。这将是小菜一碟,因为他们从一开始就是心理战的一部分。正如脱口秀主持人马克•莱文(Mark Levin)在谈到对唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)的起诉时所言: “这是一个法律预科生甚至不应该在该死的法官面前说的废话。”

The charges have also generated sympathy around the world. For example, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador described the charges against Trump, as a “smear campaign.”

这些指控也引起了全世界的同情。例如,墨西哥总统安德烈斯•曼努埃尔•洛佩斯•奥夫拉多尔(Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador)将针对特朗普的指控描述为“抹黑行动”


The Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout offered Trump asylum in Russia and warned “The Biden administration will not stop just by dragging you through the court/prison industrial complex.”

俄罗斯军火商维克多•布特(Viktor Bout)向特朗普提供了在俄罗斯的庇护,并警告称“拜登政府不会仅仅通过拖着你穿过法院/监狱工业园区而停止行动。”

In any case, now that the legal gauntlet has been thrown, the rats are abandoning the Biden ship. For example, Former US President Barack Obama is planning to flee to Kenya. However, as a CIA source says “You can run but you can’t hide from the global WH alliance.”.

无论如何,既然法律挑战已经来临,那些老鼠们正在抛弃拜登的船只。例如,美国前总统奥巴马正计划逃往肯尼亚。然而,正如一位中央情报局消息人士所说: “你可以逃跑,但你不能躲避全球白人卫生联盟。”�.


Another key puppeteer, Jeff Bezos of Amazon – whose studios have been used for Biden shows- appears to be missing in action. Work on his Beverly Hills mansion has stopped and his Washington Post propaganda outlet seems to be headless recently.

另一位关键木偶师、亚马逊(Amazon)的杰夫•贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)似乎在行动中失踪了。拜登曾利用贝佐斯的工作室进行演出。他在比佛利山庄的豪宅已经停工,他在《华盛顿邮报》的宣传机构最近似乎也无人问津。

“He is hiding on his new yacht, for reasons that will most likely be revealed soon” a CIA source says. 


His $500 million yacht – nearly half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza-


uses extremely advanced and green technology and the sails can be managed by a single person, It comes with a shadow yacht at about half the size that features a lot of cool yacht amenities like a helipad, jet skis and more. 


So it looks like Bezos may be trying to avoid arrest by hiding in international waters. Good luck with that.



These insiders all seem to know the Biden show will come crashing down. There is so much corruption involved that any real legal system would have put the entire fake Biden theater troop in jail long ago.


As this video shows, the end of the Ukraine war will most likely also be the end of the Biden show because it will expose all the crimes involved.


“We sent $113 billion to the most corrupt country in the world and we don’t know what it’s going to be spent on,” US Senator James Vance told Fox News.

国家参议员詹姆斯 · 万斯对福克斯新闻说: “我们向世界上最腐败的国家捐赠了1130亿美元,但我们不知道这笔钱将花在哪里。”。

No wonder the “House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed Bank of America, Cathay Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and HSBC USA NA, as well as Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Mervyn Yan, to obtain the Biden family’s financial records.”

难怪“众议院监督委员会已经传唤了美国银行、国泰银行、摩根大通、汇丰美国银行,以及亨特 · 拜登的前商业伙伴 Mervyn Yan,以获取拜登家族的财务记录。”


In any case, even if there are no arrests, it looks like the entire Biden show will end with their Rockefeller paymasters going bankrupt.


The US financial system is finally imploding. Depositors have withdrawn nearly $2 trillion from the banking system since March and now the banks are unable to lend. Commercial bank lending fell by $105 billion in the two weeks ended March 29, the sharpest fall in US history. This process is still accelerating.


It also looks like Asia is no longer shipping goods to the US due to unpaid US bills. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which handle 40% of US trade, are closed. The LA Times and other media are trying to blame the closure on a workers’ strike. However, the union issued a statement saying there was no formal work stoppage.

此外,由于美国未支付账单,亚洲似乎不再向美国运送货物。处理美国40% 贸易的洛杉矶和长滩的港口已经关闭。《洛杉矶时报》和其他媒体试图将停工归咎于工人罢工。然而,工会发表声明说,没有正式的停工。


ABC7 News reports https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ports-los-angeles-and-long-beach-close-due-widespread-worker-shortages-during-contract

美国广播公司新闻 https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ports-los-angeles-and-long-beach-close-due-widespread-worker-shortages-during-contract 报道

This comes at a time when longtime Rockefeller servant, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda is leaving office. His successor, Kazuo Ueda, has apparently stopped paying US bills. This could be an explanation for the port stop.

此时正值日本央行行长黑田东彦(Haruhiko Kuroda)即将卸任,他是洛克菲勒的长期仆人。他的继任者上田一夫(Kazuo Ueda)显然已停止支付美国的账单。这可能是停靠港口的原因。

Another sign that Japan is exiting the Biden circus is that it is buying oil from Russia at prices above the Rockefellers’ target of $60 a barrel.


But something even more sinister could happen. Lt. Gen. Yuichi Sakamoto, commander of the Japanese Army’s 8th Division, has been missing since Thursday afternoon when his helicopter “presumed” crashed. ‘Possibly’ because all transponders were ‘mysteriously’ turned off. Sakamoto’s division is the one tasked with defending mainland Japan from the Americans before the atomic bombs ended the war US military and Imperial Japanese forces in North Korea are working together to rid both Japan and South Korea of ​​satanic influence.



By the way, to see how impressive the imperial troops are in North Korea, take a look at these impressive demonstrations by their special forces.


In contrast, South Korean men have been so softened by Satanists that they cannot father children.


Because of this, South Korea has the lowest birth rate in the world.


We also hear that the Dalai Lama, one of the top Satanists in the world, is to be overthrown as part of the coming movement to liberate Asia. To understand the true nature of this murderous pedophile, watch the video below of him abusing a child.


Remember that the Dalai Lama has long been associated with the Nazis. Asian intelligence sources say he is a very old and evil demon and his fall will open a real Pandora’s box,


This rare footage below gives a hint of what could come out.


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The next set of footage makes it clear that many of the mysterious flying objects we’ve seen lately are definitely hostile.


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Next, look at the map of the ice wall around Antarctica hanging in the UN building.


本杰明报道|20230410  犹太人在打败撒旦教徒后重建圣殿

The latest from Antarctica is a neutrino (not neutron as I said in my podcast last week) telescope that can see inside other planets. It is about 10 kilometers below the glacial ice. Professor Fedor Simkovi, the lead scientist of the neutrino telescope, is involved in the project. We have asked to see some images from this telescope and will share them with our readers as soon as we receive them.

来自南极洲的最新望远镜是中微子望远镜(不是我上周在播客中说的中子) ,它可以看到其他行星的内部。它位于冰川冰下约10公里处。Fedor Simkovi 教授,中微子望远镜的首席科学家,参与了这个项目。我们已经要求从这台望远镜上看到一些图像,一旦收到,我们将与读者分享这些图像。

So to wrap up, let’s revisit some of the recent anomalies in the sky.


1. UFO rotating with flashing lights USA

1. 美国 UFO 在闪光灯下旋转

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2. UFO sighted over Hokkaido, Japan


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 3. 2 UFO drones follow the ISS

3.2架 UFO 无人机跟踪国际空间站

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4. Several drones over Russia


上一集 下一集

5. UFO over the Himalayas

喜马拉雅上空的 UFO

上一集 下一集

6. Possible Morse code message in the sky over Nuremberg in early April


上一集 下一集

Let’s hope the latest about Nuremberg is a sign that the long-awaited war crimes tribunals against the Satanists are about to begin. When they do, construction of the third and final Jewish temple will also begin. No human or animal sacrifices are allowed in this temple, only charitable donations.


**By Benjamin Fulford


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