X22报道|第3155集: 人们看穿了经济矩阵,这是一场不可阻挡的运动

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X22报道|第3155集: 人们看穿了经济矩阵,这是一场不可阻挡的运动

Ep. 3155a – People See Through The Economic Matrix, The [CB]/[WEF] Agenda Is A Hoax

人们看穿了经济矩阵,[ CB ]/[世界经济论坛]议程是一个骗局

Ep. 3155b – This Is A Movement That Can Not Be Stopped, Military Law Vs Criminal Law, Eye For An Eye


X22 Report
Streamed on: Sep 4, 7:45 pm EDT

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As countries continue to follow the green new deal agenda they are now discovering that energy costs are going through the rough, backlash is coming. Jobs numbers are manipulated and the Biden admin are now substituting illegals for American workers. The people are now seeing through the [CB]/[WEF] economic matrix.

随着各国继续遵循绿色新政议程,它们现在发现,能源成本正经历艰难时期,反弹正在到来。就业数据受到操纵,拜登政府现在用非法移民代替美国工人。人们现在看穿了[ CB ]/[世界经济论坛]的经济矩阵。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Sep 4, 8:15 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 9月4日,美国东部时间下午8:15


The [DS]/fake news admit there is a movement that is happening and they cannot figure out why the people are following Trump. These people never understood the people of this country and this is why they don’t understand. The people are going to begin to learn the treasonous crimes the [DS] has committed against the people of this country and the people around the world. Military vs criminal law, reconcile. Trump once said he believes in an eye for an eye and he about to get it. Panic in DC.

[DS]/假新闻承认正在发生一场运动,他们搞不清楚人们为什么追随特朗普。这些人从不了解这个国家的人民,这就是他们不理解的原因。人民将开始了解[ DS ]对这个国家的人民和世界各地的人民犯下的叛国罪行。军事与刑法,和解。特朗普曾经说过,他相信以眼还眼,而且他即将实现这一点。华盛顿的恐慌。


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