xekleidoma |2020年6月13日:万岁!/共和国万岁!

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The absolute power to rule has been stripped from most of the remaining monarchs and they fulfill the role of symbol of the nation in a theater play democracy,but they still influence the government policy and course of events in their country.In Spain king Felipe VI has denounced the aspirations for independence of the Catalonian people,but who the hell is he to do so?Spanish monarchy was restored by fascist dictator Francisco Franco who decided that Juan Carlos de Borbón would succeed him as the head of state,that should tell you enough.It is high time to show the monarchs of the world the door and introduce real democratically controlled meritocratic governance.Whereas Italy is the mainstay of the black nobility,Spain is the cradle of the Jesuit Order and both countries need thorough cleanup.


xekleidoma |2020年6月13日:万岁!/共和国万岁!xekleidoma |2020年6月13日:万岁!/共和国万岁!xekleidoma |2020年6月13日:万岁!/共和国万岁!

Last night I experienced a form of attack that I haven't endured before.In a dream a tiger appeared all of a sudden when I was walking with someone,and it came running straight at me to strike at me;I could dodge the tiger by rolling over a low wall on my right side and saw it flying just over me when it jumped.Then I quickly drew myself out of the dream state and woke up.Something I did in the June 5 mass meditation pissed off someone,but I will not go into details.


In the coming weeks a series of mass meditations has been scheduled on June 14,June 21,June 30 and July 5.June 30 is the date of the major Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 meditation that Cobra has announced.Before and after Ground Crew Command will host three 144k meditations and this can be the knock out blow for the Cabal.Let's make it happen,we are on schedule for a much needed breakthrough.



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