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Critical Thinking in Critical Times

I WOKE up this morning thinking about the solution to what is unfolding with the present civilization on Earth.With all the hate,violence,misplaced rage,social engineering where people are attacking the very people trying to help them I asked myself what is the solution?When all you hear about is prejudice against blacks could the pendulum have swung too far into prejudice against whites?Is a lot of anger and violence being carried out against the innocent no matter what the color of your skin?Could the actions and prejudices of the past be much less a problem now?Why all the focus on black lives?George Soros the main funder of Antifa and Black lives matters vowed to take down America.He said it would be his greatest achievement.He also said he will begin with the blacks because they are easily manipulated.Are African Americans being used as a means to an end?Why is George and his friends with the same goal channeling millions into groups that create division,separation and violence?Why are these multibillionaires,globalists so threatened by America?What is it about America?This includes the gender wars,the war against the family unit and any religious values that may have a wholesome foundation.

今天早上我醒来的时候思考着如何解决目前地球上的文明所带来的问题。伴随着所有的仇恨,暴力,错位的愤怒,社会工程,人们正在攻击那些试图帮助他们的人,我问自己,解决方案是什么?当你所听到的都是对黑人的偏见时,钟摆是否已经摆得太远,变成了对白人的偏见?无论你的肤色如何,是否都有很多针对无辜者的愤怒和暴力?过去的行为和偏见现在能不能不成问题?为什么所有的焦点都集中在黑人的生活上?Antifa 和布莱克事务的主要资助者乔治·索罗斯发誓要推翻美国。他说这将是他最大的成就。他还说,他将从黑人开始,因为他们很容易被操纵。非裔美国人是否被用作达到目的的手段?为什么乔治和他的朋友们有着同样的目标,他们把数百万人引导到制造分裂、隔离和暴力的群体中?为什么这些亿万富翁和全球主义者如此受到美国的威胁?美国到底是怎么回事?这包括性别战争、反对家庭单位的战争以及任何可能有健康基础的宗教价值观

The answer is in the foundation.America,the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand in the way of global domination,a New World Order where all the power and wealth are in the hands of a few.A few narcissist bilionaires who will dictate how you live,think,feel,what you eat,every aspect of your life.Freedom is their greatest threat along with the awakening masses.Their spoken agenda is Order through Chaos which mysteriously is tattooed on George Floyds chest,a 33rd degree Mason.Floyd had a record of numerous arrests one of which was breaking and entering and holding a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach holding her hostage.Yet the press hold him high as a man of high morals,a victim giving him a burial fit for royalty.The coffin was small nowhere near large enough to house a 6'7 man.Do they cut the legs off to save money?


I have more unanswered questions concerning his demise while trying to be respectful at the same time.If you look at the event with critical thinking none of it adds up.A friend of mine is an emergency room nurse trained in ACLS.She asked where was the neck brace,the board in case of spinal injury?Why weren't his vitals being monitored?The emergency room nurse also said you cannot say I can't breathe if you cannot breathe,there isn't enough air entering the lungs.That is one way of diagnosing the condition of someone having breathing difficulties.Nothing added up according to normal procedure.Why were some of the police badges iron-ons,why was the same cop who held a knee on Floyd's neck shown at the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook?Are these crises actors?There is one video that shows Floyd does not have legs and looks exactly like a Siemens manakin used to practice CPR.Is this CGI or an orchestrated event to trigger a bigger plan?Did George Floyd also a crises actor play a part only to be sacrificed,or did he get a fat check now sipping margaritas in the Caribbean?This all needs further investigation.If any of this is true the entire foundation for the marches which turned to riots just got pulled out from under and like any structure without a foundation it will fall.This is not conspiracy talk this is trained observation,critical thinking.

关于他的死亡,我还有更多没有回答的问题,同时我也试图尊重他。如果你用批判性思维来看待这个事件,那么所有的事情都没有意义。我的一个朋友是 ACLS 培训的急诊室护士。她问在哪里的颈部支架,董事会的情况下脊椎损伤?为什么没有监控他的生命迹象?急诊室的护士还说,如果你不能呼吸,就不能说我不能呼吸,因为没有足够的空气进入肺部。这是诊断呼吸困难的一种方法。按照正常程序,没有任何结果。为什么有些警察徽章是铁制的,为什么在波士顿爆炸案和桑迪胡克案中,同一个警察用膝盖顶住弗洛伊德的脖子?这些危机是演员吗?有一个视频显示,弗洛伊德没有腿,看起来完全像一个西门子 manakin 用来练习心肺复苏术。这是一个 CGI 还是一个精心策划的事件来触发一个更大的计划?难道乔治·弗洛伊德也是一个危机演员扮演了一个只有牺牲的角色,还是他现在在加勒比海喝着玛格丽塔酒得到了一张丰厚的支票?这一切都需要进一步调查。如果这些都是真的,那么游行变成暴乱的整个基础就会像任何没有基础的建筑一样从地下被拔出来。这不是阴谋论,这是训练有素的观察,批判性思维

The globalist believe to control the masses you need to keep them sick,poor,stupid and divided.They openly make these statements.George Soros was a Nazi sympathizer,a Jew who turned on his own people during the war.Infiltrated their homes,found out where they hid any of their wealth then told the Nazis where it was.When speaking about those times he said those were his fondest moments.Yet Soros funds Antifa an anti-facist group who will not listen to anyone with a different view in most cases reacting with violence.Anyone see the paradox?A Nazi funding an anti Nazi,antifacist group who's actions fit the definition of a fascist perfectly.He is also funding Black Lives Matters yet in his own words said in his plan to take down America,"First we will start with the blacks because they are easily manipulated".Did you know the majority of contributions to Black Lives Matter goes to Biden's campaign?The democrats were the party of the Ku Klux Clan.They fought against women suffurage for 30 years.They also fought against equal rights and the Republicans were the ones who freed the slaves.This is history.Did you know those confederate statues the left are tearing down of people who were unjust to blacks were democrats?Are they trying to rewrite history?Would it not be better to leave them up as monuments to an unjust and ignorant past and educate the children concerning this so as not to repeat it?Tell the real story of their actions?

全球主义者认为,要控制大众,就必须让他们生病、贫穷、愚蠢和分裂。他们公开发表这些言论。乔治·索罗斯是一个纳粹同情者,一个在战争期间背叛自己人民的犹太人。潜入他们的家,找出他们藏匿财富的地方,然后告诉纳粹在哪里。当谈到那些时刻时,他说那是他最喜欢的时刻。然而,索罗斯资助了一个反派别组织"反法西斯"(Antifa),该组织在大多数情况下不会听取持不同观点的任何人的意见,并以暴力作为反应。有人看到这个悖论了吗?一个纳粹资助了一个反纳粹、反法西斯组织,他的行为完全符合法西斯主义的定义。他也在资助黑人的生活很重要,但是用他自己的话来说,他在推翻美国的计划中说:"首先,我们将从黑人开始,因为他们很容易被操纵。"。你知道拜登的竞选活动中大部分捐款都捐给了黑人生活重要组织吗?民主党是三 k 党的党。他们与妇女参政斗争了30年。他们还反对平等权利,解放奴隶的是共和党人。这是历史。你知道左派正在拆毁那些对黑人不公正的人的联盟雕像吗?他们是民主党人?他们是在试图改写历史吗?难道不应该让他们成为不公正和无知的过去的纪念碑,并教育孩子们关于这一点,以免重蹈覆辙吗?讲述他们行为的真实故事?

You had the Clintons,if you think they are champions of African Americans just look at Haiti,the billions they stole for relief.Obama jailed more black people than any other president,Biden also introduced legislation of the same effect a hard line against crime yet the rehabilitation and counseling was minimal.Poverty is the main drive for crime yet poverty continued in some cases escalated during their reign.You had eight years of double speak with Obama yet he is your champion?What have the majority of them done other than give you phones,a publicity stunt then siphon billions into their personal accounts and fake foundations?


The present administration has done more for African Americans and people of all color than any of the previous presidents.Prison reform,justice system reform,programs to end the poverty,educate,provide health care etc.going against the globalist agenda keep them sick poor,divided and stupid.There needs to be a complete rethink,some critical thinking to break the spell,end the social engineering brought about by the lame stream corporate owned media.Brothers and Sisters you are being used as dispensable ponds by the Global Elite and their main stream corporate owned media.Your being played to think and act contrary to your nature and against your highest and best good.When judged as violent and ignorant then being manipulated into behaving that way reinforces the prejudices.Coming at someone with anger and violence creates more anger and violence sometimes in cases where innocent people are harmed or forced to react in the same manner.It is counter-productive.


A man/woman should be judged by their character.A man's/woman's character is established by their actions.The heart is the guiding force not the intellect or the mind.Love is the power.We have to get back to basics.Universal Law the basics of which are Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.The closest country to operating under Universal Law is America with its Constitution and Bill of Rights both of which need to be applied equally to all.Yes,America had its problems in the past,got off to a bad start but now it is the best option we have.Slavery came in all colors,railroads,mining,farming etc.were not just built and maintained by black slaves,Chinese,Irish,a host of others were also used.


Adjustments still need to be made,those who go against Universal Law need to be held accountable,yet we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater.Socialism is the first step to communism,Socialist dictators of the past have all ended up as tyrants,the end result is mass genocide.Centralizing the power and wealth into the hands of a few who will dictate how you live has never worked.Disarming the people rendering them powerless to protect themselves has also resulted in mass genocide the death of millions.History has proven,Perfect power corrupts perfectly.Anarchy is not the answer either.There needs to be structure to provide the needs of the people.Anarchist do not think of the future.What happens if the grid goes down?Where will you get your heat,cooling necessities for survival in some environments.How will you cook and preserve your food,how will your food get to you,who will grow your food?How will you travel?With both Socialism and Anarchy what happens when the incentive to produce the needs of the people dies?What happens when what you took from others runs out?Where is the long term thinking?Bringing in some dirt and planting a few vegetables,especially leaving them in the pots will not feed the angry hoards.


The last thing I want to convey is the word Woke.If you are truly woke or enlightened you would be in knowledge of or aware of the multidimensional forces behind all the pain,suffering,division and againstness.There are dark forces that actually feed off of these energies.It is called loush.They vary in appearance but have the same agenda.There are Satanic,Luciferian,demonic forces,Jin,serpent beings,reptillians,negative greys and a host of others which are at war with the Creator and all Creation.The reason there is so much inhumanity on Earth is because there are so many non-human influences impacting humanity and the Earth in very destructive ways.They and their human counterparts have infiltrated almost every position of power.They have infiltrated your governments,your religions and your business institutions,including the movie and music industry on the highest levels.The global elite often invoke these dark forces through sacrifice and ritual.This is something the masses will have to face as the child sacrifice and trafficing is exposed and dealt with.Something your present leadership has made the ending of first and foremost.


"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places."


These malevolent forces are being dealt with by benevolent forces,legions of light all the way up to the Source itself.Call it what you wish God/Creator/Great Spirit in fact it is nameless and formless.It is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse.These benevolent forces also consist of Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off World Visitors some of which are our ancient ancestors returning.Many have met these same dark forces in the past and on other dimensions,were warred upon and were victorious.They are now coming to liberate Earth.There is the ground crew,those who incarnated from these higher civilizations to assist in these times.They are often referred to as the White Hats whether aware of their past or not and they are awakening in what is known as the Great Awakening.Those who are not frequency specific,those who cannot keep up with the ascension process of Earth will cease to exist along with their empires.The chaos you are now seeing is part of this process.We all know how this ends.

Tyranny no matter what form will not be tolerated along with the lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth.Those who are not creating Heaven on Earth and those who go against Universal Law will see an accelerated reaction to their actions.This has been referred to as the Quickening or Ascension Process.It is a force and a process set into motion no man/woman can stop.This leads us to the title Frequency Matters.If you are filled with fear,anger,hate,jealousy,envy,divisiveness your operating at a very low frequency.It is subhuman and unnatural.Love,joy,bliss,service to others,living in harmony with humanity and nature is of a very high frequency.At the core underneath the wounds,traumas,and wrong conclusions from past experiences,"Social Engineering"is a loving,joyous,powerful manifesting God/Goddess that transcends all cultural and religious boundaries.You are not the multicolored,multicultural transitory meat suit so many identify themselves to be.You are an eternal soul and spirit that came from God.When you identify with that you release the past and the false images fall away along with the vast majority of your problems.Your personal problems begin with the thought of being a person,having be lie fs,allowing others to establish your identity.Being Woke is not seeking love,acceptance and approval from external sources.Knowing thyself.Thy true self.


God/Creator/Great Spirit is of the highest frequency and in its most unlimited understanding is pure love,joy,and bliss.Knowing this and releasing the past is the solution.That is when we will have universal peace.Mary once said,Universal Peace shall not come through governments or religions but through the hearts and minds of the people".I pray and hope we can all one day meet with this realization.That is when the pain,suffering,lack,and division end.Critical thinking,an open mind,loving heart and pure intent are the attributes to a sustainable future.The white hat movement,WWG1WGA is color blind,united and working arduously on behalf of humanity and the restoration of the Republic which is also color blind.Time to rise up,stand in your divinity and put an end to dark hearts plan.Know the plan of the dark hearts,know their modus operandi,and know Creators plan.Be sure your on the right side of the fence.Your future depends on it.

上帝/创造者/伟大的灵是最高的频率,在其最无限的理解中是纯粹的爱、喜乐和幸福。了解这一点并释放过去是解决问题的办法。那时我们将拥有普遍的和平。玛丽亚曾经说过,世界和平不应通过政府或宗教来实现,而应通过人民的心灵和思想来实现。我祈祷并希望有一天我们都能认识到这一点。那就是痛苦、苦难、匮乏和分裂结束的时候。批判性思维、开放的思想、充满爱心的心灵和纯洁的意图是可持续发展未来的特征白帽运动,WWG1WGA color blind运动,联合起来,为人类和color blind共和国的复兴而辛勤工作。是时候站起来,站在你们的神性中,结束黑暗的心灵计划。了解黑暗之心的计划,了解他们的作案手法,了解创造者的计划。一定要站在篱笆的右边。你的未来取决于它

Evil persists when good men/women do nothing.There is a big difference between the negative polarity necessary for creation and evil.Know the difference.Know that enlightenment means being in knowledge of,both sides of the coin.Do not get caught up in denial and half truths.Get out in nature and make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection.It is said take a man/woman out of nature and you harden their hearts.Take a man/woman out of the heart and into the intellect is a dangerous imbalance.Time to find the balance.I will not kneel to a wounded ego.I will kneel to God or the enlightened not in subservience but in respect and recognition.It would be an insult to the God within to do otherwise.


Be well,


James Gilliland


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