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Since it does not matter anymore as the Cabal is being eradicated and the Divine Witness Protection is becoming/became obsolete,I would like to Introduce myself as'Peter',my real name starts with an'A'and I am a 3rd Order Empyyrean Arch Angel on assignment/agreement to perform these duties on Earth as they are instrumental in the progress of Ascension for the Adamic root race and the rest of the Casted Dragon/Black Masters and others to Clear their consciousness and raise into the appropriate dimension and be fully triune.


EARTH/Urantia is on its last run to be a radiant protostarr and point of burification for the 8th great new super anti-matter universe,being created right off of Christ Micheal's local universe that has an existing Cosmic Overplus and Unknown Factor of the X that is product of the Luciferian Rebellion some 5 Billion years ago.This won't happen for about 249,993 years although.


The Ascension of humans back into the 5D Morontia<-->7 D from the 3.5 million year quagmire of being stuck in a 3rd dimensional outer expression,in a 3rd dimensional time-line situation,in the 3rd animal kingdom is well on its way and will be ended between immediately<---->to the end of the Aquarius dispensation of 2000 years.


Now with the brief history lesson out of the way lets get onto the assignment.


Independent Energy-(IE)and what is it?


Independent Energy-(IE)is an operational classification that allows the open development of the principal technologies listed in its Definition(s).Also it allows the release of suppressed technologies which are based on said principal technologies listed in the Definition of Independent Energy-(IE)immediately.It ends the 250+year suppression of energy technology.


The Definition of Independent Energy-(IE)and Independent Energy Device(s)-(IED)essentially covers as many devices as there is stars in all of Creation[900 Trillion light years across and growing].Secret Space Program,Pleiadian,etc,energy technologies fall into the operational classification for its open use in the general public.


There are a few key Definitions that we must go over and they are:


Independent Energy-(IE)Is a fuel-less,emission-less,source of continuous renewable energy based on the principals of Natural Rotary Electro-Magnetics,Plasma,Zero Point Energy and Geometric Energy.


Independent Energy Device(s)-(IED)Is a fuel-less,emission-less,source of continuous renewable energy that requires no continued external input to operate;these devices are based off the principles of Natural Rotary Electro-Magnetics,Plasma,Zero Point Energy and Geometrical Energy;Not prone for disruption from external factors and maintenance issues,but capable of energy production 24/7,365 days a year.These devices can be utilized as a passive income generator based off of energy generation capabilities.



Advanced Smart Energy Management System(s)-(ASEMS)is a military or higher grade of system,capable of handling extreme environments,including submersible.Temperature resistance range from-60 degrees Celsius-+120 degrees Celsius,integration with any existing alternative energy and Independent Energy-(IE)sources,including all types of battery formats with multiple programmable modes such as Grid-tie off,Grid-interactive,Off-grid,Net Metering,etc.,as well as secured monitoring,analytical and management programs accessible via internet connection on any device.


Illuminate the Way,Independent Energy Infrastructure Upgrade-(IEIU)Is a 2 Phase Instruction Manual to establish a no-cost,smooth-flow,assembly-line like,seamless integration of Independent Energy Device(s)-(IED)and Advanced Smart Energy Management System(s)-(ASEMS),into the infrastructure as well as the rules,regulations,policies and benchmarks that are set forth.


All definitions/programs have been protected by copyright,in order to restrict the unsanctioned use of it by the Cabal and other nefarious sources as well as provide protection for those sanctioned users,that follow the Definition(s)to the letter.When the official publication{Press Conference/public realization of value}happens,that value is leveraged to provide the world with the'no-cost'part in Illuminate the Way,Independent Energy Infrastructure Upgrade-(IEIU)


Cipo.gc.ca--------->search copyrights------------>Registration Numbers:


Definition of Independent Energy-(IE)1149644


Illuminate the Way Independent Energy Infrastructure Upgrade-(IEIU)1126087


Definition of Independent Energy Device(s)-(IED)1126088


Definition of Advanced Smart Energy Management System(s)-(ASEMS)1126089


This intellectual property already has a combined value of$4.6 billion granted from the local municipality Letter of Support.Every Letter of Support issued by municipalities,provinces,first nation communities,Nations,etc.,doubles the value of the Intellectual property,which is then used to allow for what is stated(above)in Illuminate the Way,Independent Energy infrastructure Upgrade-(IEIU).


Now is the time for the public realization of value to happen which allows the intellectual property to be leveraged.


Its literally one International/National News Coverage Event away from starting.


This is a huge event for the light and love of Creation on Earth it helps humanity greatly.




The site for more information on Independent Energy-(IE)https://www.brighteon.com/channel/thirdorderempyyreanarchangel


move videos will be posted shortly so stay tuned to the channel.


Operation Disclosure has permission to post with my name showing as its public information already


For light and love,with will serving creation


Peter Mouck



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